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Czechoslovakian Wolfdog: Strong, Healthy, and Faithful Companion


A Czechoslovakian wolfdog is a breed obtained from the German shepherd and Carpathian wolf. They are commonly seen as a family dog nowadays. They are very useful in search operations, recuse, agility, and tracking.  You will find very much resemblance to this dog with the actual grown wolf. These dogs are very active and strong. They are bestowed with excellent sniffing ability, an insulating coat, and a luxuriant tail.

Czechoslovakian dogs are really hard to train and found to be stubborn and independent. They definitely need someone dedicated to him only who is enthusiastic and patient both at the same time. The owner of the wolfdog should be willing to dedicate all of their whole day’s energy to him and put in a large amount of time with them.

The appearance of the Czechoslovakian wolfdog

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog:

They are difficult to distinguish themselves from the Carpathian wolfdog. Czechoslovakian wolfdogs are very active, athletic, and powerful that possess a strong body with well-developed muscles. You can differentiate between females from male Czechoslovakian wolfdog. Females’ measurements are about 6cms and males are about 65cms at least. The minimum weight the female Czechoslovakian wolfdog has is about 20Kg and 25Kg for males.

There are other points that differ in both males and females. Like – you can easily recognize which one is female by just looking at their head part. The male head is larger and thicker in hair than the female one. Both have an oval-shaped nose and erected ears. Both males and females have eyes color light brown or amber in color.

The large flat chest region and slightly curved back make them look more gorgeous. They are bestowed with strong, fast, and muscular legs. In a normal situation, you will their tail hanging down. But in the excited state, the tail rises up with slight curvature. They have a thicker coat that protects them in a severe environment. This coating becomes shorter and thinner in the summer seasons.

What About Their Health


This breed is crossed from a German shepherd and expected to live longer and healthy. They have very few health conditions and live a very active and healthy life in their teenage years. Sometimes due to some issues, however, they might suffer from hip dysplasia.

This medial issue of hip dysplasia can also be found in the German shepherd community. So you can infer that they have inherited this issue to the Czechoslovakian wolfdog. Yes, you may find this issue in many other small to adult breed dogs.

Actually, this is an orthopedic condition that is consistent in nature and causes lifelong discomfort along with mobility issues. The hips are unable to work properly which leads to improper load-bearing resulting in osteoarthritis. There are many other ways to avoid this issue, but you should take care of their weight and fat. Make sure they are properly checked up and they are having their medications.

Exercise and Activity Levels

They are considered amongst the strongest dogs and they also require proper training and exercise. They can develop strength and excellent stamina. For that, the Czechoslovakian wolfdog needs well managed and focused exercise routine. They need outdoor exercise – not indoor.

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You should arrange something like regular walks and a fenced garden for them. A Czechoslovakian wolfdog is an escaper and can easily ditch its master. You should check the security of the garden before leaving them in it. As they are very active and love to run and walk – they can be very good companions when you move outdoor or planning to jog.

Also, they are very versatile. They have qualities like tracking, herding, and agility. They are amongst those dogs who need continuous care. If you are unable to take them out for an outing, you will definitely observe behavioral issues and will not respond to your call.

Training Czechoslovakian wolfdog


Mostly Czechoslovakian wolfdog is a military dog and also adopted by the police force for their strength and tracking ability. They are very well known for hard to train. If you want them to be productive, then you might need someone fully dedicated to them in all aspects. Dedicated and consistent training will get them to be productive and well-mannered. Also, they are easy to please, and will most likely ignore your command if they become bored with the task.

They love treats and snacks – you can use this greediness in training. Award them treat when they adopt your command. That will motivate them to follow you in action.

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Naturally, the Czechoslovakian wolfdog is a pack animal. The masters of this wolf-dog should also treat them as such. Czechoslovakian wolfdog responds to this authority and will love to show respect and devotion for their masters.

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