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Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness Review: Control your Dog like a Professional


Morning walks are the best way of starting a day. Besides, if you have a companion along with you, it will be better in that case. However, taking your dog on a walk sometimes can be a headache. As not all canines are friendly therefore managing them can be an issue. To control dogs, most people use leashes of different kinds. Yet, these accessories cause pain to the dog. Nowadays, these leashes have been replaced with the no pull dog harness. They are contributing a lot to the dog industry by delivering them comfort during movement. Let’s do Rabbitgoo no pull dog harness review.


As you can notice by its name, this harness allows the dog to minimize the dog’s ability to tug hard. Mainly these issues arise during the leading walks. The mechanism is pretty simple. A clip is attached at the back end of the vest. Thus, you can easily control them when you pull around the chest region. Also, it doesn’t hurt the dog around the neck area.

These anti-pull dog harnesses are pretty good in their work. Also, they help to reduce or permanently erase the dog pulling behavior once and for all.

Market Trends

In the market, there is tough competition among competitors. It is challenging to find the best product for your dog. However, that’s where the Rabbitgoo no full dog harness comes in. Also, it is one of the top leading products present in the market.

In this article, we have done a Rabbitgoo no pull dog harness review. In the end, you will know what makes this anti-pull harness more superior and better. Also, it doesn’t slip when your dog plays with a Wobble wag Giggle Ball. So, let’s check out what’s Rabbitgoo is offering.

Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness Review


Sometimes dogs get excited when they see another furry animal. In such situations, they started to lean forward to interact with them. Therefore, “no pull design” in this harness makes sure they don’t do that. By attaching the leash at the front clip, you will attain better control of them. Instead of going forward, they will turn around due to the clip, and after some time, they will learn not to pull.

Also, premium quality material is used to develop these harnesses. Therefore, you didn’t need to worry about that. Your dog can also wear them for hours without creating any kind of fuss.

Safety Features: Safety parameters are firstly considered in mind regarding your four-legged friend. To make sure you have a safe walk at night. Bright reflexive strips are added to it. That gets illuminated when light falls on them. Also, a sturdy top handle is added at the top of the vest. Thus, it will help you maintain your dog in an unexpected situation.

The harness must remain intact with your dog in every situation. Therefore, two fast-release buckles are added to it. This will help to protect your dog while preventing it from slipping out. A front clip ring is on the front side of the harness. So, when your dog pulls suddenly, it will discourage pulling. However, if you have a well-trained dog, you can use the back D-ring for walking or jogging purposes. For rough surfaces provide your canine with a pair of the best rain boots.

Comfortable Design: Unlike the other competitors, premium quality material is used in these harnesses. To keep your dog cool around the day, they use breathable mesh fabric for that purpose. Moreover, it is ultra-weather proof and water-resistant. It is possible because resistant nylon cloth is used at the back end, making it more durable. Although these harnesses come in sizes yet, you can manage them more with the help of four adjustable straps.

Rabbitgoo no pull dog harness review


  • Maximum leash control: Sturdy back leash clip for safe daily walks.
  • No pull system: Front leash clip for correct pulling
  • Adjustment Points: Support customizable fit and optimal mobility
  • Soft Breathable cushion: Keeps dog relaxed and comfortable around the day
  • Design: Unique design supports anti-pulling buffering straps and four adjustable points


  • None



To make sure your dog gets the perfect fit, follow these basic guidelines.

  • Unbuckle the chest straps
  • From the front opening, slides your dog head-in. You will find the logo and D-ring at the back if you do it properly.
  • After that adjust the neck and chest straps to make sure it fits perfectly.
  • You’re almost done! Now buckle up from both ends with the help of 2-side buckles.
  • Apply the “2 finger rule” at the end. This will help you determine if you do it correctly or not. For that, you should be able to fit two fingers at a time between your dog’s body and the harness.

Safety Information:

Before heading out with your dog:

  • Double-check the buckles.
  • Try to move the harness around the sides to avoid the risk of sliding.
  • At last, apply the “2 finger rule” before letting your doggo.
  • Keep the harness away from the approach of dogs to avoid choking hazards and other risks.

It doesn’t affect much if your dog wears it all day. However, it’s in the best interest to use harnesses for activities only.

Besides that, if your canine doesn’t feel comfortable after wearing the harness. Please stop using the product and contact the company at their helpline. From that point, they will manage the rest of the situation on their own.

Buying Guide

We have mentioned some of the most critical factors that matter in a good quality harness.

Quality: A good-quality harness is pretty hefty in price. Therefore, it is vital to check the quality with which they are made. They must have airy cloth material at one end to deliver a cooling effect to your dog. Also, the strips must be made of premium quality. Thus, when you handle them, it doesn’t matter if they move immediately. They will remain in complete control. Also, they must make the back end of the harness with some water-resistant material, making it suitable for extreme weather conditions.

Design: Although these harnesses come in a variety of designs yet, they should have a versatile style. This will allow them to give a perfect fit to your canine. Moreover, they must have some basic safety features such as illuminating strips and tightening bands. These things help a lot in the protection of your dog. Along with that, the availability of clips is essential. However, if they have a round clip, then managing your dog will be super easy.

Comfort level: When you go shopping, always consider the level of comfort you are getting in a harness as some dogs are susceptible. Thus, some clothing material also causes itchiness on their skin. Also, using them for more extended hours causes fatigue in the dogs. Therefore, to avoid that, they must have a meshy pattern. That will keep them more relaxed and also comfortable around the day. However, you can check the comfort level by reviewing the comment section of the products. For severe weather conditions, you can also use a cooling vest along them.


Is it possible to wash this harness?

Absolutely! It is washable. However, to wash them, it is in the best interest to follow the procedure with hands. As they have pretty buckles, they might get entangled in the machine.

How many rings are available in this harness?

Two rings are present in this harness. However, they are made with different quality ingredients. The ring at the chest is made of metal, whereas the back one is made of plastic. Yet, premium quality material is used to make both of these rings.

What are the sizes available in this harness?

They are available in four different sizes. They start from S, M, L, and XL sizes. However, you also can adjust the neck and chest girth with the help of buckles.

These are all the things that you need to know about the Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness Review. Now, you only have to buy this comfortable, superb anti-pull dog harness for your dog.

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