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Boerboel Dog: A 640 BC African Life Companion Breed

A 640 BC African Life Companion Breed

Boerboel dog is not amongst some large breed of dog. According to South African history, this dog is from the 17th century. This might be possible you have not heard of this dog breed up till now. This farm dog is an intelligent breed of the dog that has served its masters very well in the past.

So what makes this breed a wonderful? Here we will be giving a full review of this breed that might want to know.



No one knows the ancestor of this breed but there are tons of theories and tons of speculations around. One theory that is more likely to be accepted is that this breed starts from the 16th century. When the Dutch were settling down in South Africa they brought this breed with them. Some say that these canines were Mastiffs

In the 20th century Boerboel dog cross with Bullmastiff imports sent by very big companies at that time. What these dogs do was to protect and guard the mines from thieves.

Concern over the legacy of this Boerboel dog – this breed is facing possible extinction that might create an urgent need for this breed to be protected in South Africa.

Today this breed is very famous in other regions of the globe and most of the countries like America recognize this breed as Working Dog.

Boerboel dog Personality & Temperament


This breed is a type of working dog who loves to stay busy. Instead, you have to consider that Boerboel enjoys playing around the home that makes it comfortable and relaxing. They don’t need a huge amount of space and also they don’t mind large spaces. This breed will adopt the environment of every type. This breed is somewhat protective and territorial as it is in their nature to do so. This kind of trait might not make Boerboel the best apartment dog.

Considering its trustworthy nature this breed loves to be around his owner and famous with the name of Glue Dog as it follows his master everywhere. An unknown individual might find this breed imposing. Also, they are friendly and calm in nature and can fit in with your family in no time.

Boerboel Dog Care


Sometimes it just feels like you may not be ready for this size of breed because this breed requires patience in their owner. This Boerboel dog requires continues tasks and socialism. This breed is so much protection that it might create a challenge for domination. You need to let them feel that you are the boss here.

There is a need to supervise this breed when around the children. This mighty size dog might scare people at first sight. No doubt this breed is very good with children when they know they are yours.

Like other pet animals this Boerboel dog also needs space and regular exercise. Typically it requires 1 hour of exercise or training that will do the job. Most of the Boerboel dog owner states this kind as a lazy breed.

Feeding Boerboel Dog

The environment really affects Boerboel dog feeding capacity. In a hot environment, their metabolism requires them to eat more and frequently. This breed requires at least 4000 calories per day on average. Moreover, if this breed serves as a working dog then you might need to provide more food for more calories.

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These breeds love to have sugar – filler grain – yeast and chocolate but these might make them lazy and fatty. You can feed them chicken – beef – liver. For heart and joints, you might need to feed them with omega fatty acids.

Fun Side of Boerboel Dog

This breed is not only the eating factory but has a very amusing fun side of this breed. Following are the fun facts that you need to know

  • Boerboel dogs can be trained to fight lions and baboons
  • The following are the place where this breed might not suit and are not welcomed France, Bermuda, Malaysia, etc. Some countries consider this dog dangerous and have restricted it.
  • Boerboel Means Farm Dog in Africa.
  • This breed has ancestry tracing back to 650 BC.

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Final Words

There are the regions of the earth that might not recognize its beauty. This Boerboel breed has been bred to be stronger and known for its sweet behavior with its owner. It’s totally upon you how to raise them and train them. You can make it a farm dog or a fighter that will also protect your home.

Boerboels are the only breed that is easy to train and raise. They can be your best companion when doing farming and even take care of your wishes when you treat them right.


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