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Adopt Japanese Spitz For Their Loving and Caring Nature

Adopt Japanese Spitz

Japanese spitz is a kind of “large energy in small packet”. It’s the best family companion with the courage of a large watchdog.  You may get confused with American Eskimo Dog, white Pomeranians, or Samoyeds. But this breed has its own history and lineage as you might guess japan.

Japanese Spitz is intelligent and very easy to train. They require very low maintenance and very friendly with children. They can be very good apartment dogs. They need very less grooming as they are naturally very well maintained with white fur. They are very protective of their human families. They will bark at every person unknown to them who tried to enter their territory.

Japanese Spitz History


This Japanese Spitz was recognized in Tokyo, Japan in a show held in 1921. The very first breed of Japanese spitz was descended from the german spitz breed brought to japan from china. Then, they brought many spitz breeds from all over the world to crossbred to produce a Japanese spitz breed.

It was around WW II times when this breed standard was finalized and the japan kennel club started to recognized it as a Japanese Spitz dog. It is then exported to England, Sweden, and to other countries. The American kennel club does not recognize the Japanese spitz as another breed because of the strong resemblance to American Eskimo Dog. Still, this breed continues its popularity rate around the world.

Japanese Spitz Size

You will find conflict between many kennel clubs about the size of the Japanese spitz. On average, they range from 10 inches to 16 inches in height measured from shoulder. The female size is relatively smaller than the male ones. The weight range of this breed is from 11 pounds to 20 pounds. As there is strong conflict on the size of this breed, they usually consider larger than Pomeranians, who share many common characteristics with Japanese Spitz.

Health Considerations

This Japanese spitz breeds generally healthy but with some genetic conditions that affect others. They may be susceptible to Luxating Patellas – a genetic condition that tends to dislocate kneecaps. With time, they may experience runny eyes and their skin become very dry when bathed very frequently. Make sure you give them a bath when absolutely necessary. The owner of this breed should watch out for these conditions and make sure they stay healthy.


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To ensure their health, you must have a vet checking up routine weekly and address the health concerns with its physician.

Care of Japanese Spitz

Japanese spitz requires very low maintenance and just need basic dog care. Their teeth should be cleaned and brushed on a regular basis. You need to check their paw pods and ears for any sign of infection, parasite, or debris. Keep up the regular routine checkup to maintain a healthy condition for your friend.

What to Feed Them

A Japanese spitz dog does not need a high-calorie diet. Their diet should be formulated by considering their average size. You should make a diet plan for your Japanese spitz for the whole week. Consult your veterinary doctor to make the diet plan for correct portion sizes. Their need for food changes drastically as they grow from puppy to adult Japanese spitz. Stay up to date about Japanese spitz nutritional requirements.


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What kind of personality they have?

Japanese spitz is bred to have a wonderful temperament and control. They are considered as family pets with watchdog sense and also have a playful spirit. These breeds like most of the premium breeds are love-seeking pets and they will get angry and will not respond to your call if you ignore them for a relatively long period.

They require not that much food to satisfy their energy requirements. One healthy walk a day will be enough for making a good day with Japanese spitz. They also love to run off the leash. If you are looking to remove any excess energy, just take them to the dog park because the Japanese spitz is good with other dogs.


This breed definitely needs some social training before taking them to visit your family and friends. They are very well k own for their friendly nature, courage, and protective attitude. They will not stop barking at strangers entering their territory. They will continue barking until someone, Japanese spitz love, come and calm them down.

They are loyal, active, obedient, and affectionate. All these qualities define and characterized Japanese spitz personality. Their popularity is continuously growing day by day across the world.

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