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Puppia Harness Review- Put Your Puppy Safety First


A puppy can be a very heartwarming companion who will play with you all the time. They will keep you really busy and taking care of them is hard but fun at the same time. Puppia is one of the leading brands noticed in a country but the whole world. Its headquarters are in South Korea where the fashion of your dog and its safety is very important. You can’t trust the safety of your dog on a random brand because that way it can be dangerous. 

This is a simple dog harness that can be used as a stable for any small dog or a teacup dog. This will also be a great option in hot weather because you will not have to pull the leash a lot. You can buy your magic dog leash along with this product on Amazon. 

Puppia Harness

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Puppia Harness Review

Today we will be reviewing the basic soft Puppia harness To see if it matches your demands and is safe for your dog or not. You must know a few safety tips for your dog because that can help a lot. Some of the owners think that a dog harness really makes the control better instead of using a dog leash. The dog harness will not restrict any air passage, on the other hand, color can be uncomfortable for the puppy. When you use a dog collar with a leash and you tug it in an emergency situation, it can harm and injure the neck of your pet. 


Buy Puppia Harness from Amazon

Features of Puppia Dog Harness

  • This authentic, soft dog harness is made above a hundred percent polyester material. 
  • It comes with a chest bed that can be adjusted according to your preference and has a quick release buckle. 
  • For the neck region, you get comfortable padding so the dog doesn’t get annoyed.
  • You can easily wash it in your machine or just with your hands and dry it in the air.
  • In the small size, you get 11.9” at 16.6”. There is a 10.6 inches neck girth. 


  • The material is really soft and it does it irritate the delicate skin of your dog or rub harshly.
  • It has a webbed front so the force applied is evenly distributed along the chest area. 
  • The chest and neck strap is adjustable so the dog doesn’t come out.
  • It has quick-release buckles that can be very beneficial in an emergency situation.


  • This is only for small dogs or puppies.

Puppia Harness features

Buy Puppia Harness from Amazon

What Makes Puppia Harness Special?

When you go shopping for a dog harness, finding an option that is affordable, comfortable, and has great quality can be hard. Luckily, this brand of hers all of the essential features at a very reasonable price. It covers a lot of surface area on the body of your dog and also the reviews say it all. It is not just saving you money on the first purchase but it also lasts so long that it can be an ultra-durable product. 

Correct Way To Use Puppia Soft Dog Harness

Put the soft dog harness over the head of your dog and buckle around the rib cage. There is a snap at the back where you have to lock it in, please. The one problem that we face in other harnesses is that they don’t cover enough area. This one on the other hand completely covers the area of just shoulders and neck and so the dog doesn’t get pressure on a single point even if you pull. 

Although there are many no-pull harnesses available in the market. When you properly adjust the harness it doesn’t come off or irritate your pet. The blood circulation will not be affected or there won’t be any cuts on the skin of your dog. 


Buy Puppia Harness from Amazon

Final Verdict

It is important to the simple and functional at the same time. The soft polyester material of this Puppia harness is a hundred percent breathable so the puppy can stay comfortable. The plastic clasp of this harness allows you to adjust it accordingly. It keeps a high comfort level for your pet, especially around the neck area. This dog harness is made of a hundred percent polyester soft mesh to keep your dog safe and comfy.

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