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Rat Terrier Breed- 5 Phases To Train Your Rat Terrier

There is a long list of dog breeds that are popular and even though rat terrier is not one of them, they are very kind and loving. They are also known as Ratting Terrier, American Terrier, or Decker Giant. If we talk about the qualities of these dogs, their loyalty, fun-loving, energetic, feisty, and lively nature can’t be ignored. Having a Rattie means you will not get bored in any way. There are a lot of dog breeds but Rats are new as compared to the other ones.

Recently, some breeders bred them to help the farmers keep their barns and farms protected from any pests or rodents. But as time passed, it was proved that rat terriers are not just for that purpose because they can be great house pets due to their friendly nature. If you belong to an active family and want your dog to learn new tricks every now and then, rat terriers will be great for you because they are very intelligent and active dogs.

Before you bring a dog home, you must learn about them because that way you will be more aware of their nature and how they will go along with your family and household. 


How Rat Terrier Breed Started?

Most of the rat terrier breed dogs have white, black, or brown marks and they are only bred in the USA. Seven different types of breeds were actually involved in the production of the rat terrier breed. These seven breeds are Bull terrier, Manchester Terrier, Old English Terrier, Smooth Fox Terrier, Beagle, Italian Greyhound, and Whippet.

In the 1910s and 1920s, breeders needed a dog that would keep the farms and hunter dogs protected from pests and Rattie was the ultimate pest hunter. Jackrabbits were a big problem for farmers and these Giant Deckers were bred as a solution to that. The qualities of Beagle gave the rat terrier the abilities of hunting packs. 

Italian hounds and whippets were quick-footed and that’s the reason why they were used to eradicate jackrabbits and this quality has passed onto the rat terrier breed as well and they became fast and controlling. In the 1940s, it was very common that the farmers had rat terriers but later they were just gone. Some breeders reemerged in the 1970s and in the 1990s, they were in high competition. A famous singer Laurie Anderson had a rat terrier named Lolabelle and she even made a documentary about her. 


How to Train Rat Terrier Dog?

If you are a rat terrier, you need to know a few basic factors that will define your relationship and how they bond with you. Training a dog can never be successful if the bond between the dog and the owner isn’t good. So before you start training your rat terrier breed, you need to establish a loving bond to make the training effective.

This way he will build complete trust in you and understand his instincts. It will take time to develop trust and respect but you can do that by setting some boundaries and getting help from some treats because they are a great way to make the dog learn something new. 

Treats can be a great reward to encourage your Rat Terrier to train.


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Build a Loving Bond with Your Rat Terrier

While training your dog, the first and most essential step is to build trust and confidence. You can try coming to your dog right after you get home and give him some quality time. Show affection and care for the dog so they know you are on their side. You must build mutual trust because rat terriers like to listen to the commands by the owner.  You need to be firm and fair if the dog breaches any of the set boundaries. If you want to teach your dog to sit, you will first have to create a loving bond with the dog before you proceed further. 

How To Train Rat Terrier?

You can divide the training period into 5 phases and train your American rat terrier accordingly. You must understand what your dog’s bark for the training, you might need some training collars for your RT. 


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First Phase

It is the teaching phase of training where you will demonstrate the dog to do a task.

Second Phase

It is the practice phase where you will want him to repeat the task that you just taught him so that he can be perfect in it. 

Third Phase

This is the generalizing phase where he needs to practice the same task in different locations, environments, and circumstances. Like if you are walking in a park nearby, you can ask the dog to practice the command. 


Fourth Phase

This is the testing phase and it will determine if the training was a success or not. Make sure to test him in distractions and different locations. 

Fifth Phase

This is a continuous phase where you keep on testing if the rat terrier has learned the technique or not. You need to test in different ways and how well they perform. 

If the rat terrier succeeds, you are good to go, but if not, you need to jump back to the practice phase and test again until he learns.

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