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American Hairless Terrier- Breed Info and Training Tips

The American hairless terrier dog breed is highly trainable because of its intelligent, obedient, and patient nature. The body of these dogs is very sturdy and there are different options with coats and hairless varieties. They have 12 to 16 inches wide shoulders with eyebrows and whiskers. They have very smooth skin that feels warm when you touch it. Their head is very broad and shaped like a wedge. Americans here listed here hairless terrier have erect ears that frame their faces. They also have very expressive and curious eyes. 

Terrier Attitude in AHT

If you want to notice some terrier attitude in this breed you must keep an eye on their movement. Just like any other terrier the American hairless perform is a jaunty pep while taking a step. We can say that this really is the most hypoallergenic dog breed. Even though they don’t have it here, there are many challenges that come with them. You need to give special treatment to your dog in cold weather and also save them from sunburn because they don’t have hair of their own. They can be great watchdogs because they are very protective of their owner. 

Training your American Hairless terrier

This medium-sized dog breed is very trainable because of its smart and obedient instincts. They are very intelligent and patient but sometimes they can be stubborn if the training process is not accurate. The lack of your leadership assertiveness can make them lose trust in you and that can lead to flop training. Make sure that when you are training your American hairless terrier, they must know who the real leader is. 

This read is very intelligent and that is the reason why they can please their owners in different ways so you can train them easily. 


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The Right Time to Start Training

This is a very ultimate question when you have to start training your American hairless terrier. This is a very important thing to know that you must train your dog at a very young age so that he can learn faster. At the age of 2 to 4 months is great to start with some basics like how to behave in the house and potty training. 

After this basic set of training at the age of 2 to 3 months, you have to step up to the advanced training. If the puppy behaves, the dog itself will be a good boy. Make sure that you keep your dog engaged with different people at a young age because socialization is very important for growth. Try to make you don’t respect you instead of fear you. Don’t treat your dog forcefully, be gentle. 

The right place to train your American Hairless Terrier

If the dog is learning some of the basic commands like teaching your do to sit, stand, and eat, you can train them in a room. This is where they will be focused on your command without any distractions around. On the other hand, if you try to do the same thing outside it will be a very hard task for you because there will be a lot of distractions around. A small animal or a bird can make them forget about the training. While housebreaking training your dog understanding their body language is very important because you must know by looking at them that they need to go. Whenever that happens bring them in outer space while holding the lease and make sure they are not disturbed until they are done. 


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Define the tasks for your American hairless terrier

It’s a very easy task to train your dog, especially when it is an American hairless terrier. Make them understand single words like no, yes, sit, stand. Don’t use a lot of words at one time because it will only confuse him. Try to make hand gestures along with that single word and repeat it again and again so they know what it means and what it is related to. 

Use Toys and treats to train

Just like any other dog American hairless terrier loves to get a treat. In the training session make sure you praise them with the dog performing the task right. You can pat them and give them a treat or a toy to play with so they know that they have been doing the right thing. Make sure you do not reward your dog with a treat every time because this way whenever you tell him a command, he will expect a treat. Use toys so that you can enjoy a good time while training. 


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