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How to Put on a Kong Dog Harness


Want to take your dog on a walk without dragging him around from the neck? The Kong dog harness is your way to go! 

A dog harness is a gentle way to keep all kinds of dogs in full control without them feel being leashed. It gives you more control and security with great comfort for your canine. Now you might be wondering how to put on a Kong reflective dog harness?

Well, it’s not rocket science. In this post, we will guide you with a step by step process to put this thing on your dog safely with some useful tips regarding your dog training as well. 

We have used a Kong reflective dog harness in this guide, so you will have an idea to put on this one and whether it could be a good fit for your pet or not. 

Also, if you’re planning to find a perfect harness then must read some best kong dog harness reviews to have a clear mind that what you should buy for your dog.

Now, let’s get started without wasting any second.

Kong Reflective Dog Harness Instructions

how to put on a kong dog harness

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Well, the instructions can be pretty simple, if guided the right way. You might be seeing entangled ropes with some buckles and now confused where to start. 

Always remember, the neck is that starting point as it helps you to navigate the rest of the harness. 

Put the bigger loop over your dog’s neck gently, next you need to align the back straps of the harness. Just place it in the center of your pet’s back. 

After centering, you could see the dangling buckles on either side. Now you have to buckle them up together with their respective mates. 

First, buckle up the stapes behind your dog’s front legs. 

You would find another strap on neck loop, buckle them with the ones behind his legs. 

After buckling all the straps, we have to do some adjustments to make sure that everything is secured before leaving the house.

how to put on a kong dog harness

Adjustment of Kong Reflective Dog Harness

These adjustments are pretty simple, just like any backpack. Pull the strap through the buckle unless it is tightened up. 

The simple design of the Kong reflective harness helps to snug and secure easily without any head-scratching moments. 

After pulling straps, your harness will be all secured but still, you need to ensure that it’s not too much snugged and your dog is comfortable with this. 

Things you must notice while snugging

By snuggling tightly, the harness won’t be comfortable for your furry buddy and it can block the proper blood circulation of your pet’s body parts. So, it is very important to check the harness is properly snugged for that you must notice few signs to find out whether the harness needs more adjustments or not.


  1. If the back handle is falling with the side or not staying in the center then it is a sign to tighten up the loose strap. Loose straps also bring discomfort to dogs.
  2. Your pup is wiggling or slipping out of the reflective harness, so adjust it enough so it won’t hurt the dog.
  3. Chafing or it is ruining the fur; meaning it is very tight for dogs.

how to put on a kong dog harness

Useful tips to make the dog comfortable with wearing a harness

It might seem tricky to some dog parents whose canines are quite moody and don’t like being in control. Well, don’t think too much the harness training is quite simple and easy. 

First, bring the box to your dog and unbox it in front of him/her and show them their harness, and let them sniff on it and examine this damn thing.

Note: Do not let your dog chew it!

While the dog is sniffing and examining, take advantage of this very moment and start putting it on your dog and gently securing the buckles and let them roam around the house in it. 

After putting on the reflective harness for the first time, give them some tasty treats and a lot of appraisals. 

Trust me! dogs love it a lot and will easily get ready to wear it again, but make sure you give a treat and praise him for the first few times. Till then he will get used to the Kong harness. 

Then play some outdoor games with your furry buddy while his harness is on, and make them run around to get more comfortable with it. Just try your best to keep them distracted from the harness and keep them super busy in games.

Note: A good outdoor play with a pet is a win-win! It won’t only help him to get comfortable with the harness but will also enhance the bond between both the parent and dog.

how to put on a kong dog harness

Final Suggestions

Once, everything is set and you could see your dog not reacting too much over the harness. Then, it’s time to take him out somewhere preferably for a long. Be easy on a harness and keep it loose unless you feel the need to gain more over your rover. 

When you reach the open ground, give him a gentle pull and let him understand and learn your harness signs. 

This pull will stimulate their senses that surely a playtime has arrived and let them get excited freely and leave the harness for a while and start having fun with your retriever. 


Getting a dog harness is a much better option than buying a leash. Almost, all dogs don’t like being leashed and dragged around from their neck. I am sure you won’t like it either.

Your dog is your friend more than just an animal. So, you are supped to treat him like one and make him feel more comfortable around you. 

The dog harness is the best alternative to any other way of controlling your dog without them being realized. Also, many dog owners get puzzled about getting the harness on their dogs. 

Therefore, this article is specially written for such dog parents and those who are planning to purchase a Kong reflective dog harness with proper instructions to not put the harness on but also how to make your dog used to it quickly.

Just watch out for some signs to snug properly and it will be all set to go for a good play. I hope, this post might be helpful for you. Good Luck!

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