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Facts About Golden Doodles- the Adorable Designer Dogs


Dogs are the best companions a man can have. The dogs that we are going to talk about today are not just any dog, but a designer dog called golden poodles. The name is derived from the fact that they are a crossbreed between a golden retriever and a poodle. These are considered designer dogs because they are a result of the mating of two great dog breeds.

They have a really striking nature because of their affectionate attitude and friendly behavior. This dog was first bred in the 1990s and is really rare, that is the reason why they’re so expensive. They are the direct result of the pretty poodles and the friendly golden retriever and we can say that they have traits from both. 

If you are planning on getting one of the golden doodles, you need to know a few facts about them that we are going to discuss today. 

Golden Doodles

Easy Training of the Golden Doodles

This dog breed is intelligent and loyal just like the parent breed and training them is not a hard task. These dogs really love to please their owners and that is the reason why people choose them. You should train them to socialize with people and strangers at a very young age to help them build a sense of accepting different behaviors and ideas. It’s a surprise to know that these dogs love to swim so if you are a swimmer yourself, they can be a great companion to take with you to the pool or lake. You can potty train them easily. Getting help from training teats can make things really easy. 

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Designer Breed 

Golden doodles were first bred in America in the 1990s and in 1992, they were named so. They might not be a registered breed as themselves but still, they are considered a designer breed because of their purebred ancestors. They get really athletic and playful characteristics from poodles and a very loyal and friendly nature from golden retrievers. 

Golden Doodles are great family dogs, especially for kids. We totally recommend them as lifelong pals for you. Just like the Cockapoo and Labradoodle dog breeds, this one is also named after the parent breeds. 

Best Dog for Mild Allergies 

If you have some mild pet allergies, this is the right option for you. They are hypoallergenic dog breeds that don’t shed any hair. You will not have to pick up the vacuum cleaner all the time. However, like other dogs, they do produce and shed saliva, dead skin, and urine. This way you can’t guarantee an allergy-free dog but you still can get a great companion if you have mild allergies. You can easily groom them.


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Natural Athletes

The energy and lively attitude are one of the best reasons why they don’t line up to stay calm. They love to exercise and be lazy on your sofa. They are really agile breeds so if you have an active family, we think this dog breed is a great option. Their 50 to 100 pounds weight makes them great for walks and runs and they love it. 

Really Playful Golden Doodles

The way they will catch a ball of a frisbee shows how much they love to play. They live to socialize and play with the owner and strangers as well. Make sure to take them to a nearby park so they can be social and enjoy a good time with you. 


Golden Doodles Love Water

You will be surprised to know that golden doodles have a love relation with water and their favorite sport is swimming. Just make sure to stand far from the dog when they shake all the water out after a good dip in the water. 

Extremely Friendly Dog Breed

This dog breed is known for its loving nature and how it can make new friends. They can be great friend options for kids, cats, children, and adults as well. This character can make them so playful and friendly. These dogs are so friendly that they can build a sense of a friendly environment. You can have a great time if you have an active family. 

We totally recommend you get a golden doodle to keep your kids busy and give them a reason to smile and enjoy while having fun with the dog. 

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