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The 5 Best Dog Runs to Keep Your Furry Friend Protected in 2022

The 5 Best Dog Runs to Keep Your Furry

Dogs love to run but most of us don’t have the big apartments and lined yards where the dog can enjoy their time. For that purpose, having a dog run can be really beneficial as it allows the dog to have a good time while keeping him safe.

The safety of your dog is really important so we can’t let them play in a yard that doesn’t even have a boundary. It is for those who are trying to find the best dog runs. You can also use a wireless dog fence for that purpose. 

Even if this might not be the case, you can actually choose the areas where your dog can play using a dog run. These are some portable solutions in many scenarios that might help your dog and keep them in place. 

Best dog runs

5 Best Dog Runs

MidWest Pet Metal Dog Run
  • Wide Area
  • Quick Assembly
  • Durable Paint
  • Added Security
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  • Double Bolt Latches
  • Panel Size
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Perfect for Small Dogs
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Black UV Rated Dog Kennel
  • Sunblock Shade
  • HDPE Shade Cover
  • Blocks UV
  • Weather Resistant Material
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ALEKO Chain Link Dog Runs
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Unassembled DIY Kit
  • Run Dimension
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New World Foldable Dog Runs
  • Assembly Without Tools
  • Rust Proof
  • For Indoor and Outdoor
  • Reliable
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What is an Outdoor Dog Run?

Basically, it is an enclosure that will keep your dog from moving around. This way they can be contained outside the house so you don’t have to keep an eye all the time. You get a variety of materials available in the market that you can choose from depending on your pet. 

Can a Dog Stay Safe in a Dog Run?

The main purpose is to keep your pet safe and sound with a sturdy and portable dog run. You can add or remove any panels to convert the dog run into a suitable size. 

Best dog runs

What is the difference between a dog kennel and a dog run?

A dog kennel is a closed space where your dog can move around, eat, and sleep in the night. On the other hand, a dog run is typically made for exercise and playing. Commercially the dog kennels are attached with the dog run so that the dog can live in the kennel and later on play in the run. 

Can Dogs Live Outside?

Dogs are very social creatures that love to have human companionship with them and that is the reason why they are not recommended to live outside. It will leave them isolated and lonely and also it can be dangerous and extreme weathers. For winters you can use an insulated dog house or a heated dog house to save them from cold. 

Best dog runs

What is the size of a dog run that you should look for?

When it comes to dog runs one size does not fit all. There are different breeds of dog some are small dog breeds and some are large dog breeds their age and size really and that is the reason why they need a different size of dog run and kennel. Although when it comes to picking up dogs you should not care about getting a dog run and keep them in the house. 

Who needs to buy an outdoor dog run?

Dogs love humans and they do everything to provide them with an undying love. In response to that, you are required to provide them everything they need. Make sure that your dog is outside and breathing fresh air and that is not possible on their own because it can be dangerous.

Best dog runs

For that purpose we take every dog owner should have an outdoor dog run and a dog kennel. You can also use a metal dog crate to keep them safe. 

MidWest Pet Metal Dog Run

This dog run is an exercise pen where your dog can easily enjoy a fun time and run around. There is a double latch in the front door for extra security. This way the access door needs to be open twice so your dog stays protected. 

Convenient Storage 

This exercise pen or the dog runs and can also be folded into small pieces and you can conveniently store in a compact space. 

MidWest Homes for Pets Folding Metal Exercise Pen

Wide Area

All of the benefits of this dog run our 24X 24 in size and the overall provide an area of 16 ft.². This way you get an enclosure of 1.5 meters.

Quick Assembly

There are eight ground anchors available to attach it to the ground outdoors along with eight corner stabilizers and 4 thumb snaps. This way the assembly of the enclosure is really easy. You will not require any tools to set up the dog run. 

Durable Paint

The complete pieces are coated with a durable black paint that will protect it and last long. There is a manufacturer warranty of one year.

MidWest Homes for Pets Folding Metal Exercise Pen

Added Security 

You can get exercise to spend tops to give extra protection to your dog. You can choose from different sunscreen tops that are sold separately.

