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An Amazing Guide to Teach Your Dog to Sit


Training is quite simple but it needs time. Teach your dog to sit simply as they learn this command easily. Sit command is one of the basic commands that each and every dog should know. It generally helps you teach your dog to Sit in one place as well as to focus on you too. Therefore your dog must understand this command at an early age.

One thing is very important and that is to have all the things necessary for training your dog which includes a number of training treats. Make sure that the treats that you are using should be very appealing to your dog. Therefore, keep the things that your dog likes the most as a treat for him. Furthermore, the training location is a very important aspect of the training of the dog. Choose a location that is free from distractions as well as pretty calm for the dog to learn the things. A comfortable environment is something that you should be very careful about while training the dog. There are a few tricks that you can do to train your dog to sit command.

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Tricks that you can use to teach your dog to sit

The Treat Trick

You can use healthy human foods that are liked by your dog as a treat trick. Make sure that human food is healthy for your dog. Always check the food is safe for your dog or not. Similarly, there are many foods that are harmful to dogs that include grapes, onions, chocolates, etc. The first step is to capture the attention of your dog and make your dog focus on you only. Now the second step is holding a treat in your hand so your dog knows that you have something in your hand.

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He will become curious. Now you will move the food that you are holding in your hand from the dog’s nose to the back of his head and finally raise your hand above your dog’s head.

Keep the treat low enough that the dog doesn’t have to jump and he remains seated in a good position. Let their body touch the ground. Now say “sit” in a very strong voice and immediately give him the treat that you are holding in your hand. If the dog doesn’t sit then don’t use extra words or other commands. Limit the words and again order him to sit. Stay quiet if he doesn’t sit in this way he will figure out what you want him to do for you. Once he follows your command then rub his head and use words like good dog etc in this way the dog will feel rewarded.

Release your dog and repeat this procedure thrice a day. The dog will take 1 or 2 weeks to learn as well as master this command. Always try to offer your dog treat every time he follows your command therefore he will remain enthusiastic.


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Train your dog by providing him with Physical guidance 

This method is for very active dogs. This method is used to have strong control over your dog. In this, you will use a leash or a harness to enforce your dog to sit. Negative behaviours should be ignored while training your dog. Using a leash will help you to gain your dog’s attention in order to keep him in a place. Keep him close to you. It should not be too tight to make your dog uncomfortable. 

In the second step help your dog to lower his body from standing position by gently pushing him on the areas above rear legs. Never force your dog to sit. He will eventually learn this command. If the dog doesn’t sit then don’t make him uncomfortable. 

In the third step after, his body touches the ground say the word sit and keep him in this position for more than 30 seconds. Repeat this process several times and always praise your dog for his attempts. Continue guiding him in this position using your hand as long as he learns the command properly. 

It is very important to change the place if your dog is not learning the command in a specific place. Take him to somewhere he likes to roam and then guide him again. The comfort of your dog should be given prime importance. You have to be patient and consistent while training your dog to sit. It will take several sessions but you don’t have to freak out. Sooner or later he will learn the command. 

 On the whole teaching, your dog how to sit is not a difficult task but it requires your time and consistency. Therefore stay calm and keep training him at regular intervals. 

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