The Ultimate Review of Purina Puppy Chow

Purina Puppy Chow

Purina puppy chow food is the best food supplement for dogs. Dogs are among the most loving and intelligent creatures on earth. Compared to other pets, dogs are stronger, more active, and more agile. Let’s do Review of Purina Puppy Chow.

Our furry friends bring joy to our lives, and they deserve the best food for their stomachs. Purina Puppy Chow Food, however, is specialized food that has a high level of quality ingredients good enough to satisfy puppies that cannot eat filet mignon or steak every day.

Purina produces dozens of well-known pet food brands, as well as several cats and dog litter products. The brand has been producing animal feeds for more than 80 years. Purina Mills sold its animal feed business in the 1990s to Land O’Lakes, and it now makes pet foods. 

You can train and teach your puppy to overcome their behavioral issues by giving them puppy treats. You can use our information to decide if Purina Puppy Chow is a good choice for your beloved four-legged companion.

You must know the right quantity of treats to give to your dog. According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), the minimum nutritional requirements for dogs must be met. 

It is recommended in AAFCO that females and puppies receive 22% of their energy from protein and that adult dogs take in 18%. Women and puppies should be fed 8% fat, and adult pets should be fed 5% fat. 

We have done intensive research on various dry dog foods and have found the Purina Puppy Chow Complete as the best dry dog food for your puppies. We have done this research so that you may not have to waste your time looking for the best dry dog food for your puppy.

Purina Puppy Chow Complete Review:

Following is the ultimate review of the Purina Puppy Chow Complete:

Each package of Purina Puppy Chow Complete contains a 4.4-Lb. bag of Purina Puppy Chow Dry Dog Food, Complete, Chicken Flavor. Purina Puppy Chow Complete is made from ground yellow corn as the first ingredient for a flavor that dogs love. 

A gourmet dog food for adults, Purina Puppy Chow Complete is prepared with 22 nutrients. Your adult dog will love the tender, meaty chunks in this delicious food for dogs. The Purina Puppy Chow Complete dog food bags have a re-sealable zipper to keep food fresh.

The ingredients used in the Purina Puppy Chow are Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, brewer’s rice, soybean meal, beef tallow preserved with mixed tocopherols (source of vitamin e), pearled barley, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, animal digest, salt, egg product, potassium chloride, l-lysine monohydrochloride, zinc proteinate, choline chloride, dl-methionine, vitamin supplements (a, e, b-12, d-3), manganese proteinate, ferrous sulfate, and copper proteinate. Now let’s review Purina Puppy Chow Complete ingredients in detail.

Ingredients of Purina Puppy Chow Complete:

Following is the detailed review of the ingredients of Purina Puppy Chow Complete:

Whole Grain Corn: Whole grain corn is the first ingredient. Kernels of corn (germ, bran, and endosperm) are considered whole grains. In addition to providing a moderate amount of vitamins, minerals, and plant-based protein, corn is also low in fat and calories. Additionally, it is also one of the most controversial ingredients in dog food.

In terms of digestibility, corn can only be described as being highly digestible if it is made into a meal or flour and then cooked. When it comes to corn’s protein contribution, we must recognize that this plant-based protein doesn’t contain all of the amino acids necessary for dogs to remain healthy. Inconsistent substitutions of corn for meat may result in degraded protein quality and degrade the overall quality of the product.

Chicken by-product meal: In addition, chicken by-product meal is a second ingredient. A process called rendering is used to cook chicken by-products into chicken by-product meals. According to AAFCO, by-products are non-rendered, clean parts, apart from meat, which is derived from slaughtered animals. Thus, chicken by-products contain nearly every part of chickens that are not normally consumed by humans. Among these parts are the liver, lungs, spleen, kidneys, stomachs, blood, intestines, bones, etc.

