Can Dog Eat Potatoes? Is It Poisonous in Raw Form?


There are different types of dog food but one thing we know is that dogs love to eat meat. In the battle of being omnivores or carnivores, some might think they are carnivores due to their life for meat. In reality, dogs can stay healthy by eating both animals and plant-based food. The question is, can dog eat potatoes?

After knowing if dogs are omnivores or carnivores, we understand that eating vegetables is not prohibited for dogs. Although, some plant-based foods might upset their stomach. We know that vegetables like broccoli are healthy for dogs. So what about potatoes? 


Is Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy Related to Potatoes?

The UC Davis School of Medicine is the institute that performed the research about canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). They issued a report on how DCM was caused in dogs that eat foods based on ingredients like potatoes, peas, lentils, and legumes. This report actually scares some of the owners but it is a statistical result. This disease called DCM is a heart disease found in dogs that increases the size of their heart and reduces muscle movement and proper pumping. This problem in the function of the heart might be related to the diet of a dog but mainly it is transferred genetically. Its dependence on the diet factor is very rare. Although, it does happen in some cases. 


Are Humble Potatoes Poisonous for Dogs?

Potatoes are so versatile that they can be used to create so many delicious foods including delicious french fries, tater tots, and hash browns. Potatoes are not just really tasty and versatile, they are also very nutritious and healthy for humans. So, what about dogs? Can a dog eat potatoes?

Well, this totally depends if they are good for dogs or not. If we get into details, you find Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Iron, and other nutritions that your dog must have. So here the dog can be fed potatoes but there can be some side effects that we can’t ignore because dogs are like our babies. You can use potatoes as a topping for your dog food. 


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Can dogs eat raw potatoes?

Never. Always keep in mind that you should not feed raw potatoes to your dog. They are not healthy because of a good amount of reasons. The family of white potatoes is nightshade so that way tomatoes are also included in it. So just like tomatoes have some toxic things in raw form, so do raw potatoes. They contain solanine when they are not cooked. So, if you properly cook the potatoes, the solanine level can be reduced. 


Don’t Add Seasoning or Additional Ingredients 

When cooking your potatoes for your pooch, you must select from the options of baking or boiling. Can a dog eat potatoes? It can be answered with a positive response depending on the way of cooking. Make sure that you don’t add flavor and ingredients like garlic and any seasoning because that is not healthy for your furry friends. Don’t make them eat fried potatoes that have excess oil, butter, or salt added to it because that will not be very beneficial for the dog.

If you think your dog has diabetes, make sure to avoid such food because it can increase the sugar level in its blood. Most of the nutrients in a dog’s diet come from the animal protein part like chicken jerky. So, make sure that you only give a little number of potatoes to your dog, not too much because they don’t need that for proper growth. 


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Are Sweet Potatoes Fine for Dogs?

After getting the answer to, can dog eat potatoes, the next question is can dogs eat sweet potatoes or not. Well, the list of nutrients increases in sweet potatoes because they do have potassium and magnesium along with all other parts of white potatoes. Iron is also present in moderate amounts. Most of the holiday food is good for dogs except turkey, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes. 

Dogs are different from each other so just feed a very little amount of plain cooked potatoes to your dog, not in a high amount. Before you add anything new to the diet of your dog, make sure to consult the veterinarian for better advice. 

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