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How To Measure A Dog For A Harness? 3 Easy Steps To Follow


Just like humans different dogs have different bodies and all of them come with a unique build. Some of the dogs have thin necks and some are really stocky. You can’t tell the size of the torso of your dog just by looking at it or by naming the breed. Your small dog might be too small for a small-sized sweater and the medium one might just fit into it. That is the reason why you can’t go shopping for your furry friend just on your own because you need to know how to measure a dog for a harness. 

That way you will know exactly how to tell the size of your dog and choose his clothing or harness. The Puppia harness will not be too tight around the torso or too loose at the neck area. If you learn how to measure for a harness you can also get help with making costumes and other clothing items for your dogs. Eyeballing it won’t be really helpful because that way you will just end up with a loosely fitting item. 

How To Measure A Dog For A Harness

Unique Dog Shapes

Dogs like Mini-dachshund are too cute, but their body shape is really strange as compared to other dogs. They have a lot of similarities with a T-Rex. The short legs and long bodies make them cute creatures but finding the perfect clothes is not an easy task in that case. You need to do the measurements right in order to find the right fit or get them custom made for your little pup. You should be aware of how is an easy walk harness correctly attached

Best Methodology For Dog Measurement 

You will not get one perfect method that works for all the measurements because different dogs have different requirements and so are the measurements. Although, you can use tricks to find out how these measurements will help you get a costume ready for the pup or order just the right size of clothes. 

Steps to Follow

Here we have explained the whole method with detailed steps that you can follow in order to measure the size of your dog. Different factors play a part in the size like the weight can make a difference so keep that in mind. 

how to measure a dog for a harness

Step 1: Measuring Tape

You will have to get your measuring tape ready for the sizing. You will find different dog harnesses like the puglife harness review to be available with the weight of your dog. Although, when you know complete measurements, it is really easy to get a size that fits perfectly. These inches or centimeters combined with the weight will help you get just the rightly fitting item.

Helpful Tip

If your dog is too active and moves around all the time, you might need a helping hand. It can be any person who can hold the dog while you take the measurements to make sure they are accurate. 

how to measure a dog for a harness

Step 2: Find The Broadest Part of Chest

Make sure you know where the blood is part of the chest of your dog is because that is where you will have to measure the size. In most dogs, it is right behind the armpits but you will have to focus and find out if your is a little bit different in shape. Not at the meeting tape around the back of your dog and hold it loosely so that you can measure with a little bit of margin. Make sure the meeting tape is snuggling around the back of your dog but it is not held too tight. 

These measurements will help you find the size of your dog and make sure which size suits him the best. While finding the perfect dog harness make sure that you get the one that is around 2 inches larger than the size of your dog. Now you will have to move towards the weight of your dog and make sure that the size and weight are compatible in the sizing chart of the harness. 

How To Measure A Dog For A Harness

Helpful Tip

If your dog measurements are in between two sizes, then go for the bigger size because that way you will be able to adjust the harness and make it tighter but if you get the smaller one, it will be really hard to use it. 

Step 3: Fit The Harness

After you get the harness, place it on the back of your dog and buckle the clasps so they snuggle around the body of your pup. Open up the clasps and put the leg of your dog inside it by making him do it. There are two openings for legs so make sure both are inside and the harness fits nice and tight. Now pull up the clasps and close it so the harness is snuggling around the body of your dog and all of the things are in place. Also, try to adjust the belts and make them all straight. 



Few Things To Keep in Mind

Here are a few tips that might help you when you are adjusting the hardness of your dog.

  • After the dog is set and the harnesses on making sure that it is not too tight or too loose and adjusted accordingly if the straps are making him uncomfortable.
  • To ensure that the harness is not too tight there is a little trick you can do. Put two of your fingers under the strap of the harness and move them around so that they are free to move. If the figures are easy to move around and the sizes right but if you are facing a hard time, loosen up the harness a little until you are able to do that. 
  • Take your time and adjust the heart is in place a few times unless it fits perfectly for your dog. 

How To Measure The Height Of Your Dog?

After you know how to buy yourself a dog for a harness you should also get to know about the height of your dog. This is a really easy matter that will allow you to know what is the height of your dog. You can also call it the measurement of the dog’s back or the top line. 

Here are the steps that you can follow in order to measure the height of your dog.

  • Put the measuring tape on the top of your dog’s back and bring it down from the spine to the base of the tail of your dog. 
  • This will be the height of your dog. But, in case you have a male dog, make sure the clothing you are getting comes with a cut out so that he doesn’t pee on his new clothes. 
  • Shorten the length a little bit so the costume that you are getting comes with a smaller length. 
  • Now you will have to measure the waist, neck, and shoulders of the dog if you are taking these measurements for some clothes or a costume. 

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness Review

In case you are wondering which is the best dog harness for your puppy, we have reviewed just the right product for you. This Voyager dog harness is like a vest with mesh to make it breathable and comfortable for your pup. There is a buckle on the back of the vest 


  • You get 3 security buckles including a clip, a velcro, and a D-ring as well.
  • The stripes of the vest are reflective and they are visible at night time.
  • Putting it on and taking it off is a really easy and quick task.
  • This suits best for training dogs.
  • It will fit perfectly on Small Dog Breeds
  • It is available at a really reasonable price.


  • Not the best choice for large dogs.

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness - All Weather Mesh, Step in Vest Harness by Best Pet Supplies

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Color Range Available 

There is a wide variety of color options available in this vest. You can go crazy or choose a subtle option for your pup depending on the style. This gives you a lot of choice and customization.

Soft Mesh

No matter if it is winter or summer, your soft mesh will deliver just the right amount of insulation and breathability for the dog, that way it will help the dog move around in a comfortable manner.

Reflective Bands

To make sure the dog is not lost in the dark, there are reflective strips on the vest that allow you to see them in the dark and pinpoint where they are. In case you are going camping or a night hike, these can be really beneficial. 

Three Level Security 

There are three steps that make sure your dog is safe in the dog harness and it will not come off. It comes with a D-ring along with a buckle and a fastener to make sure the harness stays in place. 

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