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Control Your Dog In More Secure Way With Pug Life Dog Harness


If you are here searching for a comprehensive guide on dog harness to train your dog then you must have some questions in your mind regarding harnesses like, how to conveniently use a pug life harnesses? Is the pug life harness recommended by the trainer? How to choose the right dog harness for your dog size? We will be covering all these basic questions along with some useful tips and tools that might help you also.


We are here to guide you and answer all those questions you might have in your mind. Yes! The dog harness is the tool that every dog owner must have and know how to use it in the correct way. You may want to continue reading to know more about this dog harness guide

How to Use Pug life Harness?

One of the top-rated comments we found on pug life harness reviews is about the ease of use. It’s the design and the material of the harness that decides how to put the harness on to the dogs. Mostly, dog owners pull the harness over the dog’s head and make it fit from the front chest size and belly straps if needed.

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When you are done adjusting the fit to the dog’s body, it is then easier to control the dog with a harness. Just find the best leash attach it to the hook and make it useful. Before buying the dog harness you need to keep some points in mind for your dog’s safety:

  1. The material should be soft and durable.
  2. It is better to buy that pug life harness that has an EZ Grip handle
  3. The stitching and strips are reflective for night safety
  4. If the harness comes up with side ring anti-pull technology, go for it

How to Put On a Pug Life Harness?

That is the most basic question you might also have in your mind. Having the pug life harness is not all you should want – you need to learn how to make it useful in a safer way.

The buckle strap should be placed securely beneath the chest – behind the front two legs of the dog. The other loop, velcro strap, pass over the dog’s head and fits in the front chest as required. You can also watch the pug life harness video below for better understanding:


Is Pug Life Harness Trainer Approved?

When it comes to dog training – you might know that its time taking a job. And it consumes a lot of energy and effort from you. Being a dog owner is not easy especially if you are an armature. That why we are giving you some legitimate information from top dog trainers in the region.

We have already consulted a number of dog trainers and dog psychologists – all of them put positive comments on using dog harnesses. They have a common thought that a dog harness is the best tool for dog training. If you are taking your dog with you for a walk, having a harness will give you full control over it and you can precisely tell what to do and what not to do.

You may also consult the video below from dog trainer about dog harness benefits:

What we have noticed – the positive and negative impact it can cause – still, I will do help in training your dog. Here are some positive and negative aspects of dog harness you should know:

Positive Aspects

  • The ease of putting the dog harness has no question at all – it may take literally a few seconds to make it fit your dog body.
  • The chest strap might help you in many ways for controlling your dog. You can easily adjust the chest strap with a hook and loop fastener
  • At night times – the reflective stitching and strap come in handy. It allows you to know where your dog is and what he is doing by reflecting strap.
  • You can also use a reflective leash with this dog harness that increases your control on the dog when taking it with you on the walk or exercising/training your dog.

Negative Aspects

  • Some dogs are bigger in size than normal and some are smaller. There might be not suitable harness if you got bigger or smaller sized dogs.
  • The side rings sometimes break if your dog is a strong puller. You might face the problem with bigger dogs especially those who pull you sideways when walking
  • The buckle fastener position is not that effective – it could be installed on the chest strap that might also increase security and control over the dog.
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