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My Puppy Breathing Fast – Should I be Concerned About It?


New dog owners find it really concerning when their puppy starts to breathe rapidly. This condition can be mind-boggling for them and they have to deal with it in some way. Although puppy breathing fast might seem to be something odd for the first time, it is totally normal when the puppy is in their juvenile life. 

You should also understand that there are times when your puppy starts to breathe rapidly due to some kind of medical condition. Keep your dogs in an insulated dog house to make sure they stay at the right temperature. 

My Puppy Breathing Fast

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What Is Tachypnea?

When your dog starts to breathe rapidly at an abnormal rate, this condition is called Tachyonea in medicine. Commonly vets and doctors use this term to define the condition so you should be aware of it if you are noticing some weird breathing rate of your pup. Make sure the leather dog collar is not too tight around the neck. 

It is pretty common to see pups breathe faster in their hyper rambunctious period. That reason makes it something not to be worried about. Most of the time when your puppy starts breathing fast, there is a really visible reason behind it. That explanation will not let you be concerned about the otherwise worrisome thing. 

puppy breathing fast

Normal Breathing Rate

How can we know that the puppy is breathing at a higher rate than usual? How to know if the problem is of concern and not just a normal thing? 

Some puppies might be breathing faster after having a long run in the best dog run or playing a lot. That explains itself but sometimes we can’t find a reasonable explanation for such behavior. That is the time you realize if you have to consult a veterinarian. 

puppy breathing fast

The Line Between Normal and Abnormal Breathing Rate

If you are facing concerns about your puppy breathing fast and shallow, you must start somewhere to find the line. You should know if it is normal or something to be worried about. 

According to the Animal Emergency Cente, if your dog takes around 10 to 30 breaths a minute, it is considered to be normal. Although, when it comes to the young puppies, the rate gets a little bit higher from 20 to 40. The reason behind it is the age of the pup. They are on a growing stage and that makes them breathe faster. 

Now the next step would be keeping an eye on the movement of the chest of your puppy. If he is breathing fast, the chest will be moving faster up and down as compared to the usual one.

puppy breathing fast

Average Respiratory Rate in Puppies

Just like you have to worry if your puppy is facing constipation, you should be concerned about it too. When you notice your puppy breathing fast, there are several concerns that arise in your head. Now we are telling you the way to measure the respiratory rate of your little four-legged fellow to know if they are not breathing fast. 

First, make sure that the puppy is all relaxed and didn’t have a long run or some aggressive movement around. When he is calm, it’s time to check for the rate. If the dog is panting in an active manner, you need to wait till it gets normal. 

Puppies Panting

Panting is actually the time when your puppy opens his mouth and breathes while sticking his tongue out. This is a way of maintaining the body temperature and is a normal behavior in most dogs. 

Measure the Respiratory Rate

When you get to find a dull moment of your dog where he seems to be relaxed and calm, that is when you check-in for the problem. Most puppies are really active at this age and getting them to calm down can be pretty hard. Even then you gotta do it in order to be sure about the health of your furry fellow. 

puppy breathing fast

When a puppy is relaxed, you can measure the rate easily and later compare this baseline number with the times when you find it to be unusual. You have to count the number of times when the chest of your pup moves up and down. The inhaling and exhaling record will give you a number and a particular cycle that you can later use to compare. 

Best Medicines to Treat Breathing Difficulties 

When it comes to new parents, they are really worried and concerned about even the little matters. If you notice that your puppy has some unusual breathing rate, it’s time to use some medications or visit a vet. Make sure to know the tramadol dosage and symptoms.

Here are a few medicines that you can easily find from the given links and cure your pup from breathing difficulties. 

HomeoPet Nose Relief

These HomeoPet nose relief drops are the best ones to open up all the clogged paths of breathing if your dog. It will allow him to overcome the breathing problem and enjoy smooth and open breathing. It is manufactured in the United States of America so you can surely trust the quality of the medicine. 

