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Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Review [Healthy & Active Play]


This incredible wobble wag giggle ball review for your dog is loved by your dog. It can pull out your dog’s stress and make them playful and active.

This wobble toy for dogs is made of classic design and is very interactive and attractive in color. It is a noise-making toy that wobbles, bounces and giggles also.

This ball is best to engage your dog for instincts playing and excess off their energy by playing with it. If you have Pitbulls you can give them the best dog food for Pitbulls healthy food to be.

Specs Of Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

wobble ball

  • Material: Phthalate-free vinyl
  • Diameter:155mm
  • Weight:535g
  • Product Dimensions : 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches; 1.28 Ounces
  • 6 clutch pockets allow dogs to easily pick it up


  • This wobble ball comes for all types of ages and sizes of dogs. It is the best you can give to your dog for playtime
  • It makes voices, giggles, bounces, and does not require batteries as well. But there is the enticing in it that dogs love to play with this
  • Keeps your dog healthy, fit, and fine by engaging energies by playing and with giggling sounds.
  • This wobble giggle ball reviews keeps your pup active and entertained for hours by playing with them
  • The wobble wag giggle ball review is best exercise material for your dog and good for the training teachings as well
  •  Best for indoor and outdoor play, your dog will follow up with playful sounds, and it’s entertaining to play with the ball
  • This toy catches your dog’s attention with its noise and it will attract your dog with fetch sounds by shaking this ball and rolling around. Keep your dog clean with the best dog paw washer


wobble ball

  • Safe free vinyl
  • No batteries required
  • Easy to utilize
  • Make an interactive giggly sound
  • Effective Treatment for Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety
  • Help You Stop Worrying About Your Dog During the Day
  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Affordable price


  • Not for the extraordinary chewer
  • Your canine dislike it

Customer’s Review from Amazon: Best little active toy ever. This is perfect for my little 80 lb 8-month-old rottweiler. He is so captivated by this ball. Kept him busy and wore him out. I’m seeing the reviews regarding the stability of this toy not being up to standards. Some people have to realize if they have a super aggressive dog, the issue may not be the product but the dog. I would recommend it to all my pet owner friends. If this product only lasts 10 days, it will be well worth the cost and I will purchase it again. Love it.

Customer’s Query from Amazon

wobble ball

Was anyone’s dog afraid of it at first?

I bought this for my then 2-month-old 6lb Patterdale dale terrier. He’d been playing with squeaky toys. I introduced him to the ball holding it so it wouldn’t make noise, letting him sniff and lick it. Picked the ball up and as I spoke to him I made the ball make its noise. He was very intrigued and was not scared at all.

To this day (now 9 months and 35lbs) it’s still in great shape and one of his favorite toys. If u introduce new things to pups first generally they won’t be afraid. Hope this helps see less.



This wobble wag giggle dog ball review is a clinically proven toy and is very worth it for your pet. Your canine can get relief from anxiety and loneliness. As they would love the ball sounds and will immediately go to the ball when hearing sounds.

This wobble wag giggle ball review is very needed and selected for your dog for happy and healthy play. But it might be possible that it cannot be chewed hardly by your pet because it will not be bearable but the ball will burst up.

This jml wobble wag giggle ball reviews is present at a very affordable price with no hidden charges. Hope this article will help you to find and to choose the better toy for your dog. You can use the best available metal dog crate for your dog for all safety.


Is this durable?

It is durable but not for the chewers. It will burst out if chewed.

Is the material used in this ball-making is good?

Yes, it is good and added a giggles sound also in it. Your pet will enjoy playing with it.

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