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AmazonBasics Metal Pet Run 

This play and exercise pen by AmazonBasics comes with a brand trust so you know you are spending your money at the right place. It can be used in that as well as outdoors and perfectly fits dogs that are around 16 inches tall. 

Durable Material

The material of this pen is a durable metal iron metal that will not get rusty with time because of the rust-resistant coating. 

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen

Double Bolt Latches 

There is a step-through door and two-bolt latches to lock the gate securely. This double step through security access makes it more protected for the dog.

Panel Size

The panels of this dog run are connected to each other creating a measurement of 24X 24 inches. This way your dogs get an enclosure of 16 ft.².

Easy to Assemble 

The whole assembly process takes minutes because you simply have to unfold the panels and lined them around in the shape that you want. After that, you just have to connect it without using any tools. These panels can be folded compactly to be stored in a small place.

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen

Perfect for Small Dogs

This dog run is perfect for small designer dog breeds like golden doodles, mini Aussie doodles, and teddy bear dogs. Your teacup dogs will also love to live and play in this dog run. That is the reason why it is considered one of the best dogs runs. In case you are looking for the best dog runs for small dogs, this is the right option for you. 

Buy AmazonBasics Metal Pet Run 

Black UV Rated Dog Kennel 

This 10 x 10 dog kennel comes with a trap panel along with grommets for more convenience. You can count the nominal size but the finished one will be 4 inches lesser than that size. 

Sunblock Shade

To keep your dog protected from harsh weather and direct sunlight, there is a UV cover available. You can stretch the product on top of it so your furry friend stays protected. 

HDPE Shade Cover

The cover of this cage is knitted with HDPE so it can be used to cover the top of the dog kennel. You can also cover the sides for increased safety.

10' X 10' Black UV Rated Dog Kennel Shade Cover, Sunblock Shade Panel, Shade Tarp Panel W/Grommets (Not the kennel)

Blocks UV

85% of the dangerous UV rays coming from the sun are filtered through it. It will only let the cool air pass through it so the dog can spend a good time outdoors in good weather. 

Weather Resistant Material 

The fabric of the cover is weather-resistant so you will not have to worry about it getting torn out of washing off the color. It will retain its original shape and color and look like new. This way the durability factor is really improved. 

Buy Black UV Rated Dog Kennel from Amazon

ALEKO Chain Link Dog Runs

This Aleko chain link dog kennel has all the safety and security one can look for in the best dog runs for outdoors. The dog will not get the feeling of confinement, yet stay safe. 

Sturdy Construction 

The material used in the making is very durable and the overall construction of this cage is very sturdy and strong. You can totally rely on it for your lovely furry friend. 

ALEKO Chain Link Dog Kennels Variation Family

Unassembled DIY Kit

This is not a pre-made dog case, instead, it’s more like. A DIY project that you will have to build by yourself. The assembly process is really quick and easy.

Run Dimension 

This is a 7.5 x 7.5 ft dog run in silver color. It provides enough space for your pet to have a good time playing and exercising. 

ALEKO Chain Link Dog Kennels Variation Family

Safe Pet

Looking after your pet can be fun but it is not possible all the time. You need to leave the pet some time and for that purpose, you can trust the Aleko dog run for dog safety. This way you will have the peace of mind that your pet is totally safe. 

Buy ALEKO Chain Link Dog Runs From Amazon

New World Foldable Dog Runs

These metal fold runs are foldable so you can easily store them in a small space. The 8 panels can be disconnected and put into a compact space. The size of this dog run is perfect for medium-sized dog breeds. 

For Indoor and Outdoor

This portable dog run can be beneficial for indoor as well as outdoor usage. 

Rust Proof

There is a black coating on all the panels to make it rustproof. This way the whole cage will become long-lasting and durable. That e-coat is for the protection of this pen anchor.

New World Pet Products Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen

Assembly Without Tools

You will not require any tools to assemble the exercise kennel. The panels can be clipped together and attached to the ground. You can add the automatic dog feeder in the cage. 

Not Just For Dogs

No matter if you have a dog, cat, rabbit, duck, or guinea pigs, you can use this dog run. This is great for all those animals who don’t tend to climb. This will provide the perfect exercise and play area for the animal. 

