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Tramadol for dogs: Uses, Dosage and Side-effects

Tramadol is a veterinarian medication commonly used to treat pain, especially in dogs. Humans also use Tramadol for body aches and as a painkiller too. In Scientific terms, Tramadol is a member of the opioid family that immensely reduces the transmission as well as the perception of pain in animals and humans both. The Veterans prescribe Tramadol for the treatment of not only acute but also chronic pains in animals. Therefore, this medication is famous for being a great opioid pain killer, it does help control the pain in animals.

Tramadol for dogs

  • Quick Relief
  • Ingredients
  • Size and taste
  • Quality and Quantity
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  • Joint Pain Relief
  • Safe and Natural
  • Size and Taste
  • Easily Chewable
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The recommended dosage of Tramadol

It is very important to have proper guidance regarding the dosage of tablets as they can have serious consequences when these medications are misused. The recommended dosage of Tramadol tablets for the dogs is 0.5mg/Ib to 4.5mg/lb. The medication should be given by mouth with a minimum gap of 8-12 hours. If the medication is for the treatment of pain that is associated with cancer, then the dosage can be increased according to the prescription. 

There are a number of supplements of tramadol that are available in the market to relieve pain. Let’s discuss some of them in detail.

 Vet’s Best free aches dog Supplement


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Vets Best provides a full range of options to help manage your dog’s joint health. They are working for 30 years in the veteran’s field to produce the best products for dogs. They understand that each dog is unique and therefore they manufacture supplements according to the individual needs of the dogs. However, any medication or supplement must not be overused because it can cause seriously adverse effects with time. Unnecessarily prolonged use of Tramadol for dogs could be dangerous for the dog’s liver and digestive system. 


Quick Relief:  The tablets help in quick relief of temporary discomfort that is caused by regular exercise as well as daily activities.

Ingredients: Vet’s Best supplements contain plant-based ingredients as well as glucosamine HCL,  pineapple bromelain, MSM, and white willow bark. Therefore it is a blend of all pure and safe ingredients that are good for the dogs.

Size and taste: They are very tasty chewable tablets and are also small in size. Dogs love to eat the tablets as they taste well.

Other Uses: Vet’s best tablets are used for the treatment of sore as well as stiff muscles, joints, and bones. They can be used by senior and large breed dogs.

Quality and Quantity:  Each bottle has a seal of the National Animal Supplement Council and hence the veterinarian council approves the tablets. There are 50 tablets in each box.


  • Provide quick relief
  • Approved
  • Easily Chewable
  • Good pain reliever for older dogs


  • Some of the dogs don’t eat crushed tablets and that’s why these supplements are not useful for them.


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Dog Pain Away

If you want to become your pet’s best friend then Dog Pain Away will help you make your dog feel healthy. Dog Pain Away is a natural joint supplement for dogs. The dogs suffering from arthritis can use it.. It is an approved synergistic and it is a combination of collagen Type II, natural herbs as well as systemic enzymes hence, it reduces inflammation and reduces joint pain. Almost every vet recommends Tramadol for dogs because this medication is well tolerated by them.


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Joint Pain Relief: Dog Pain Away by Pet Health Resources is a natural medicine that helps to relieve joint pain in dogs.

Safe and Natural: It is a proper blend of natural herbs and systemic enzymes therefore they enhance the dog’s immune system and reduce the pain.

Size and Taste: The size of the Dog Pain Away tablet is very convenient for chewing easily by dogs. The tablets are of standard size and the dog can easily chew them. Tablets are Delicious in taste so the dogs enjoy eating them.

Manufacturers: The tablets are manufactured in the USA.


  • The tablets work well and fast
  • Small in size
  • Easily Chewable
  • The long term satisfaction rate


  • Some people complain that their dogs suffer from vomiting after using the tablets.


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Safety Precautions for Tramadol

  • You should have a proper prescription and a treatment plan from your vet before you start giving medicine to your dog.
  • Always tell the doctor about any medical condition as well as any supplements that your dog is using in particular.
  • The use of digoxin with Tramadol has been very toxic to dogs. Therefore you need to be very careful about the medication and follow a proper treatment plan. Never add or subtract any supplement or medicine with the consultation of the doctor.

You can also conduct a thorough study about Tramadol dosage for dogs and its adverse effects to understand how this opiate pain killer works and what is the right amount for you to give to your dog to address any physical pain.

Some Side effects associated with Tramadol

Most of the dogs can tolerate the medicine and it is unlikely to cause any dangerous reactions when used correctly. Some of the dogs may experience the following side effects ;

  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Sedation
  • Loss of coordination
  • Itching
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dizziness

If your dog suffers from any of these conditions immediately consult the doctor before it gets late.  However, this medication must not be administered more than suggested by the vet because there are some side-effects of tramadol for dogs that you must be aware of. 

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