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Kong Zoom Groom – A Multi-Purpose Dog Brush for Grooming


Every dog owner is looking for a brush that helps him do the perfect grooming of his buddy. During the hair shedding season, everyone needs a brush through which he can quickly remove loose hair. You might have tried many brushes but none of them work as great as Kong Zoom Groom. This multi-purpose brush has got tons of positive ratings and reviews. People who use this brush recommend it to other people having fur babies. Keeping your fur babies clean isn’t an easy task. When it comes to their weekly cleaning, you need a brush that actually works. I’m going to share a detailed Kong Zoom Groom review. It’s time to find out what features make this brush a favorite product among dog owners.



Soft Brush Design

When it comes to grooming your buddy, you don’t want to pick a product that can hurt him in any manner. As you explore the market, there are tons of options but most brushes have hard metal bristles that can easily hurt the skin of your fur babies. 

However, it’s not the case with the Zoom Groom because it is designed with a soft bristle. Your dog will enjoy it when you are moving this brush in a circular motion on his body. The rubber bristles are gentle for his skin. Your dog will feel like he is getting a gentle massage while you use this product as a magnet to remove shed hair from his body. It offers a comfortable grip, so you won’t feel it hard to use.   You can pretty much groom your dog with this brush at home with no hassle.

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You don’t need to buy another brush while shampooing your dog because Kong Zoom groom is a multi-purpose brush. It won’t just remove all the loose hair from your furbaby but also be useful during bath. You need to apply shampoo on this brush and then start scrolling the brush in a circular motion on your buddy’s body. 

You will see that your dog will relax and enjoy his bath more because the soft bristle of the brush won’t hurt his body and offer him a calming bath experience. Isn’t that what you need for your fur-baby? The calmness and relaxation?

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Kong Zoom Groom

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Painless Brushing

Sometimes, your dog’s skin is very sensitive after some allergies or other reasons. He becomes uncomfortable when you start brushing. You feel bad as it looks like you are making him uneasy and hurting him through a brush. Whether your dog skin is sensitive or he doesn’t like brushing at all, you should get this brush as it offers painless brushing. 

Once you start rolling this brush all over his body, he would love every minute of this massage because it will soothe his body and relax his muscles while you are getting rid of dead skin cells and hair. During shedding season, this brush is a must-have kind of product for your dog as it removes a lot of loose hair.

Remove hair Off Furniture 

It’s a multi-purpose brush. You can use it to remove loose hair from your dog’s body. What about those hairs which are resting on your furniture? In that case, you don’t need to buy another brush. You can use this same brush as it will work as a magnet since it attracts all the dog hair wherever they are lying. You can groom your dog and keep your furniture clean at the same time, and the best thing you would do is by using one single brush – Kong Zoom Groom.

Easy to Use

When it comes to grooming your fur baby, make sure you use this product in the open space because it’s gonna be a mess in a small area. So, go outside, wet your baby fur so that loose hair doesn’t fly in the air. And then you need to start brushing the hair. You won’t have to brush for a long time as after 10 minutes of brushing, you would see a cloud of hair around you. 

Gather it all and move your furbaby to another side. Once you are done with grooming, you will feel that the coat of your baby has shine and softness. For getting excellent results, you can use a shampoo or a conditioner, so grooming can be done properly.

Kong Zoom

Long-Lasting Product

When you are looking for a dog brush that lasts longer than Kong Zoom Groom could be your ultimate choice. Once you are done grooming your dog, you can wash this brush and use it as many times as you want. Wash it and once it dries you can use it again. 


  • Quickly Removes Loose hair
  • Easy Grooming
  • Use as a bath-brush
  • Doesn’t Hurt your Dog
  • Good for making your furniture hair-free
  • Washable
  • Durable


  • Difficult to clean. Once the brush is filled with hair, it’s tricky to clean all the hair. You need to hit it against the floor multiple times. Requires more time for cleaning this brush.
  • Doesn’t work well for all kinds of dogs.

Kong Zoom Groom pros

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Final Verdict

Stop looking for a dog brush anymore because Kong Zoom Groom is an excellent choice. People are happy that they pick this product through which they can quickly get rid of the loose hair of their furbaby. Besides, they can make the bathing and massaging experience of their dogs super comfortable and painless via it.

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