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Super Charge Your Pet with this KONG Wubba Dog Toy


The KONG Wubba may be a fun, interactive tug and toss toy that’s great for interactive or solo play. Its long floppy tails are ideal for shaking and tugging instincts also like games of fetch.

A durable reinforced nylon exterior combines with unique ball shapes for play sessions that last longer.

Dogs like to squeak the kong Wubba large and increase the fun by shaking the flapping tails back and forth making every game different from subsequent. You can get cozy extra large dog beds for a comfortable sleep for your pet.


  • Reinforced fabric and stitching
  • Great for solo or interactive playtime
  • Longtails make it easy to pick up and throw
  • Squeaks for added enjoyment
  • Assorted colors
  • age range description: All Life Stages


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  • Covered in Durable Ballistic Nylon for Added Toughness
  • Perfect for Interactive Games of Tug and Fetch
  • Squeaks for Added Enjoyment
  • Not Meant to be Used for Chew Sessions
  • Great tugging and tossing toy
  • Contains two balls inside: a tennis ball (top) and a squeaker ball (bottom)
  • Long Wubba tails make it easier to toss farther and pick up
  • Suitable dog toy for most dogs (Note: If you have a puppy, check out the KONG Puppy Wubba.)


  • You can customize the amount of food to fit the needs of individual dogs
  • Offers mental stimulation and gives an outlet for chewing to dogs and helps AutoShaping
  • Helps puppies that are teething
  • Good for crate training and fetch training
  • Helps in Weight management for dogs


  • It can be difficult to be cleaned from the inside
  • May not survive with dogs with strong jaws


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How to use it?

Measure out the number of food for your dog moisten an amount of it to be stuffed within the KONG, then spoon it in and straight to the freezer.

When serving add something easy and attractive on the large hole, spread, creamy yogurt, or creamy cheese. you usually got to monitor your pet while chewing. You can also attach an anchor to the kong Wubba review by feeding a string or a rope through the tiny hole and knot it then pull it tight which can give endless possibilities.

The rope of Kong Wubba dog toy is going to be frozen in situ once you stuff it.

For the stuffed food there are endless possibilities and recipes to suit within the KONG but petfood would do the work too just don’t forget to moisten it. Get a dog playpen for your lovely pet.


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Who is this product for?

This toy is right for puppies that are teething, energetic dogs, and untrained dogs. Does your dog doesn’t fetch? Well, not all dog breeds are born retrievers just like the retriever, who is named a retriever for a reason.

Genetically speaking, some dogs must be trained to fetch and this kong Wubba medium is fit this job. A bored dog is that the worst, so this toy is about up to stay boredom far away from your little friend.

Other Features:

This dog chew toy may be a tough boy with several features that we are getting to see during this kong dog toy review:

  • This chew toy trains your canine to spend a while in his carte alone especially once you aren’t reception solving the matter of boredom; it gives an enormous hand in crate training.
  • Our little toy here can work as a distractive means so you won’t need to undergo hell whenever your pup gets triggered by something sort of a cat or something. Get training for your dog, do review the best dog treadmill machines.
  • Helps enormously with overweight dogs by slow feeding adding thereto it makes our little buddy work harder to urge a little amount of food. if you stuff food in it.
  •  kong Wubba friends large are often very useful in conditioning your dog by using the KONG as a gift just in case of a gifted training (positive reinforcement) or increasing a behavior by depriving the dog of the.
  • Kong till he or she is going to do what’s supposed within the case of a discipline-based training (negative reinforcement); it helps in future behavioral modification.


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  • Your pup is certainly getting to become an expert in getting treats out of the KONG toys yet you’ll always make it tougher. for instance.
  • Cut it into pieces that are almost overlarge and squeeze it into the opening of the Kong toy, and stuff it inside. Cover the large hole with cheese or spread and put the Kong within the freezer for a short time
  • The kong Wubba classic may be a fetch entertain hit or miss bounce helping you interact and play together with your pet which can build trust between you and therefore the dog.
  • Finally, this is often an eco-friendly pet supply so yeah we’ve to worry about this planet too.




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