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How to make Chicken Jerky dog treats at home? Delicious Chewy Dog Treat recipe

How to make Chicken Jerky dog treats at home?

All dogs love snacks, chewy treats, and soft foods. Sometimes pups get really tired after a walk, all they want to do is to satisfy their hunger. By merely looking in their eyes you get to understand that they need some treats now. There is a big approved list of Dog’s treats that you’ll find interesting to do the shopping for.

The list of healthy snacks consists of baby carrots, peanut butter, yogurt, salmon and pumpkin. Although you can find ready-made treats for dogs in the stores. Each pet brand has something great to offer for canines such as beef and bacon jerkies are the common ones. Moreover, you will find salmon packed in the tins for fresh treat time. In addition, there are varieties of meat strips available as ready-made dog treats.

There’s no denying that fresh dog treats are always fun to make. It hardly takes a few minutes to prepare some great dishes for your lovely canine. Make yummy and healthy snacks, serve them well. And your pups will absolutely fall in love with your recipes.

Best Chicken Jerkies

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How to make Chicken Jerky at home?

Chicken jerkies are full of healthy proteins, they make good chewable snacks for dogs and pups alike. More importantly, these jerkies always turn out to be soft in texture even if you cook them fully. Compared to normal beef or meat jerkies, chicken jerkies are always tender in taste. Therefore, they are very delicious, healthy, and irresistible treats for dogs of all ages.

We are going to share some of the best chicken jerky recipes for dogs, canines, and pups. Hopefully, you will try these at home and have fun serving them with your beloved companions.


How to make Simple Chicken Jerky for Dogs

Here are some of the items that you will need to make chicken jerky treats for dogs:

  1. Two pounds Chicken Breasts( you might want to save some jerky treats in the fridge)
  2. Cookie sheets
  3. A simple cutting knife
  4. Baking oven

Do’s and Dont’s

Most of us freeze the chicken breasts for long hours before making any dish. If you intend to make chicken jerky treats for your dogs, you should not over freeze it. If you have just purchased it, just put it aside and let it be defrosted. Cutting a thawed chicken piece is much easier than working your knife in the frozen chicken.

Do not start cutting in random shapes, you need to cut long chicken fillets for dog treats. Since you will bake the chicken, the fillets or strips would shrink some inches as well.  Chicken jerkies are always crispy and long, so refrain from making small pieces.

When you make chicken jerky dog treats at home, you can choose and alter the thickness.  Cut your chicken pieces thick if you have more time in your hands to bake it for long hours. However, if you wish to cook them fast, the thinner chicken jerkies would come out to be really great.

Recipe for Chicken Dog Jerky treats

  1. First, cut long strips of chicken breast pieces.
  2.  Cut lengthwise fillets.
  3. Trim chicken pieces from any visible fat.
  4. Slice with the gain of the chicken rather than making cuts against it.
  5.  In a pan spread the baking sheet.
  6. Brush some olive oil over the sheet.
  7. Preheat the oven to  250ºF.
  8. Put the baking pan inside the oven.
  9. Keep checking on the chicken jerkies off and on.
  10. Turn off the oven once crispy jerkies are all ready.


Refrain overbaking: Keep in mind that overbaking will ruin the chicken and its protein. Furthermore, it would put your chicken jerky treats at the risk of getting crispier to the point where they will be over-chewy. It means your dog might love to eat these chicken jerky treats but he would not enjoy their chewiness.

Bake fresh: Though, chicken jerkies come in tin cans available in the market but remember they have chemicals and perseverative too. They are not as healthy as freshly baked chicken treat chews that you prepare at home. You should always use some oils before baking the jerkies to keep them from drying.

Storing jerkies: If you intend to store a big bowl of chicken dog jerky treats in the fridge, you need to accept the fact that they will get chewy and dry once frozen. They also lack any preservatives that help with storage. Therefore, It is better to utilize only two pounds of chicken breasts to make dog treats for two or three days. Since they are so easy to make you can always bake fresh ones for your dearly loved canine.

