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Training Borzoi Dog- 4 Basic Rules to Follow

Most dog training routines are all about the owner. They involve things that will make the owner feel good, not the dog. To make the training more effective, we need to make sure that it is actually doing something for the dog and makes sense to it. Just like any other dog, when it comes to training Borzoi dog, some treats will be a great motivation for your dog. But, if the dog only obeys for treats, that means the dog is following himself, not you. All of your training that way will be of no good. If you have a puppy, training Borzoi dog will not be a struggle because puppies are great learners. You just need to keep some simple things in mind in order to get your dog trained.

Training Borzoi puppy starts right at the moment he comes to your home. If you don’t follow the right training, your puppy will make the decision on his end and would want you to follow him. They can give rise to the behavioral problems of your puppy. He will do things so you can fit yourself into his life. Whatever he does, you need to respond properly so he knows what the reaction will be and doesn’t keep on doing something that will not be good in the future.

Here we have answered how to train the Borzoi dog? You should follow a proper schedule, make sure he knows what time it is. It will help develop a sense of time and when the time comes, he will be waiting for the schedule to be followed. Here are the 4 basic rules that must be followed while training Borzoi dog.

training borzoi dog

Training Borzoi Dog to Respect You

This training is called respect training and the method is specifically for the people who ask how to train Bonzoi dog. If he does something unlikely, you need to scold him so he knows it is not right. Tell him words like No, stop so that he stops doing something that gets a negative response from you.

When they follow something good that you have trained them, praise them with a treat. This appraisal and punishment psychology can be very effective in order to let them know how they need to respect you. Don’t always try on treats and just give them a pat on the back because getting your attention and positive response helps them behave.

Use the Right Words in Training Borzoi Dog

The language might seem to be ineffective while training dogs but it plays a major role. Saying words like Stop and No can be a very simple thing to do but they get it. They will understand with time what you mean by that word and respond accordingly. Use the right words in the right ways so that the dog not just gets an idea of the task but also develops respect for you as his owner.

Whenever he obeys you, he will be happy because of his attitude if trained right. Dogs are great learners and they will soon learn what you mean by the words you speak. It will be a very effective step when training Borzoi dogs.

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Socialize Your Borzoi Dog

No matter if you are training a puppy or a grown dog, you should make sure that they socialize with enough people and animals so they don’t react aggressively to anyone. This means you are training borzoi dogs to get along with others in a polite manner. Don’t let them be prejudiced because that can lead to aggressive behavior towards some individuals. There are some dogs that are fine around women but don’t like it in the company of men, and vice versa.

There is a chance that your dog thinks of a certain physical feature as a suspicious thing. It can be a hat, beard, sunglasses, or a cane used to walk. If you want them to accept all of it, you need to socialize them. For socialization, there is nothing better than taking them on a walk, certainly to a park.

training borzoi dog
There are some dogs who think of kids not as small versions of adults but small loud creatures. Make sure they socialize with children of different age groups so they know how to act around them. Some dogs also show aggressive behavior towards uniforms and seeing a mailman or a police officer can trigger them, if they are used to seeing them all teg time, it won’t be a problem.

Housebreaking Training Borzoi Dog

Potty training is something that needs the most attention and it will define other responses of your puppy or dog too. You need to follow two rules in order to get them on the right track.

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Confine your dog so they don’t use any other place for excretion. You can use a crate or cage to confine your puppy so that he is not allowed to walk freely around the house. The only time he gets released, he will be going for a bathroom.


Regular access to the potty or urine mat. If the dog is continuously allowed to go to the mat or pot, he will use it more often.


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