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Treeing Walker Coonhound- Hunters to Friendly Dogs?

Hunters to Friendly Dog

Dogs are the best company and any human can have but there are hundreds of dog breeds present all round the world. All of them are special in their own kind and go along with human beings in a great way. Today we will be talking about the Treeing Walker coonhound dogs that started as hunting dogs. This breed was originally created to hunt small animals and they are still used for that purpose till today.

This type of hunting forces your dog to climb on the tree and catch the prey. Although the main purpose of this breed was to hunt they didn’t do well in that field. You will be surprised to know that they were more of a friend to human beings than a hunter. The Treeing Walker coonhound Dogs originated in the US and were called Walker. Just like how the Rat Terrier dog breed is just called Rat. And another great thing that you love about this dog is that it has a very short coat of hair that makes it a very low maintenance dog. Make sure to use friendly pet gadgets for your dog. 

The Appearance of the Treeing Walker coonhound Breed

This breed of dog has a broad skull with a long and narrow muzzle. They have long pendant ears that Are drooling and floppy all the time and make them look very cute. The soft and gentle big eyes of these dogs are brown in color. The breeds can be in a single double or triple color pattern with a very glossy small coat that can be maintained with a slicker brush.


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The main three colors of this dog breed include white, black, and tan. You can also find different dogs with patterns of these colors. How long muscular and lean legs with padded feet. Do you have a long and high deal with powerful shoulders and the whole body is a true example of grace and agility. Some people might confuse this breed for large Beagle but there are a few differences.

What Does It Take For the Maintenance of This Breed?

As speed has a small coat, they only need weekly maintenance. They are the true companions of the owners. You can still make use of their hunting skills for tracking and rescue purposes. Bring their favorite puppy food and take care of them. Use the best dog clipper for their maintenance. Determined and enduring breed will make a great hiking partner so you can take him to the mountains and enjoy the climb. To make sure all the dead here are removed from his short coat you need to brush their hair every week. 

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A monthly bath can help to remove any smell. All do you need to do is check his ears every week to see if there is any wax or mites buildup. You can trim his nails once per month.


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This bird will not be the best for apartments because they need more space to be happy. In fact, if you live in a house with a large yard the dog might be yours because they love to have a place to run and explore in. 

Activities for Treeing Walker Coonhound

Training every dog is very important because it makes them obedient and loving. It is not easy for an owner to make the dog do everything they want to. Different breeds have different types of nature and they can be trained in different ways. This breed is more of a hunting breed and their desire to hunt is led by the nose so you can practice different activities with your Treeing Walker Coonhound breed. 

Steps to Training 

Step One

The first step towards this training will be to test if they are friendly with strangers or not. Treeing Walker Coonhound dogs are usually very protective of the owner and if someone approaches the owner they don’t stay calm. The safety of your dog is very important. That is with the new training so keep practicing three times a week to make sure they get used to being friendly around strangers. Bring your leash and take them for a walk.


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Step Two

Just like other hunter dogs, Treeing Walker Coonhound Breed works on the commands to hunt. They don’t think of the one to do something instead they rely more on the command. You can try to train your dog by using a no pull dog harness or a simple dog harness and sit alongside to see if they perform according to the command of the handler or not. 


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Step Three

The last step of the training would be how to incorporate your dog into a crowd. These large dog breeds bark and reacts in different ways around the owner and a bunch of strange people. To make sure your dog does it the right way you have to recruit a few people that you have not seen already to test if the puppy allows the stranger to pet him and walk around them calmly or not. A fee treat can work just for this training.


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