Dog constipation

Dog Constipation – Your Dog needs Attention

Constipation happens when the bowel movement is either slow or is absent. Constipation is a common problem related to the digestive systems of dogs. The symptoms are dry and hard stools and the difficulty that dogs feel while excreting.

Why do Dogs get Constipated?

If a dog is in taking lots of or insufficient amounts of fiber is not doing enough exercise, the anal sacs of dogs are either absent or they are blocked, then these might become reasons for their constipation. Furthermore, if the prostate glands of a dog are big then this might also be a problem. Some dogs do excessive self-cleaning that is not required, and this also becomes a reason for their constipation due to excess hairs. Some dogs build up enough hair around the anus or are fat enough to feel difficulty in passing stool.


Eating other items

Sometimes plants, small pieces of toys, stones, bones, dirt, or pebbles get trapped inside the intestines. Sometimes tumors or masses develop within the rectum of a dog which causes hurdles in the path of bowels. Sometimes dogs are getting treatment of some other diseases which causes side effects in their bowel system. A disturbance inside the pelvis may also cause constipation.

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Other physical and mental problems

Sometimes a dog feels pain in his bones while defecating and this becomes a reason for his constipation. Dogs who have some problems in the neurological system or are dehydrated because of some other disease also suffer from constipation.


Difficulty in passing Bowels or Urine

If the dog has not passed bowels for two days or is feeling difficulty while passing stool, it means that he is suffering from constipation and needs to be shown to a doctor. The same problems are evident when the dog is having difficulty while passing urine, so in any case, the veterinary doctor should be consulted to find out the problem.

Age factor

The pets of elderly ages are more prone to suffer from frequent constipation. However, dogs of any age can have this problem in case it develops one or more of the systems that are mentioned above.


Following treatments are suggested for a dog who has suffered from constipation:

  • Laxative agents or stool softeners are given to such dogs.
  • Medicines that increase the contractive power of intestines are given to the dogs.
  • Fiber should be added to the food of constipated dogs. This can be done by giving canned pumpkin, Metamucil, or wheat bran to the dog in meals.
  • A died prescribed by the veterinarian to the dog that would be including fiber should be given to the dog.
  • The dog should be made to exercise more.
  • Suppositories done by a professional are prescribed in such cases. This should not be done at home as the dog might get injured.

If the constipation of a dog is not treated at the right time, he might develop the problem of obstipation which is the ability to gather bowels in the colon. This can result in a large number of bowels gathered into the colon. The dog might become lethargic, might start to vomit, might wrenching, or might stop eating.


The dog might become dehydrated and he should be “Pedialyte or water mixed with bone broth”. The amount of this mixture should be small initially and should be incremented with the passage of time. Wet food should be given to the dog to hydrate him.

Dog’s diet

Making changes in the dog’s diet is always a good solution. He should be given a diet that has a rich amount of probiotics, vitamins and other supplements. Homemade food is a better option for dogs.

Milk Diet

Many dogs cannot tolerate lactose; milk is a good remedy to be used at home to treat constipation. But sometimes, milk can result in diarrhea which is not a suitable option as the dog might develop other issues. Laxatives can also be given to dogs but it should be kept in mind that human laxatives are too strong for dogs so only the laxatives prescribed by vets should be given to dogs.

Treatment of Constipation

The treatment of a dog is very important as the dog might feel sick. So it is better to take care of dod before any such situation occurs. The dog should be given proper exercise and food. A digestive supplement should be given to the dog on a regular basis. In the case of a long-haired dog, hair should be removed carefully from the anus of a dog to expose it. Clippers should be used instead of scissors while removing hairs. A dog might have swallowed some wrapper or string which becomes a reason for its constipation which might be a bit visible because of the dog’s attempt to pass stool.


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