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Cane Corso Puppies That Will Love to Work Under Your Command

The cane Corso is a dog who loves to obey your command and will do many jobs for you. This is a very Old Italian breed that was developed to guard houses and to play games like wild boar. These are purebred dogs and you can adapt cane Corso puppies for training them accordingly. You can find these breeds in shelters and in the care of the rescue groups.

Cane Corso is very powerful and has a strong physique. They are best suited to those people who are already experienced in adopting pets. They need their masters to give them orders or assign a task to do. They love being busy and follow their master at first calls. If you are unable to engage your cane Corso puppies, they might find their own way to do something.

Corso Puppies

Important Highlights of Cane Corso Puppies

Before adopting cane Corso puppies you should know some important highlights they possess. This will let you know whether you should get one for yourself or not.

  • Its short coat comes in black, light, and dark shades – light and dark fawn shades also red blending.
  • They also have black and grey mask on solid fawn and red Corso
  • You can make their ears crop or let it be – it’s totally your choice. When planning to crop, make all the instrument are sterilized
  • You need to stimulate them mentally and physically to make them work for you. They are inherently working dogs
  • Cane Corso breed may not be demonstrative, but still, they would talk to their masters with woo woo woo sound.
  • These dogs are not for those who are going to have the first experience. They need trained masters who can understand their behavior. They require proper socialization, training, and exercise.

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What size they have

When cane Corso puppies come to adult age, they will look stronger, muscular, and fast. Male dogs are almost 25 to 28 inches of height measured from shoulder. And the female ones are 24 to 27 inches in height. As concerned with the general rule, the weight of the dog depends upon its height. Weight almost proportionate to height and might range from 90 pounds to 120 pounds.

Health Concerns

Corso Puppies health

Cane Corso puppies are a healthy breed, but they are also prone to some health issues. If you are going to adapt to this breed, you might need to consider and analyze its health issues in detail. They are most likely to affect hip dysplasia – eyelid abnormality, ectropion, and cherry eye.

There is some investigation about its background that is required before buying or adopting one. You should expect breeders to provide you detailed health analyses of their parents. If parents have been diagnosed with any of the mentioned above disease, then it is most likely the puppy will go through the same.

Clearances should be made by a veterinary ophthalmologist by the eye overview with the results recorded in the orthopedic foundation for animals. You can also further investigate its health clearances online, just go to the website – canine health information center. You may ask the seller if the adapted breed has ever suffered from bloat or mange.

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Level Of care this breed Need

Cane Cosori Puppies breed needs regular exercise or physical activity to keep them in shape. They need at least 1 mile of jog or morning and evening walk. If you go out on a bicycle then you may need to buy some extra attachment like the dog leashes that keeps them walk or run with you.

Go easy on cane Corso puppies. They have a weak musculoskeletal system until they reach the age of over 18 months. They also need to burn their energy with small walks or running. If your breed is fully grown then you may need to give them tasks to perform. For proper mental stimulation, provide the dog with regular tasks so he could remember its duty. The best-suited job for this breed is to herding livestock, learning tricks, learning skills for obedience, and get involved in dog sports.

Finally, there are some paid training classes for this breed. You can even pay for entry fees for dog sports and even pet sitting also available for this breed. You should take all these expenses into consideration before adopting this breed. This breed will serve you for 10 to 12 years.

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