New World Pet Products Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen

Easy Transport

You can easily transport this cage in unattached form. Just like the storage is easy, you can also carry it to places without any problem. 

Buy New World Foldable Dog Runs from Amazon

FXW Dog Playpen or Dog Run

Running is a basic instinct of a dog. To keep the dog indoors where there is little space for him to move is not justice to the pet. There are multiple brands that are offering the best dog runs or dog pens for this purpose in which the top rank name is of FXW which is serving the pet owners for ages by bringing quality FXW Dog Run or Playpen.

Best exercise Dog Run

Pooch can sit, run or play easily in this pen which has a sufficient enclosure that helps to change the mood of a dog and makes it happy.

In Door and Outdoor

The placement of this dog run can be indoor and outdoor both easily as 32 inches height is ok for adjusting it indoors. Any size of  dog can easily play in it.


It has doors too to keep the dog safe if you are not nearby or unable to supervise your pup.

Outdoor activities

When you have outdoor activities and you can’t let the dog spoil your fun time, this Dog Run will be of big support. Place the dog in and let it also enjoy the party or activities like camping but by remaining inside and without making the guests uncomfortable who are not dog lovers.

Durable Panels

Its durability depends on the thick powder-coated panels due to which you will never complain about this Dog Run becoming rust. The fence of this pen is made of smooth and solid steel wire which is not dangerous for the dog nor the dog intentionally or accidentally chew it.

Wide Space with valid safety

This non-traditional but classic brand is giving a secure surrounding to the pet of any size whether you are putting it inside or outside. There is an automatic gravity actioned locking system instead of door latches which is again the best function to let your furry friend enjoy without fear of accidentally pushing the door open.

Assemble in no time

It will take very little time to assemble by using the supplied poles in multiple combinations and configurations.

Adjustable look

The look or shape can be adjusted according to the area you are having.

Ground Stakes

The robust stakes are planned in a way that rounded ball tips don’t become the cause of any injury. The metal rods of high quality are manufactured to provide a simple way to dig in the ground effortlessly and assure you that if the dog unintentionally hits the fence, it won’t break down.

Portable Dog Run

The dog pen is easy to carry anywhere you want. The dog can enjoy all the moments with you if you have FXW Dog Playpen in your life with your pet. It takes very less space after getting folded. Other animals too can use it.

Buy FXW Dog Playpen from Amazon

North States Mypet Petyard Passage best for large and small dogs

An exclusive item for pet lovers is none other than North State Mypet Petyard Passage. It is made to give a stress-free environment for the dog and its master too. The features are loaded with distinctive qualities which are hard to ignore.

Complete safety

The purpose of this dog run is to provide complete security and bring solace when the whole house wants to go out and there is no one left at home to supervise the pup.

Convenient system of door

A lockable door is of durable plastic which is unbreakable and sturdy enough and can’t be opened by a large dog too. The swinging feature is amazing and is loved by the customers because in this way the dog will not bother the owner to open the doggie door again and again; the dog can get in and out itself. It has a locking system too which can be used whenever there is a need.

Suitable for any background

It is in a charming Espresso Brown finishing which goes with any background of the room and adds beauty to the whole room or outside the room too, it gives a fresh look.

Turns in any shape

This versatile dog run is adjustable in any space and can change in the square, rectangular, or circle etc. with 8-panel, 26″ height and encloses up to 34. 4 square feet. You can customize it if you need it to be fixed in some smaller space by taking away some panels and making the best and safest play area, training enclosure, or sleeping place for any size of dog.

Floors remain safe

If you intend to keep it indoors, don’t worry about the scratches as it has durable skid-resistant pads at the bottom which don’t spoil the floor’s smoothness. Instead it will provide the grip and let the dog run be placed on whichever position it was put.

Lightweight and portable

Carry this Dog Run with a strap without getting tired to any place by folding it. If you have to spend the day outside or at someone’s place and you can’t leave the furry friend at home alone, buy this pet pen and be relaxed.


Buy North States Mypet Petyard Passage from Amazon

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