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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? Is It Safe?


A dog is the best companion you can ever have. Seeing your best bud doing something off the track can raise questions in your mind and one of the weirdest things dogs do is eating grass. Being meat lovers, we don’t expect them to be eating anything green despite the grass itself. If you have noticed your dogs eating grass and wondering why does my dog eat grass, we assure you that your dog is not the only one. You might think if he’s hungry, sick, bored, or what? You might be worried if the grass can make him sick. The reason why most of the people are worried about this problem is that they vomit after this. 

Technically this is a disorder that can be caused in any dog and it’s called Pica. It is a term used when your dog tends to eat things other than food. Pica can be an indication of a nutritional deficiency in your dog. But, most of the time it’s only because the dog is bored. Especially the little puppies tend to do it a lot because they are curious and eat anything they see. There are many behavioral problems of puppies that must stop. This specific type of Pica is not problematic and doesn’t cause many problems.

In fact, wild dogs have a habit of grazing on grass and it might be natural. Most of the veterinarian thinks that this is absolutely normal behavior of a dog to eat grass. If your dog has easy access to plants or grass, there is a big chance that he will eat it at some time. Out of all plants, the most commonly eaten one can be grass because that is available easily. 


Why does my dog eat grass? 

There can be many reasons why your dog is grazing on grass in your lawn. Some people think that dogs eat plants or grass when they feel sick or have bellyache due to eating something bad. This way they can vomit and it will make them feel better. The dog can throw up and have an empty stomach. This way, dogs eating grass can be a result of an upset stomach of your dog because those buddies are smart enough to find ways to keep themselves healthy. 

In fact, there are chances that your dog is not unwell before he eats grass or they don’t look ill. Very few dogs seem sick when they eat grass and vomit. As a smart animal, dogs know ways to keep their health better and how greens are good for your health. As nature has added many fibers, nutritions, and pharmaceuticals in plants, it actually helps dogs in getting all the fibers. If you make the diet of your dog full of fibers, it can actually help in getting rid of the dogs eating grass problem. 

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Physical Reasons Behind Dogs Grass Eating 

Fiber is an important component in the daily diet of not just humans, but also dogs. The digestive system only works efficiently if the ratio of fibers in the diet is enough. Dogs are omnivores and that leads to the fact that just like meat, they must keep their plant diet regular. To add some greens to the diet, dogs might think of grass as an easy and tasty option. It will help them keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy and going all good. 

In case the dog is grazing on grass and still seems to have some stomach related problems, then you need to see a professional. There are many digestive disorders that dogs have to face. They include pancreatitis, gastric reflux, and inflammatory bowel, and it might be one of them. If the habit of eating grass is along with the other symptoms, then it can be a problem. Your dog might face constipation, lose its appetite, have low energy, and diarrhea, in such cases you need to go to the vet.


Psychological Reasons Behind Dogs Grass Eating 

Just like the nail-biting habit of some people, dogs also have a habit of grazing on grass or anything other than food just because they are bored or anxious. If you are not seeing any symptoms of digestive disorders and still notice your dogs eating grass, the reason behind this might be psychological. In case you think your dog is bored, you can take them for long walks. This way he will be involved in more of the outer world and feel less bored. 

If you feel that your dog feels anxiety when you leave them, try to give them a shirt with your smell when you leave them so hey can feel your presence even when you are away. The familiar scent can help your dig reassure and this way you can avoid grass eating. It is safe for your dog to eat grass if he is on regular parasite prevention and there aren’t any symptoms of him being sick. Just make sure your dog doesn’t graze on any fertilizers or herbicides in the grass. 

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