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Chom Chom Roller Dog Hair Removal Review 


Looking for the best pet hair and lint removing tool? Opt for Chomchom dog hair remover, it is the only tool that you can use over and over after cleaning. It is useful for removing dog and cat hair that gets stuck with the wool of the blankets, upholstery of couches, bed and comforters. If your pet happens to sleep by your side, your blanket and bedspread are more likely to be covered with the pet hair. The hair may not be visible to eyes but the strands are always there and they could cause allergies to sensitive people as well. To remove your carpet, comforters, towel sets, and blankets, use Chomchom dog hair lint remover. 


  1. Remove tiny hair strands from couches, sofa sets, bed sheets, blankets and woolen apparels using Chomchom rollers. 
  2. No need to take your cleaning journey to an extensive level of using the tapes and adhesive paper. To be honest, you cannot keep sticking the tapes everywhere else. And the chances are that some hair strands would still be left behind because you won’t be able to notice that laying down in the fibers of carpets or towels. Chomchom roller can catch on even the smallest pet hair from the fabrics. 
  3. Chomchom Roller is so easy to use. Since it is battery operated, you won’t have to charge it or connect it with any power source. Simply take it out, make a few strokes back and forth, let the pet hair remover catch on the pet hair from the fiber and fabrics. 
  4. Chomchom Roller has a dust compartment where all the pet hair and lint is collected once you use the roller. Remove the dust, dirt, pet hair and lint to reuse the roller.
  5. The Chomchom Pet hair roller is easy to use. It is lightweight and portable without any dangling wires and power outlets.
  6. All in all, Chomchom pet hair remover is a great tool with all the best features. It is also fuss free as you won’t have to go to extra length to remove the dust compartment.




The design of the ChomChom can be pretty underwhelming. It comes to your doorstep in a cardboard box with no branding on it and looks pretty simple. The exterior is plain with no markings on it except a ‘Made of PBA’ sticker, and the color is plain white. 

As soon as you hold the ChomChom roller dog hair removal, it becomes pretty apparent how to use the product. All you have to do is roll it back and forth and it will remove all that dog hair from your apparel. 

The whole shape of the device forms a T, and at the bottom of this T is the handle. Beneath the device, you will see a roller covered in red fuzzy material. To effectively clean pet hair, the device needs to be rolled back and forth in short strokes, across a fabric surface.

 The roller does not make a full rotation as it is stopped by a protruding rubber piece. The product has no compartment for batteries and works fully manually, making cleaning pet hair from your fabric a fast and simple process. 

On the top of the roller is located the dirt compartment. This can be opened by pressing a button located on the back of the handle. There is no additional tool with the Chom Chom roller dog hair remover review device to clean out the hair and dirt. Instead, you have to manually take it all out. 

Cleaning Performance

The ChomChom is a famous product on Amazon, termed as the ‘The best hair remover’ on its website. This reputation is not without reason though, as the ChomChom is effective at its job, i.e. removing dog hair from your fabric. 

Tested on the blanket

When you use the ChomChom roller for dog hair removal for the first time, you’ll be amazed at how effective it is. In a blanket full of dog hair, we tested the ChomChom and found out that it removes the majority of it with a single pass. The whole cleaning process is effective and so simple to carry out. The ChomChom dog hair removal tool cleaned the complete blanket without any problems.

Tested on the couch

Then we tested the product on the couch. It took us a little more time to get done with the sofa but the results were the same. The couch was free of dog hair in only 2 minutes and the whole cleaning process was once again effortless and straightforward. Do note that by the time we were done with the couch, the compartment was full enough to be emptied

Problems with some surfaces

After some use, we quickly found out that although the ChomChom performed well with both our previous tests, the same didn’t stay true for all surfaces. The ChomChom performs poorly with fabric that keeps moving, so if you are cleaning a sweater from dog hair, then it won’t be that effective. It wasn’t all that good with cleaning squishy surfaces either, such as the bed. So the general rule of thumb is that if the fabric is pulled taut, the ChomChom will work wonderfully but with moving fabric the ChomChom dog hair removal tool struggles. 

chomchom Design


The ChomChom roller can easily fit on most glove compartments which makes it portable enough to be used in your car. The product is not exactly compact in nature when compared to a standard lint roller, and will be a drag to carry around in a purse. However, since the product is not much effective against dog hair on your clothes, there’s no need to carry it around with you. It doesn’t look much imposing and can be fit into a cleaning tools drawer without causing many problems.  If you are wondering what are the ways to remove pet hair safely, read this guide


The price is one of the things that might startle some people at first but it’s understandable. The ChomChom is priced around $25 which is higher than a standard lint remover. However, unlike a lint remover which you need to buy every few months, the ChomChom roller is reusable. So if you have to clean a lot of pet hair, it’s recommended to go with this product instead of a standard lint remover, saving you money in the long run. 

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As apparent throughout the article, the main competition of the ChomChom roller is the standard lint roller we all know. This is one of the best dog grooming products available out there. The thing is both of these cleaning tools are good in their own ways. A lint remover would be great to use on clothes, a place the ChomChom fails to perform at. However, it wouldn’t be wise to use a lint remover on your couch as you would have to keep replacing several sheets, and here is where the ChomChom dog hair removal roller shines as it is great to use on couches and fabric that is pulled taut, such as furniture and blankets.  

chomchom compitition


  • Simple and compact
  • Removes hair quickly and thoroughly
  • Affordable
  • Reusable with no maintenance


  • Doesn’t work on all surfaces
  • Manual emptying

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Can Chomchom Roller remove pet hair from the sofa and couch?

It is understandable to use tape and adhesive for rubber to catch on the smallest hair strands of pet hair. But you can save your time by using a Chomchom roller, just roll it over the couch, sofa or carpet, it will catch the hair and put it in the dust compartment.

How long does it take to remove pet hair with a Chomchom roller?

It only takes about a few minutes to clean your upholstery, bed, towels, sofa and couches with the Chomchom pet hair remover tool. To clean effectively, use the roller back and forth on the surface. Within a few strokes, the hair from the surface will be grabbed by the roller. All the lint and cat or dog hair goes to the dust compartment. 

Can Chomchom Roller be used again?

Yes, you can use Chomchom pet hair remover as many times as you want to clean dog and cat hair from the carpet or bed or upholstery. However, you must empty out the dust compartment before you use the roller or it will not work effectively. 

Final Verdict

The ChomChom dog hair removal roller is an amazing product and does live up to its name. It makes cleaning dog hair from your couch, furniture, blankets, and other large areas so effortless and straightforward. You still will need a traditional lint roller to clean your clothes whenever your pets play with you. However, the ChomChom has enough traits to make it a worthy addition to your cleaning instruments. The price is affordable considering the ChomChom is reusable, effective, easy to use, and even portable up to an extent. 

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