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Blood in Dog Urine [Breif Review on this Problem]


One of the common problems that occur in the pets is Blood in Dog Urine. This problem can have many causes in pets both dogs and cats. Probably there must be an infection, kidney problems or metabolic disease, or any bacterial infection that causes blood in the urine.

If there is any problem like this you must see the veterinarian and get the treatment at once. You can keep your dog away from such bacterial fleas and bugs by using the best tick repellent for dogs.

Symptoms of a urine infection


The symptoms of a urine infection may include are:

  • Straining little urine
  • Bloody urination
  • Skin irritation or redness
  • Excessive licking of vulva or pennis area

Having blood in dog urine home remedies; these symptoms may cause urinary tract stones, blockage in some cases. You must have a full veterinary workup and evaluation. When this occurs in your dog there must be any problem that must be treated at once. You can control your dog’s irritations and rude behavior with the best bark collars for dogs.



There must be many causes for the blood in urine, and there must be treated at once with the help of a vegetarian. Causes are:

  • Urinary tract infection: This Blood in Dog Urine may be a loss of bladder control, pain while urinating, and odor urine
  • Urinary stones: The blood in dog urine kidney failure may cause because stones in the kidney that may block urine
  • Weak bladder Or Bladder cancer: If cancer occurs in the urinary part may cause blood in urine and it is the most painful thing
  • Prostate problems: The bacterial infection occurs when there are symptoms of cancer in the urinary part
  • Spinal injury: if there must be an injury in the spinal, blood comes in the urine
  • Diabetes: When sugar level increase in your pet’s body, urine comes more and at one time with blood with itching and pain
  • Hormonal imbalance: In the females, if there is any hormone problem it is also a cause for blood in urine, In this condition vulva is swollen and drops of blood are left

And many others that may be a reason for this problem. It must be life-threatening and can be treated at once, also it may change the diets of the affected dogs.

Other causes must be the sign of cancer and tumors for urine blood problems. Finally, pets with the metabolic disorders face this problem. Give your dog health the best adult dry dog food for a healthy diet.

Remedies for dogs with bloody urine


Treatment of blood in dog’s urine after diagnosed, antibiotic therapy must be used for 2 to 3 weeks is often needed Some infections are treated by using medicines.

But if the blood in dog urine treatment; infection is still it can be treated properly with whole food supplements. If stones are diagnoses there must be the proper process to remove them. A urine culture is although bacteria that may cause the issues of blood in the urine. It is a painful thing to every pet.

Vet’s commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory or pain medicine to ease dog’s discomfort. The vet may change your dog’s food routine or change in food. Nutrition helps to attain different food that has vitamins, supplements that may reduce the urinary blood problem in your pet.



Blood in Dog Urine can be treated at once with the help of a vegetarian. Proper medication os antibiotics are the choice for the treatment.

  • Infections: Medicine, antibiotics are used for the treatment of infections in the dog. Bladder, kidney, urinary tract other infections.
  • Stones: Stones in the kidneys or in the bladder must be by a diet low in protein, phosphorus, and magnesium, or the intake of water is low. In some cases, the removal of stones is through surgery.
  • Tumors and Poisoning: Treatment of tumors must be treated by the instructions of the veterinarian for special diagnoses and treatment.
  • Prostate: Treatment of this disease can be secondary, primary bacterial infections that are treated by antibiotic therapy. Because of testicular tumors, cystic hyperplasia generally occurs only in dogs.
  • Bleeding disorders: The formation of blood clots can cause hematuria (dog blood in urine) in dogs and treatment must depend upon the underlying cause of vitamin K, which is a poison to some kind of problems.

Complications to Look after at home


You must look after some precautions for your dog when any of the above diseases occur. You must talk to your veterinarian for possible complications for your dog why would a dog have blood in its urine?:

  • Some dogs that take medications can develop side effects like appetite, vomiting or diarrhea, etc. You must make sure that the dog’s reaction and the prescription of medication must be accurate.
  • If dog strains to urinate or urine in a small quantity, or very frequently and you see blood in their urine you must call for your veterinarian at once for the check-up.
  • Dogs feel pain when passing urine or there are blood clots, so you must take your dog to the veterinarian immediately when blood in dog urine after catheter.

Healthy Supplements for your Dog


You can give your dog a healthy supplement that contains, vitamins, vitamin K, iron, magnesium, probiotic ad other healthy nutrients, so that your pet’s health may remain good and your immune system may get stronger, to keep your dog away from bacteria and other minor diseases.

So you must try the best Pro Plan veterinary supplements, which are not only good for your dog’s health but immune system also. It promotes enhance the digestion stability and treats diarrhea also.



Is blood in dog urine an emergency?

When you notice blood in dog urine after a catheter, you must seek emergency veterinary care.

What does it mean when urine has blood?

It means your dog has kidney problems, stones, or cancer that allow blood cells to leak into urine. These occur when bacteria enter the dog body and multiple into the bladder and that comes in the form of urine in blood.

Can lack of water cause blood in urine?

Yes, it might be the lack of water, injury into the bladder due to it blood comes in the urine of your dog.

How Can I Manage Urinary Incontinence (Blood in Dog Urine)?

There are some steps that you may take to manage your dog’s urinary problem:

  • You can put any cloth on your pet’s favorite place where your dog sleeps or comfort so that the cloth may absorb any moisture if there is any bleeding.
  • Take your pet on a walk frequently will be a positive point to your dog’s health.
  • Measure water intake limit of your dog.
  • Provide proper hygiene or any skin infections or any medication according to the prescription of the veterinarian.
  • Always monitor your pet’s condition, so that you may know what is the condition of your pet.

Final Verdict

You must have look after your dog, health and give him healthy supplements for a strong immune system. Take precautions and have a check-up of your dog frequently with the veterinarian. If there are any changes in the dog’s manner or any symptoms that occur and are not normal, take them at once to your veterinarian.

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