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Dog Dewormer to Keep Your Furry Friend Healthy


All types of dog owners are scared of worms because they can make their dogs suffer a lot. These are intestinal parasites that will affect the health of your dog and none of the owners would want that. Such worms are common in dogs and there are typically four types. You will find hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms, and whipworms in your puppy or adult dog. Dog dewormers are an essential need of any person who has a dog to keep the furry friend healthy.

In fact, puppies are more at risk from other worms and parasites like coccidia and when they grow old, their body becomes immune to such problems. Dog Dewormers are essential because the safety of your dog is really important. From teacup dogs to large ones, all of them are at risk at some point. 


Dog Dewormer

  • Effectively kills
  • Granular formula
  • Immunity and protection
  • Totally safe
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  • Active ingredients
  • Different types of worms.
  • Chewable tablet
  • Quick effect
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Symptoms of Dog Worms

The question is, how would you know if your dog has worked or not? You can’t just get a dog dewormer if you are not sure if there are any worms or not. 

Persistent Scratching

The first and most visible symptom is continuous scratching. Due to the presence of worms, your dog will not be at ease and continue to scratch his body. 


Bloated Belly

The digestive system of your dog is affected by such an attack of a parasite and that results in a bloated belly.

Increased Appetite

The worms inside the stomach tend to get all of the nutrients and the dog feels more appetite.


A parasitic attack is obviously going to harm the dog in many ways. The health of your dog is highly affected and results in his weakness. Scratching-Dog



The upset stomach of the dog results in bloody stool and diarrhea. 

How to Diagnose Worms in Dogs?

You can take your dog to the vet if you notice any symptoms. Sometimes the dogs will not show any such symptoms but still be uneasy so the veterinarian will understand it. He or she will perform a complete physical examination of the dog. Getting the stool samples and testing them in the laboratory will also produce the results to show if the dog has worms or not. This way you will know if you need a dog dewormer or not. 


Choosing the Best Dog Dewormer 

It is important to know what kind of works your dog has in order to find the right dog dewormer. This way you will be able to get the targeted dog dewormer that will directly affect the works and make your dog healthy again. 

Choosing one product from the tons of options can be hard so we have selected the top ones. This way you will not have to put any effort into researching for the best ones. 


Excel Safe-Guard Dog Dewormer 

This dog dewormer by Excel Safe-Guard provides broad protection against different kinds of worms to your dog. This is a product that will not require you to point out the type of works and will work in all forms. This is great for intestinal parasites in dogs. We can say that the Excel dog dewormer is a quick and effective method of removing work from the digestive system of your dog. This way the health of your small breed dog will not be compromised. 


Active Ingredients

There are active ingredients like fenbendazole present in this dog dewormer to effectively kill the parasites. The company has made sure that there aren’t any harmful side effects of this medicine.

Easy to Administer

The formula is granular that can be mixed with dog food or sprinkled over dry food. This is a totally safe formula for dogs over 6 months of age. 



  • This Excel dog dewormer effectively kills all four common types of worms found in dogs.
  • The granular formula can be mixed into their food and administered easily. 
  • It provides immunity and protection against dog worms for about six months. 
  • It is a totally safe and effective option.
  • Super effective against hookworms and roundworms.


  • If you have a large dog, they will need to intake more than one packet.
  • Not great for puppies under six weeks of age. 

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The Durvet Tripler Dog DeWormer 

This effective dog dewormer is a great option for medium to big dogs. Large dog breeds require a high dosage of the normal dog dewormers but this one product is great for them as the dosage is just right for a bigger dog. This way you will save yourself from purchasing several boxes of the product. 


Easy Dosage Instructions 

You will not have to use some skills to administer the intake of this medication. It is a convenient and efficient chewable tablet that will work fine. 



  • It has active ingredients including pyrantel pamoate and praziquantel to make it more effective.
  • This dog dewormer works for different types of worms.
  • It is a chewable tablet.
  • It gives a quick effect as working is faster. 


  • Not great for whipworms.

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