This product works wonders for your pets when they have a clogged nose or find it hard to breathe. As a treatment to puppy breathing fast. The nose relief drops can be a game-changer. Liquid drops like those for dog eye infection in this little bottle are actually really fast-acting so that’s a plus. 

Right after you apply it, you will start seeing visible effects in a good way. The best part is that it is free of any dangerous side effects because it only uses all the natural ingredients and components. 

These drops are made up of natural raw material and there aren’t any harmful chemicals added. It is manufactured under a process registered by FDA so it is free to use as a drug for pets. Not just dogs, it also works perfectly fine with rabbits, hamsters, birds, and ferrets as well. 


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Goodwinol Vet Rx Dog

The GoodWinol VetRX is made up of all-natural ingredients and works as a relief ailment for the problems of the upper respiratory system. Any congestion or allergy that causes breathing problems in your puppy will be eliminated. 

The function of this particular medicine is to deal with a puppy breathing fast while sleeping. This medication allows the ventilation of the lungs of your dog and improves the breathing depth. A dog dewormer will also help to keep them healthy. 

It also works perfectly fine against ear mites so in case you want something two in one, this will work best for you. It’s aromatic effect not just vanishes away, it actually stays for several days. 

You can use it for different animals and make sure that the breathing pace of your puppy is normal. It will work perfectly fine for not just dogs but also other animals. 


Best Features

  • It is a completely natural product.
  • Eliminates breathing problems and upper respiratory ailments.
  • Leaves effect for days.
  • Improves the ventilation of the lungs of your dog.
  • Works fine for animals like dogs, horses, birds, and sheep.

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PawHealerCough Remedy 

If you are wondering Why is my puppy breathing fast? You need to know that some kind of cough problem can lead to a puppy breathing fast. Make sure that the four-legged friend is treated with this herbal formula in powder form by Paw Healer Cough. 

When you notice loud and honking coughs by your dog, the special blend will work wonders to take things back to normal. The plant-based herbal ingredients are present in powder form so that you can easily add them to the wet or dry food of your dog. Also, a syringe can be effective if you add the powder mixed with water directly to the mouth of your pup.

There aren’t any extra ingredients like salt, sugar, starch, or yeast. All you get are some all plant-based and effective herbs without any filler. If you find symptoms of the blocked trachea in your dog that leads to the puppy breathing fast while sleeping, you can use this natural ailment that doesn’t involve any drugs so you are not inserting anything dangerous into your pet. 


Best Features 

  • It has been manufactured in the US for more than 10 years.
  • It contains a special blend of all-natural herbs without any additive fillers like salts, sugars, soy, or wheat.
  • Collapsed trachea and breathing problems will be treated well with this natural medication. 
  • You don’t have to use drugs or narcotics in order to maintain the health of your pup. 

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Flonase Allergy Relief Nasal Spray

This allergy medication is not drowsy and will work in 24 hours. The metered nasal spray will allow you to directly leave the medication deep in the nasal cavity so it works right away. It has two 144 spray bottles to allow you to spray the nasal ailment in a metered form. 

It is an allergy medication prescribed for most of the puppy breathing fast problems. The congestion of the nasal part will be relieved and other symptoms like watery eyes, runny nose, itching, and sneezing will be eliminated in no time.

Flonase medicine makes a shield against any allergies and relieves the symptoms of breathing problems. All seasons of allergies will be treated so investing in one spray can be really beneficial. If your puppy feels tired after short intervals, you need to get this one.

Doctors recommend this brand for allergies that you face throughout the year. It will be great for all kinds of pets.


Best Features

  • It is a metered nasal spray to ingest the medicine in the nasal cavity.
  • Works great for problems like puppy breathing fast or too slow.
  • Treats runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing.
  • Provides relief for 24 hours.

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil 

When it comes to the natural treatments for puppy breathing fast and shallow, a great remedy is to use eucalyptus essential oil. This allows to open up all the closed paths and that way improves the breathing rate. It doesn’t have any added chemicals and is actually an all-natural remedy. It is steam extracted from the eucalyptus so you can’t disbelieve the source. There aren’t any added chemicals or harmful additives to make the thing more effective.

