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Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation Review

Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation Reviews

This is a Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation review DVD that is made on helping dogs with simple home tips, the solutions, and the dogs’ problems are elaborated.

There are many stories of many heroes that save the dog nation and maintain the dog’s health and their taking care. You must also know that why does my dog eat dirt? So that you may concern about your pet’s health.

Customer’s Review from Amazon: This is an excellent series.



Cesar Millan’s dog nation episodes is a hit series about dogs caring. It is on a mission to America to help dog loves with simple home tips, the solution to tough dog problems, and tell stories of many heroes of the nation who save dogs and cared for them with good health. The best bark collar for dogs is good enough to control your dogs safely.


This Cesar Millan dog nation watches online series was released on March 3rd, 2017 the very first series of reality TV Cesar Milan was premiered on Nat Geo with new eight brand episodes. It is being loved all over the globe. Because it promotes love and cares for the animals like dogs. It’s all about the issues with the health of dogs.

This Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation review is a story that Cesar Milan takes his son Andre on the road and travels to different cities all over America trending to four-legged friends and owners and other peoples. To help disable, mentally disable dogs by the services along with the war of veterinarian.

Particularly the series is amazing that reflects the relationship between humans and dogs and stories of the heroes that are dogs. The best available metal dog crate is worthy of dog stay.

Parents need to know

Parents need to know that this is a family movie that is free from sexuality, nudity, and spam. In fact, there are some disturbing images of burned and other injuries, some aggressive dogs, and mistreatment of dogs so it’s all about the behavior modification tips across the country.

Is this a worthy series?

Yes, this is an amazing Cesar Millan dog whisperer national geographic series that is about all the learnings and examples of dog caring, about health, about being cured, being helped from mental and physical disabilities.

Dog owners will have much information after watching these series there is a lot of information about dog’s caretake. Meanwhile, this is an incredible series full of information.

TV Details

  • Premiere date: March 6, 2017
  • Cast: Cesar Millan, Andre Millan
  • Network: NatGeoWild
  • Genre: Reality-TV
  • TV rating: TV-PG
  • Available on: Streaming
  • Last updated: February 14, 2020


This Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation review is all about the leadership to take care of dogs and all the history of dog breeds with important knowledge. Here in the series, it is detailed about eh dog’s history, calamity, aggression, and how they should be treated. This series makes understand the psychology part of dogs and it is very beneficial information for the dog’s owners.


Thus this series is an award-winning TV show but still, there is a critics group that are not liked the way he subdued dogs with shock collars and pinning them to the ground r handling them by the tight collar. They said:

“Several instances of cruel and dangerous treatment — promoted by Millan as acceptable training methods — were documented by American Humane, including one in which a dog was partially asphyxiated in an episode. In this instance, the fractious dog was pinned to the ground by its neck after first being “hung” by a collar incrementally tightened by Millan. Millan’s goal — of subduing a fractious animal — was accomplished by partially cutting off the blood supply to its brain”.

The forces due to the dogs hitting or tightening their collars are harsh and are not liked at all.

Lawsuits and investigations

Millan has been involved in the lawsuits over the years that are:

  • In 2006  a producer on Dog whisperer was left bleeding and gasping for breath after being choked with a collar and overworked at millan’s psychology. So they spent $25,000 on medical bills. It was settled a year before.
  • In 2015 a Florida nurse name Alison Bitney was attacked by a dog and surgery was done as a result of the attack It was also dismissed eventually.


About Cesar Milan

This Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation series is the best-selling and award-winning series that is nominated for the best TV premier. It has earned trust reputation and with more than 25 years of experience working with canines, this is a trusty worthy and respective series that show love, care,  aggression, help, tip for the dogs.


Why was the dog whisperer Cancelled?

A petition by more than 10,000 people on Friday called millans’s methods they ay that they use the pig as a bait for the dog for  ‘entertainment purposes’ so it NAT Geo canceled this show.

Is Cesar good for dogs?

The Cesar wet dog food is always a good choice for dogs.

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