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How Is An Easy Walk Harness Correctly Attached?

How Is An Easy Walk Harness

If you have a pet you can tell that walking is the best part of their day. Dogs love to go outside and walk around the neighborhood but you can’t cuff them all the time with a tight neck collar that can choke and be painful. For that reason, you need to know-how is an easy walk harness correctly attached safely. 

This is really important to under that your dog is comfortable and doesn’t get direct pressure on the neck when you pull the leash. This type of harness has the leash attached to the front and back of the dog and so that way he can have his chest pulled instead of a sensitive neck. 

This pressure will entice him to move in the direction you want. You can have control while staying humane and without using anything cruel for your lovely pet. You should learn how to put on a kong harness as well.

How is an easy walk harness correctly attached?

Spinning Movement

Our most favorite feature of such an easy walk harness is that it allows the dog to turn back to face the human as well. This harness will go over the head of your four-legged friend and return to the back of the armpits. Overall, this Puppia dog harness will snuggle around the body of your dog and will not feel uncomfortable at all. It will fit behind the back of the dog and thus the whole process of walking will be really easy and everything will stay under your control. 

How is an easy walk harness correctly attached?

Collars Vs Harness

Although, most dog owners prefer a collar as compared to a harness due to the main reason that it is easier to carry around. The harness helps you build a safe connection with your pet dog but a harness comes with a lot of other benefits as well. If your dog is frail or older in age a harness can be really beneficial because it will not harm their weak neck in any way. 

Dachshunds dogs should not use a collar because it can be really harmful to them as the spine and neck bones are too weak to take the pressure. A harness helps distribute the pressure and not concentrate it, particularly on their necks. This way the evening walk will be more fun and enjoyable for the large dog breeds

How is an easy walk harness correctly attached?

Procedure to Attach an Easy Walk Harness Correctly

All the customers love to use an easy walk harness on the dog because it helps in the walking procedure. It will keep them secure and safe and there is no way the dog is slipping out of it in case the quality is good. Following are the steps you can attach your easy walk harness with the dog. 

  1. The first step is to choose a good quality walk ease dog harness like the Puglife dog harness
  2. Loosen up the harness before you start attaching it so it is easier to get your dog inside. 
  3. Slide the harness upfront neck piece through the head of your dog in order to make sure that it is straight. 
  4. Now bring the straps under the belly of your dog from the sides of the front legs and keep them close.
  5. You will have to secure the buckles of the mail of the straps in front of the dog’s legs and make sure it is passing on the belly. 
  6. Now clip them together with the other piece present on the back of your dog. 
  7. Adjust everything and make sure all the straps are in place and the dog is comfortable. 

How is an easy walk harness correctly attached?

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Safety Tip for Harness Attachment 

The first step would be adjusting the strap following the above-mentioned procedure. Here we have some tips for you that can help you in the adjustment to make sure it is correct.

  • Make sure that you attach the hooks of your leash at two points of the harness. One will be the D-loop of the dog collar and the other would be the D-loop of the dog harness as well. This way the security level is increased to another level and even if the dog manages to get out of the harness in some way, you will still be secure and good to go. 
  • Now ensure the straps are tight but there should be space to add one finger at least. This way the dog will stay comfortable and the straps will not be too tight.
  • Try to control the dog and don’t allow him to pull the harness for better training. If he tries to do so, change the direction of the harness so he is not trained to pull it. If he walks right beside you, you can offer him a small treat or a pat on the head. 
  • Do not use these harnesses for hiking or other purposes as it can be harsh if the dog is panting. Only use them for small walks or anything under 6 feet. 
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