To make sure of the purity, it is GC-MS tested to find the dilution. This test ensures that all of the batches of the oil are authentic and it works pretty well for the purpose so that’s a plus. 

This one comes with a built-in eyedropper so you don’t have to touch it and insert any bacterias into it. To make sure the pouring and application are smooth, it has a European dropper. 

It does not just work well for dry skin, anxiety, and relaxation purposes, but also helps with puppy breathing fast. Application of a layer of this oil on the chest area of the dog will help him relieve the anxiety and pressure of fast movements and this way it will slow down the breathing. 


Best Features 

  • High quality and all-natural eucalyptus oil.
  • Built-in a dropper for easy application.
  • GCMS tested for purity and dilution.
  • Helps for puppy breathing fast while sleeping. 
  • A healing solution for internal problems. 

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What is Considered Fast Breathing?

Before you get into the treatment you must know the reason behind the problem first. Reading the story of a dog is a little different from humans so you can’t normally tell if the dog is peeling rapidly or if it is normal. You will have to figure out the standard respiratory rate of your dog and compare it to the first reading as we have mentioned above. You need to be patient in order to count the unique rate of breathing in your puppy. 

Why is my Puppy Breathing Fast?

There might be different reasons involved in puppy breathing fast. 

  • It can be due to the living situation because if the oxygen supply is reduced, it can result in fast breathing so that way the puppy gets more of it. 
  • Also, it can be due to excessive heat so that the puppy can normalize the body temperature. 
  • You might see that the puppy starts to breathe faster in a car or a crate due to closed surroundings.
  • Stress and anxiety can also be one of the reasons for your puppy breathing fast.
  • Puppy breathing fast while sleeping is also really common and it is pretty normal.
  • One of the reasons for a puppy breathing fast can be overexertion. 

Panting is Not Fast Breathing

When a dog is panting, that doesn’t mean he is breathing fast so you must know the difference. A renowned veterinarian Dr. Debra Primovic described panting as a normal behavior where the breathing rate elevates from 30 to 300 so that’s a big difference. Panting is actually a mechanism that helps dogs in regulating their body temperature

To make sure that your readings are not wrong, you must make sure that they are not panting or in a heated area. 

puppy breathing fast while sleeping

How to Handle Puppy Fast Breathing?

Here are a few ways you can deal with the problem of puppy breathing fast. 

Excessive Heat

In case the dog is panting due to excessive heat, you need to crank up the air-conditioner. This condition can have drastic effects on the health of the dog so make sure to deal with it.


If that is due to stress and anxiety, you need to calm your dog. This can be due to some change in the location of the dog. To deal with it you can give them some best dog treats, or go for a ride or trip that you know they will totally love. It can cheer them up so the dog will get to breathe at a normal rate.

puppy breathing fast

Over Exertion

If the dog is performing a lot of physical activities then it can cause heavy breathing. Make them sit back and relax before the start of the next session of play. That way they will get time to normalize the breathing rate.


Puppy breathing fast while sleeping is a really common problem for new dog owners. When the dog is dreaming about something, they actually synchronize their breathing rate with that. 

If you notice the heavy breathing of the dog when he is sleeping, make sure you let him relax. The dog is in a calm mode and sleeps on time. The sleep-wake cycle must be the same for a few days so the dog doesn’t get any problems. 

puppy breathing fast

Brachycephalic Dogs 

There is a medical issue with Brachycephalic dogs that make them pant higher than normal. Breeds like pugs, terriers, and bulldogs can be added to this category of dogs. They might seem to have some kind of problem with breathing all their life. 

Final Words

Don’t panic if you notice your puppy breathing fast because it can be due to some common reason. Although if you still find it a bit unusual, you can always visit a veterinarian or use a natural medication to treat nasal congestion. Most common medicines are mentioned above that you can choose from depending on the condition of your dog. 

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