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Dog playpen For your Lovely Pet Companion: Best Confinement Zones for Dogs


You all want to keep your pet happy yet make them act civilized. But it does not happen all the time. There are moments when they try to make you insane with their mischiefs, jumps on the bed or couches, clicking everything they can get their paws on. You might be tempted to send them outside to play so you can have some peace, but in the dead of winter and at night it might not be wise to act on your whims. 

So here come the dog pens in the picture, where your pet remains inside yet they can’ roam around. The dog pens pose a very reasonable option providing enough space for the pet to move around and yet they are a very sensible choice to keep your dog away from the places they are not supposed to go. 

Here you are going to get familiar with five different kinds of dog pens to help you with your next purchase. 

The best dop pen comes in a lightweight material, with easily workable attachments and doors that can be removed without any hassle. This is an important accessory to shop for your fluffy friend, so some thought should be put into it to ensure the safety of your pet.


MidWest Homes for Pets Folding Metal Exercise Pen

This pen comprises 8 – 24″ wide panels and is offered in 5 different heights, and 16 square feet of enclosed living area. The product comes with a 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.



Size of the dog pen

The pen is available in five different settings where you can accommodate dogs of various sizes and weights from 26 to 40 pounds. 


It is made up of lightweight metal so it can move around, can be set up without hassle, and can be taken down easily. 


This dog pen is preferred by the consumers due to its ability to be used for many functions such as an extension to a dog crate, can act as a fence for your dog, and provides ample area for your dog to play and exercise.

The smooth coating on the metal

This pen comes with a smooth coating on the metal so it won’t scratch your floor. Here is the link to check it on Amazon

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Best Pet Puppy Pet Playpen 8 Panel Indoor Outdoor Metal Portable Folding Animal Exercise Dog

The pen comes in a sturdy body and can accommodate dogs from small to a large size. The price is reasonable and setting up and taking down is easy which implies that it is a good option to be taken to a picnic resort or beach.



The smooth coating on the metal

The pen comes with a smooth and long wear coating so the metal is protected from rusting and hence increases the life of the pen. 

Size of the dog pen

The dog pen comes in a size where each panel is 24″ wide by 30″ high. There is also an option to attach it to other dog pens to create a wider space and accommodate more dogs. 


The structure is durable and sturdy so rest assured that your pet can not break free from it yet it Is very easy to disassemble it.

Always buy some accessories for dog grooming such as a dog clipper and shaving machine if you have a pug who needs to get groomed more often than other dogs.  Almost all breeds of dogs need to be taken care of, for you may have to clip the hair short in length anytime when it grows.

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IRIS 24″ 4-Panel Pet Playpen

This is a relatively smaller pen to train your puppy or you can buy additional add-ons to increase the spaciousness of the pen. There is no chance that the pen will move around and create annoying noises when your puppy is playing as it comes with rubber stoppers at the bottom to create smooth friction against the floor. It is made of heavy-duty molded plastic which protects from rusting. You also get the option to choose from various colors.  Just in case you are wondering what dog Playpen would be great for the interior, you have too many colors to make the selection from. 



The size is relatively small and the pen is portable to move or even take outside the house to ensure the safety of your little friend and is a good choice for a small dog playpen.


The pen ensures the safety of your puppy with the help of latches to shut the door tight and your puppy will remain inside the pen as long as you want.

Measurements and dimensions

Each pane of the pen has measurements of 33.6” W x 24” H. The door dimensions are 14.5’’ Width x 16.5’’ Height and the distance between bars is measured as 1.5’’. Overall the pen comes in the dimensions of 35.25” L x 35.25” Width x 24” Height. As the puppy grows big you can fold the panels flat and store them easily. 

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Best Pet Heavy Duty Playpen

Best Pet Heavy Duty Playpen is customizable in different sizes and can be used like a pen, a fence, or a gate to your dog. This pen is suitable for bigger as well as smaller puppies as it provides different space options. You only have to configure it into different sizes to fulfill your requirements which makes it an ideal choice for being an outdoor dog pen.



It comes with potty pads, enough room for food and water. The package is all in one set with a great number of accessories for your dog. You will not have to buy an additional one for the playpen set up.


Made of heavy-duty, rust-free metal provides durability and sturdiness to the structure. The design is certainly going to last for a long time if you take care of it properly.

Multiple sizes

You can change the sizes without the use of any tools, so it is a great option for camping and taking it outdoors as it is easy to assemble and take down and offers a collapsible design. 

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Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

The dog pen comes in medium, large and extra-large sizes giving you plenty of options to choose from.  The multiple sizes allow you to pick the right playpen for your puppy or dog without compromising on the space. Ruffus’s foldable pet pens are easy to set in the home or outdoors for being really portable. 



The dog pen provides safety and security. There is an attached floor mat and a roof that secures your pet inside.  The met itself is really gentle with premium-quality fiber to keep your dog comfy in the confinement zone. 


The pen is made from silicone which is FDA grade to ensure good quality of the pen and safety of the pet. You are also going to get a carrying case with this pen.


You can easily move the pen around with all the requirements that are needed for the comfort of your pet. This is a lightweight yet strong option to use both indoors and outdoors, making it an ideal choice for traveling, camping 

No need to assemble

The best feature of this pen is that it does not require any assembly. It pops open and when in use and folds down flat when it is no longer in use. 

You might also want to read a review on the Puglife Dog harness that comes with a loop and hook fastener, you can attach the harness from the front as well.

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You all want to ensure the safety of your dog. The pens are great choices for training your puppies by confining them at a smaller place. They are also good options to keep the pets away when you have a guest and don’t want them to spoil the party.  If you adopt a puppy you must train him by confining him into a zone that’s both comfortable and vast. Train him how to sit, eat and do potty without making a big mess around. Dog pen can help you pretty much with all these tasks. 

However, make sure you make the right choice while buying a playpen that does not just confine the pets but gives them ample room to play and roam around because a small confining place for a bigger dog may make them passive. 

Many of you may think that the pens may spoil the look of your house. However, this problem is solved by their foldable and easy takedown properties. You only have to install them when they are needed to be used, otherwise, just fold them flat. Here you have been provided with many options to choose from. We hope the options will help you make the right choice according to the size and weight of your pet. 

Dog playpen also helps you train with a dog that’s angry and aggressive. Learn how to get a dog to stop barking with these easy ways. 




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