Corn Gluten Meal: Corn gluten meal serves as the third ingredient. Corn gluten meal comes from the production of corn-based products (corn starch, corn syrup, etc). The very high protein content is found in this supplement (nearly 60% protein) and as a result, can greatly boost the protein content of the product. The amino acids in plant-based proteins, such as corn gluten meal, are often deficient compared to those in meat (they lack many essential amino acids).

Beef: Beef fat (Preserved with mixed tocopherols) is the next ingredient listed. Specifically, beef fat is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids that your dog needs, as it is one of the most important components of their diets. Raw beef contains up to 73% water, even though it is a high-quality product. When the meat is cooked, most of that moisture is lost, reducing its weight to just a fraction of its original amount. As a result, the completed product would probably contain a smaller percentage of this component.

Soybean Meal: Soybean meal is the fifth ingredient. Proteins comprise more than half of soybean meal. As a result, soybean can increase the product’s protein content significantly. The inclusion of non-meat protein generally degrades the overall quality of the recipe’s protein. This degradation occurs because plant-based proteins have a lower amino acid profile.

Brewers Rice: The sixth ingredient in Purina Puppy Chow Complete is brewers rice. As a grain byproduct, brewer’s rice is created by leaving out cereal grains after milling rice. It does not contain much nutritional value for dogs apart from providing them with caloric energy.

Barley: The next item is barley. Barley contains minerals and fiber, which make it an excellent source of carbohydrates. Pearled barley contains only parts of the grain, while regular barley contains its entire kernel

Note: Despite ingredients listing in order of pre-cooked weight, the remaining ingredients of Purina Puppy Chow Complete are less important than those in the first seven ingredients.

Nonetheless, collectively, they make a considerable difference to the quality of the finished product. According to our analysis of the ingredients, this product contains a significant amount of protein derived from non-meat sources. Thus it may be lacking certain necessary amino acids.


  • Various recipes 
  • Plenty of Flavors
  • Well-priced
  • Great tasting
  • Decent nutritional values
  • Easy to find
  • Good for your dog’s stomach


  • Questionable ingredients
  • Lack certain amino acids


Tips to Remember:

Following tips should be kept in mind for planning a diet for your dog:

  • Foods that contain meat should always be found. Your dog should consume large quantities of meat on a regular basis. The most important component of a dog’s diet is protein.
  • Foods that contain a lot of fillers should be avoided.
  • Veggies and fruits are also important for your dog’s wellbeing, as they maintain healthy skin and hair.
  • You should always consider the age of your dog when planning a diet for it.
  • Puppies need more and high-quality supplements to grow faster and stronger
  • Certain proteins can cause allergies in Pit bulldogs. It is crucial for owners to watch their dogs’ diet closely.
  • All dog’s main meals should have a statement from AAFCO.
  • Also, keep an eye on the by-products and grains.
  • Your dog can be a vegetarian.
  • Be careful, not to serve too much to your dog as an excess of everything is bad.


The taste buds of your pet are very important to Purina, and history indicates that they have never failed to meet this requirement. The market offers an array of products that aren’t perfect. If you’re interested in Purina Puppy Chow Complete, then you should examine the ingredients carefully. Customers seem to love this food, but the ingredients need to be carefully scrutinized.

Purina Puppy Chow Complete is regarded as a trusted dog food brand, nevertheless, there are some safety concerns you should be aware of before buying. However, despite some less than ideal ingredients, Purina Puppy Chow Complete is still good food for dogs.


How much Purina Puppy Chow Complete food is enough for Pets?

One must know that how much Purina Puppy Chow Complete food is too much for their pets. If you don’t know that how much is too much then no need to be worried about it. We have got your back. Follow this guideline for your dog’s feed.

  • Puppies up to 3 months of age must have 4 small meals per day
  • Puppies of 3-6 months of age must have 3 normal meals per day
  • Dogs over 6 months of age must have 2 meals per day
  • For senior Pitbulls, one must contact experts and veterinarians. At this age, health starts showing its effects on dogs and can impact that how much food a dog should be eating.
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