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Heart Winning English Shepherd Dog That Comprehend Loyalty

dog English-Shepherd

English Shepherds are the protective dogs and loyal companions that everyone would love to keep. They are beautiful dogs that do everything gracefully. English shepherds have the ability to win the hearts of the whole family by being loyal and taking care of everyone.

English Shepherds require low maintenance cost as long as they are given proper nutrition. They work efficiently at home as well as in the fields. They become the representative of all the dogs that are present in the field because of their gentle and adaptable personality.

English Shepherds are pure breeds that can do a variety of tasks easily and elegantly. They have the ability to focus on their work without getting distracted because of their affection with the owner. They want to make their owners happy and are loyal to every associated family member.



They are Purebred dogs who fall into the category of working breeds. Their weight ranges from 35 to 65 pounds and their size range from 18 to 24 inches. They have a dedicated, hardworking, and loving temperament. Their good traits are that they are healthy and intelligent dogs that can easily be trained. Their bad traits are that they require more nutrition and exercise, they shed heavily and they cannot be kept in apartments. Their bodies are well-built and responsive.

Fast runners

These strong dogs can run for miles at a smooth pace which can enchant anybody who is watching them. They have wide chests that make them appear confident and beautiful and their size helps that in changing directions quickly while running.


The eyes of English Shepherds are warm brown in color and are a depiction of the intelligence and perception of these dogs. Their small and droopy ears give them an attractive look.  They have a medium-size which helps them to work quickly and efficiently. These dogs come in four color combinations; they are Sable and White, Black and White, Black, and are sometimes tricolored (Tan and Black, Tan, and White). Sable is a unique color that has the ability to take various forms. Some dogs have a black cover around their face.Shepherd characteristics

Dog’s coat

Its coat is weather resilient and is resistant to dirt. It requires very low maintenance costs. The coat can have straight, curly, or wavy hair and grow over the entire body in a beautiful manner. Because of their thick fur, they shed very often. As a result, the owners have to frequently vacuum their houses to keep them clean.

Fun Facts

English Shepherds are sometimes wrongly considered as Border Collies or Australian Shepherds because all three breeds share the characteristic of being a farm dog. Like Border collie, they are loos-eyed herders, and so not make direct eye contact with their herds, instead, they crouch down. They have a standing posture and mob with the help of their bodies, not their eyes. They have some nicknames like America’s Farm Dog etc.


They have lots of energy that can be utilized in a positive manner. When herding, they care for their cattle in a gentle yet disciplined way. They remain focused on their job, hence are not very playful or loving. They do not cuddle with their owners but would love to sit at their feet after a day’s hard work. They do not bark a lot and save their barking for the times when it is important to alert their owners of any danger.

Excellent Family dogs

These dogs can actually raise your kids for you. They have the ability to tolerate the kids in a very gentle manner.


English Shepherds require very low maintenance costs in terms of diet, grooming, or health. But they need regular exercise on a daily basis. They need at least one walk per day with at least 90 minutes of exercise per day.


These dogs have medium-sized hair that shed frequently. In order to prevent them from shedding, they should be brushed at least two or three times a week. Their coats do not absorb much dust and do not get much affected by weather, so their coats are mostly clean and do not require excessive shampooing.

Their ears should be cleaned regularly as dust might get clogged up in them. Their nails should also be trimmed on a regular basis.

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As these dogs are very active and they burn every calorie that they intake, their meal should be arranged to keep in mind their energy requirements. Otherwise, they would eat anything but avoid foods that have fillings that have extra nutritional values.

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English dogs are the embodiment of health and they suffer from illness less frequently. They remain healthy throughout their lives. Due to their active life style some of them develop Hip and elbow dysplasia as well as luxating patellas. These problems should be cured with surgeries.

Some of them develop dog cataracts with age, which should also be cured using surgeries.

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