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Must Know Before Adapting Bluetick Coonhound Dog

The bluetick coonhound is known for its appearance – speed and grown muscles. Comparing with other coonhound breeds this one is stronger and faster. It has moderately angulated and stronger legs that enable this bluetick coonhound to run faster. This breed bestowed with wide nostrils allowing air and scent in. While moving it lifts up its tail and head. Bluetick coonhound bawls louder allowing the hunter to follow and at night.

Bluetick Coonhound Dog

Facts About Bluetick Hound

A Brief History

Bluetick coonhound is categorized as hounds and can be trained to be either sighthound or scent hound. The Bluetick coonhound breed is an American creation and their bloodlines are found back before the freedom of the region.

In early time bluetick coonhound was used to the wily raccoon and also for big wild hunting games such as quarry as a bear – wild boar and cougar. In the early 20th century Fred Gipson wrote about bloodlines of bluetick coonhound: “In this breeding, they’ve got a big bell-voiced hound that can pick up a week-old trail – the endurance to run that trail 30 hours at a stretch”.

Now the breed has changed from the previous one and still, coonhound got the same characteristics as before. Since 1953 bluetick coonhound is a sports mascot at the University of Tennessee.

Taking Care of Bluetick Coonhound

Bluetick Coonhound Dog

Like all other dogs breed bluetick coonhound also need special take care. You need to take care of its nutrition – grooming – exercise and all other parameters.


This dog breed requires healthy food no matter it is synthesized or homemade. When going to buy a commercially manufactured diet you need to make sure it is healthy as dog food. Some dogs tend to overweight so must watch your dog calorie consumption.

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Giving training rewards to your bluetick coonhound puppy might prove to be an important aid but also make sure these types of threats should be often. Also, you may want to learn about all the human foods that dogs love and can be beneficial for them. Regularly visit your vet doctor to regularly monitor your dog’s weight – diet.


Taking care of your bluetick coonhound hygiene will be an important aspect for dogs as well as your’s health. This breed doesn’t shed much but still, you need proper hygiene monitoring. This breed requires a bath but not on a regular basis unless they have gotten into something really dirty.

When taking care of the dog’s hygiene don’t ignore the untrimmed dog’s nail. As the overly grown nails can cause pain and also lead to unhygienic conditions. Feed your coonhound breed well and take care of its hygiene and then you are all good to go!

Exercise and Training

Inherently the coonhound breed is a hunter dog and you can upscale their talent with proper training and exercise. Apart from training and exercise, they love to take a snap at their master seat. Also, these dogs love to play – as the owner of the dog, you got to make their playtime as training of the dog with proper rewards when following your instruction.

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Don’t forget that these dogs have high steepness towards scent hunting and got a strong prey drive. Moreover – besides hunting and field trials – agility and tracking are good ways to direct bluetick coonhound energy.

Bluetick Coonhound as Family Pet

Although bluetick coonhound is bred for hunting they can be a super friendly family companion. With proper training, its owner can train them to be a hunter or a family pet. Talking about loyalty this breed can be compared with English shepherded Dog

This breed is best suited for the active family because they are super energetic. If not properly exercised they can get fat and lose their energy level. Do make sure they have an active routine and properly having diet and exercised well regularly. This breed loves to be around humans and always follow their masters very well. With proper training, they can be proved to be the best companion.

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