Teddy Bear Dog

Teddy Bear Dogs – The Best Snuggly Companions

Teddy Bear Dog

Dogs have always been the best companion of man but there are some breeds that look more like toys than dogs. We are talking about the teddy bear dog breeds that are small dogs and absolutely best cuddle buddies. The first time they were introduced to the world was in 2000 and the main breeds of these dogs are called Suchon or Zuchon. 

The best part is that these dogs don’t shed hair. People complain all the time about pet hair being dispersed in their homes but these pets will not have that problem. Besides that, they are a high maintenance breed and they need timely grooming for their hair so it looks good. These dogs are a hybrid of two purebreds. 

This is a major asked question what is a teddy bear dog. The name teddy bear shows how cute and cuddly they look. They look just like a little teddy toy with big loving eyes, a little button nose, and a very soft coat. As compared to other dog breeds, these are more of a new millennium dog. The actual purpose behind the breeding of these dogs was to have therapy pets for kids with disabilities. We can’t doubt that because of the way they look can be very therapeutic. 

teddy bear dogs

They have all the heartwarming traits of a good dog. They will be your most loyal friends and most loving companions, they love to cuddle and will surely melt your heart each time they do so. Since they were first bred, until today, the popularity of these cute buddies has been spreading. Its no surprise keeping their heartwarming site in mind. 

What To Know Before Getting a Teddy Bear Dog?

Before you choose one teddy bear dog for yourself, you need to keep a few things in mind. They need a high level of maintenance and grooming. You should know if they are very active or not? How good they behave with kids and families. Can you leave them alone at home? As there are a lot of options for you to choose from, you should put thought into it. No matter which one you choose, it will be a precious little addition to your family. 

Are Teddy Bear Dogs Easy to Potty Train?

Before we say anything else, its a no. Teddy bear dogs are not easy to potty train, in fact, a hard process goes into their training. It all depends on your reaction, they can even pee in the toilet or just poop all over their legs. You need to potty train them with a proper routine and knowing. 

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What is a Teddy Bear Dog?

This name teddy bear is not an official name for the breed but since some of the puppies look like a stuffed toy, they are named so. We can say that it is more if a descriptive name that shows its resemblance to a toy. They have soft loving eyes, a really fluffy coat, and a cute little nose like a button on a teddy bear. The standing ears make them way more cute and pretty. 

The Zuchon or Shichon breed of hybrid dogs is also called a designer dog. This type of dog is bred by mating a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frisé. The most adorable characteristic of these dogs is a small size, they are around 12 inches tall and 12-14 pounds in weight. 

teddy bear dogs

Price of Teddy Bear Dog Breeds

This factor totally depends on the dog you are buying and the seller that you are buying from. It can cost $1000 or even double the price. You can buy a puppy or a grown-up dog depending on your preferences. If you go for a puppy, it can cost around $500.

Do Teddy Bear Dog Breed Barks a lot?

If we compare these dogs to other small breeds, teddy bear dogs love to be in human company. And just like that, they also stay quiet most of the times, they are not much of a barking dog. They will not just keep barking all the time but if someone new enters your home, they will totally let you know. 

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Are Teddy Bear Dog Breeds Good for Kids?

This is a breed that was invented just for the sake of therapy. They were used to make the disabled kids feel good. We can totally say that these dogs are perfect family dogs and are great around kids. This furball will keep your kid engaged and happy all the time. Kids can easily love them and cuddle them that they would totally love. The coat colors can vary from black, whites browns and mix of all these colors. You choose the one that you like the most.

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