Customization: You can customize the chicken jerky treats for dogs. Cut them thick and thin, bake them chewier according to your dog. However, they should not be frozen for a long time in the fridge because they won’t stay healthy for consumption for your dog. 

Marinate: If you want to add a little bit of twist to the recipe, you can use some ingredients as well. Use some soy sauce and some peanut butter to grease the chicken jerkies after slicing them lengthwise. This will improvise on the taste as well. Soy sauce has some salt in the blend it will also help with the preservation of chicken jerky treats naturally.

Best Chicken Jerkies Treats to buy for Dogs

As a dog owner, you might love feeding your dog’s hunger with delicious chicken, turkey, beef, and meat jerkies. You can definitely make chicken treats and chews at home, but then there is a time when you get extremely busy in work. In this case, you should prefer buying the chicken jerky for dogs from the market. Make sure to pick the ones that contain little to no preservatives. Let’s review some of the best ones, which are praised by dog owners.

Nudge Jerky Cuts

Convenient packaging: Nudges never fail to surprise dog owners with their high-quality dog food, treats, and chews. Their animal by-products always come in numerous affordable pouches, packed in convenient packages. If you wish to buy chicken jerky for a dog for a day, you can get your hands on a 3oz pouch.

Pouch sizes:  Nudge Jerky cuts are available in different flavors such as chicken, duck, and beef. Moreover, the company offers these dog treats in the pouches of 3oz, 10oz, 10oz, and 36oz. The biggest dog treat comes in 36oz pouches for those who have either more canines to feed or who wish to store the jerkies in the fridge for days.

Healthy ingredients: Moreover, Nudge dog treats contain healthy ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. They support and strengthen the bones as well as joints.

Less perseverative: Whereas most dog treats contain high levels of sodium or perseverative, Nudge treats are processed with the least amount of preservative.

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Pet ‘n Shape Chicken Hide Twists

Premium quality: Pen ‘n Shape offers a variety of human-grade dog treats and they are of the optimum quality for the most part.  The company makes grain-free chicken and duck treats for dogs without using wheat, soy, or any type of corn.

Natural flavors: Pet ‘n Shape chicken or duck hide twists always offer the best flavor since there are no preservatives and artificial flavor added to these products. Moreover, their chicken treats are always glycerin free, therefore are safe for the health and well-being of canines.

Tested for Safety:  These chicken twists are completely safe for all dog breeds. tested in the U.S labs carefully for quality, allergic reaction, and flavor. Moreover, these mouth-watering snacks are ideal for pups and dogs of sizes. High-quality chicken fillets are wrapped around a chewable rawhide to add deliciousness to the treats for dogs. 

Storage bags: These treats come in resealable storage bags. You can take out a few chicken hide twists whenever your dog is hungry. Close the bag and keep it back in the fridge for as long as you want. The bags also ensure the quality and goodness of the food for a long time period. You can keep it in the fridge as long as you want.

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Pet ‘n Shape Chicken Hide Twists

Chicken bar treats are the best for treats as they are not plain in taste. With the slight flavor of Sriracha, each chicken bar offers a delightful treat to the pups and canines.

Protein: The pack comes with 12 protein-packed healthy chicken bars. Once you get your dog hooked up on this product he will always want to taste it over and over.

Delicious: The smooth blend of Sriracha with the chicken brings out the tartness, pleasantly warm, and a tinge of heat in the flavor. Additionally, it has a wholesome deliciousness of chia seeds to entice your dogs for food. The bar is far more delicious than normal treats that your dogs eat.

Ingredients: Each bar contains protein along with healthy ingredients. A 1.4-ounce chicken bar has folic acid, phosphorus, and on top of all vitamin B6. These ingredients make the treats healthy for a dog’s overall being.


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