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Best Dog Cooling Vest Reviews: Keep your pet comfy 


A cooling vest is a type of clothing material specifically designed to lower body temperature to keep it in balance. It reduces exposure to warm climates for avoiding major health problems. Having a pet is just like having a child, we have a special attachment towards them. The dog is one of the most common pets that people love to have. Every dog owner is well aware of the fact that a dog’s internal mechanism is different from humans, they get hotter at a temperature that is not that much for us. So, to save their lives from a heat stroke, we usually use a cooling vest for their health and safety.  

Best dog cooling vest

Juxzh Truelove Dog Cooling Vest Harness Cooler Jacket
  • Harness
  • Cooling principle
  • Adjustable vest
  • Reliable
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Dig Pets Hurtta Collection Cooling Vest Harness for Pets, Medium, Blue
  • Protection protocol
  • Weight of item
  • Absorption
  • Leash attachment
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Smart elf Swamp Cooler, Dog Hunting Vest Safety Reflective Dog Cooling Vest for Dogs
  • Very portable
  • Nice Material
  • Adjustable design
  • Cooling method
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Lautus Pets Extra Large Dog Cooling Vest
  • Lightweight
  • Securing the dog
  • Cleaning of the vest
  • Easy to clean
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Tuff Pupper Jet Vest
  • Layer’s technology
  • Protection
  • Lightweight
  • Reflective materia
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Best dog cooling vest:

Following is a list of the best dog cooling vest, with their features, pros, and cons. The list is based on dog cooling vest reviews from amazon which are all pretty highly rated. 

Juxzh Truelove Dog Cooling Vest Harness Cooler Jacket


Size: The size ranges from XX-Small to XX-large which is a quite good variety of sizing according to your dog body.  

Material: The vest is made up of Nylon. This is a type of reflective webbed material that lights up at night for easiness, it lets less heat absorb. 

Cooling principle: The cooling principle of this vest is that you soak it in water and then you dry it a bit before putting it on the dog body. The heat will evaporate from the cold reservoirs. The inner layer is lined with comfortability, the middle layer absorbs the heat and the outer layer makes the heat evaporate as water drops. 

Adjustable vest: The cooling vest is very much adjustable, easy to put on and to take it off. It occupies a double zipper and sticker which protects from falling it off. 

Harness: It comes with an aluminum alloy D-shaped ring with which the leash can be attached. 


  • The cooling vest design is very comfortable 
  • The cooling procedure is quite easy 
  • The harness is very useful for controlling the dog 
  • The material is of high quality 
  • The vest is very adjustable according to the dog’s body. 


  • The vest gets a little stretchable after soaking it in water. 


Dig Pets Hurtta Collection Cooling Vest Harness for Pets, Medium, Blue


Size: The size range is quite expandable, providing a lot of options to choose from.  

Protection protocol: The vest specifically cools the chest and heart region for better circulation. 

Weight of item: The weight of the vest is 0.01g which is quite lightweight. 

Absorption: A capacity for absorbing water is doubled from any other vest which makes it very usable. 

Leash attachment: The cooling vest contains a leash attachment. 


  • The cooling vest is lightweight, very portable. 
  • Absorption capacity is very good 
  • The leash loops are very usable. 
  • The size range is very diverse. 


  • The shape of the vest can sometimes get uncomfortable for the dog. 



Smart elf Swamp Cooler, Dog Hunting Vest Safety Reflective Dog Cooling Vest for Dogs


Material: THe cooling vest is made of mesh nylon; the reflective material is very beneficial for evaporating the heat. 

Cooling method: You have to wet the vest and then wring it before putting it on your dog. 

Adjustable design: The side straps make it very easy to put on and to take it off from the dog body. 

The layering of the vest: The inner layer is of soft lining for comfort, the middle layer is absorbent and the outer layer makes the heat evaporate. 

Lightweight: The cooling vest is lightweight, easy to carry for the dog and the texture of the vest is very breathable. You can read about the benefits of a cooling vest and how it can protect your dog from the extreme heat of summer.


  • Nylon mesh material is very breathable and comfortable 
  • The cooling method is quite easy, 
  • Side straps are very adjustable. 
  • The layers are pretty accurate 
  • Very portable. 


  • The size range is not very diverse, the smaller sizes are not available. 



Lautus Pets Extra Large Dog Cooling Vest


Cooling principle: Submerge the vest in cool water for 1 min and then wring it to remove extra water. It does not require any bulky ice packs. 

Material: The vest is of microfiber material, with its cooling fiber technology. The cooling vest is quickly activated for our dog use. 

Cleaning of the vest:  The cleaning is very easy and also important. You just have to wash it with a mild detergent and then dry it out. 

Lightweight: It is a lightweight cooling vest, which makes it very easy to move and comfortable for the dog. 

Securing the dog: The design is very adjustable, the straps are very comfortable for dogs, making them secure in it. 


  • It is lightweight and portable 
  • The size range is pretty good 
  • Easy to clean 
  • The cooling method is very simple 
  • Material technology is very beneficial. 


  • Sometimes the vest will get too wet, which makes it hard to dry out. 


You might also want to read about the best cooling mats to keep the dog protected from the floor burns.

Tuff Pupper Jet Vest – Evaporative Dog Cooling Vest reviews


Size: The sizes come in small, medium, and large which is very much acceptable. 

Layer’s technology: The inner mesh layer is comforting and the middle layer absorbs the heat from the dog and the outer mesh layer evaporates the water drops. 

Protection: The vest provides UV protection meaning saves the dog from harmful UV radiation. 

Lightweight: It is a lightweight design, very portable. 

Reflective material: The reflective material makes your dog more visible which is great for securing the dog. 


  • Very comfortable 
  • Easy to put on and to take off 
  • Lightweight, very transportable friendly 
  • The size range is pretty good 
  • The cooling technology is very advanced. 


  • The sizes can sometimes mix up, 


You can also read about the best igloo house to make a warmed-up and comfortable sleeping place for the dogs in the winter.

How to choose a cooling vest for dogs?

The material checkup: Before buying the vest, you should have brief information about the material to get to know the quality of it and its features. 

The cooling method: When buying a cooling vest, always prioritize the cooling technology because that is the whole purpose of it. See whether it is easy to do or it is inconvenient. 

The sizes: For buying the perfect cooling vest for your dog, check the sizes briefly according to your dog’s body measurements. So, that you won’t end up in a fuss. 

Straps: One tip for buying the cooling vest is to look for the straps that are comfortable to put on and to get off from the dog. The straps should be adjustable and of good quality 

Reflective vest: Having a reflective cooling vest is very convenient as it both provides good cooling but also makes your dog secure. 

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What is a cooling vest?

A cooling vest is an equipment designed for dogs for stabilizing their body temperature in a hot climate. It is the best shape clothing item that you put on your dog’s body. Its principal work is to trap cool air around the dog body by keeping hot air away. All you have to do is to fill the vest with ice or sometimes you just have to wet it before using it. 

How do they work for dogs? 

There are a lot of various cooling vests for dogs with different stabilization techniques. The core point is to evaporate the sweat for lowering the temperature, the cool air remains inside while the hot air goes out. This is very important for dogs to cool themselves down because they have a higher body temperature range than humans, which can make warm environments quite uncomfortable for them. 


A great cooling vest helps regulate the temperature of a pet’s body by keeping him comfortable and cool. When the temperatures are scorching hot and intolerable make your dog wear the vest so it can tolerate the summer heat better.

Buy a cooling vest that is cool and reflective. Make your dog feel comfortable outdoors while you are taking him for a walk, swimming, and shopping. 

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