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Puglife Harness Review: Safeguard your Lovely Pet


If you go out on the smallest of walks with your pet, you know how important it is to have a harness for your dog. The problem is, with the thousands of options available out there to buy online, it can become a little difficult to decide which one would work best for you. The thing that you need to see before choosing a dog harness is how comfortable it is for your dog. You see the security it provides, and then finally you see if the harness is available for the size you require for your furry friend.  The Puglife harness review is a choice that checkmarks most of the things you would expect from a good harness. The Puglife harness comes with a lot of features and will make those long walks with your dogs a lot easier. 

Have no trouble putting on your dog

One of the things that matter is how easily the harness comes on and off your dog. The Puglife harness wins in this regard since all you need to do, get your pet to go through the chest loop and then fasten the side buckle. You won’t find problems with perfectly fitting the harness from the front either, as the front portion can be easily adjusted due to the hook and loop fastener you get with the Puglife harness. Just tweak it till you find your dog’s perfect size, and you are good to go.


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Reflective Strip

Apart from being very easy to get into, the Puglife harness has reflective material at the front part of the harness. This reflective material will help you locate your dog easily when you decide to go on walks at night or walk between crowds, the type of places where there are chances of your pet getting lost. 

Three D-rings

The Puglife harness comes with a D-ring. These D-rings make it easy for you to get your leash on regardless of how active your little dog is. You will find no problems attaching the leash to the harness. Now the good thing about the Puglife harness, is that it comes with two additional rings to either side of the harness, making it have three D-rings overall. 

Now if you haven’t seen many harnesses, you may be thinking about how the additional D-rings are meant to be used. These D-rings won’t be used for casual walks every day you have with your dog; instead, they are meant for training dogs that pull way too much. The ring on the side is there so you can control your dog when it pulls on the leash. 

Easy to attach a leash to the harness

These D-rings are large, and that’s what makes them super easy to attach a leash to your harness. These dogs tend to get excited and move a lot before going on your daily walk, so large D-rings are a good thing to have. However, you may notice that these D-rings might look a little too big when the Puglife harness is ordered for dogs that are in the range of small to medium. 

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Handle to have more control over your dog

The leash will not be your only restraint on the dog. The Puglife harness comes with a handle that sits between the rings. This handle will help whenever you need to quickly grab your dog due to the crowd being too dense or when you are moving through an intersection. The Puglife harness side buckle is also easy to reach and will feel as natural as any dog collar buckle. 

You can also include more dog accessories for grooming purposes such as dog clippers for shaving off pet’s hair at home and a dog nail grinder.

No-way out of the puglife harness

It can be a real problem for many dog owners when their dog finds a way to escape from the harness. To come with a solution to this problem, the Puglife harness has been made in such a way, that most dogs will not be able to find their way out of the harness, making it ideal for dogs that are very active and get rid of their harnesses within minutes after you got them on.  

This will help even more for smaller dogs. Those walks will no longer be a pain for you and your dog. As there is comfortable padding right inside of the harness to make sure your dog stays away from chafing. 

The Pros:

  • The harness will take mere minutes to put on. 
  • Chest strap adjustment is made easy 
  • The reflective strip is a bonus for those night walks

The Cons:

  • Sidings can make some owners use them every day
  • The buckle might come close to your dog’s sidearm

Puglife Harness pros

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Q. How to put the harness on a dog?

Harnessing your dog may get tricky if you have a mischievous dog. We have found few useful tips to help you out in this regard. Follow these tips to put the harness on a dog:

  • First of all, loosen the harness.
  • Next, slide your dog’s head through the collar and carefully arrange the bottom strap between its front legs.
  • Also, Make sure the buckle goes behind the legs of the dog’s front and wrapped around his belly.
  • Then move on to connect the buckles to the back piece.
  • Next, adjust the straps according to your dog’s size using the four adjustment points.
  • You must keep in mind that a good harness needs to be snug and loose enough for you to be able to fit two fingers between the harness and your dog at all times.
  • Look out for chafing as you adjust the straps and make sure it sits centrally on your dog!
  • Now you are good to go

How to measure a dog for a harness?

Measuring a dog for a harness is super fun and easy. To measure a dog for a harness you need the chest and the neck measurements, as most harnesses don’t go further than that on the body. Once you have got the measurements of chest and neck, you will have the idea of harness.


The process of finding a good harness for your pet can be a difficult one. You need to take into consideration all these factors that impact the security and comfort your dog has when you take it for a walk. The Puglife dog harness aims to reach the sweet spot and give you a harness which seems comfortable enough and will also give you more control over your dog. The many of the features that the Puglife dog harness will offer you includes, simple to take on and off, adjust a single time, and then you have the reflective Velcro. Puglife harness for dogs will be an ideal choice for many pet owners. 

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