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Cutest Teacup Dog Breeds For Tiny Dog Lovers


As the name suggests teacup dogs are very tiny in size and they actually represent the tiny version of the breed. Generally, Teacups are smaller than that breed standard size. There are many teacup dog breeds that only weigh 2-5 pounds. Although there are many health issues related to the small size of these dogs still they are cute looks and toylike appearance wins hearts.

They can face different immune systems and skeletal problems. There are many unethical breeders that produce tiny but unhealthy dogs and sell them around. Teacup dog breeds are not like some famous puppies


How Teacup Dog Breeds Differ From Miniatures and Toy Dogs?

You might think they’re different names like miniature dogs, toy dogs, and teacup dogs are all used for small dogs. But actually, there are different sizes of each read and these three names represent a size. If you take the example of a poodle there are three official sizes called a standard size, the miniature size, and the toy size. These are the official sizes but there is an unofficial and smallest size called a teacup.


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The size of each dog varies from breed to breed even if they all are teacup dog breeds. Generally, miniature dogs weigh less than 30 pounds as adults, and toy dogs weigh less than 15 pounds. You can imagine how much teacup dog breeds will weigh because they’re even smaller. 

If you want to get a mini teacup dog breed, here are the best breeds you can choose from. Such dogs need high-level maintenance and that is the reason why you must have high-quality dog clippers.



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Pomeranian Dog Breed

Today Pomeranian dogs are also known as lap dogs because they are so small in size that you would like to keep them in your lap. Originally Pomeranians were bred to herd animals because they were small and easily moved around. In the early breeding times, they weighed around 30 pounds that is similar to the weight of a standard size dog. Later in the 19 century, the beaters started to make them smaller so that they can be used as a family dog and a companion instead of a working dog for herding animals. Since that time they’ve become smaller and cuter. They love treats.


Breed Information 

  • Pomeranian dogs are under 7 inches high.
  • Their weight is under 7 pounds. 
  • They have a fluffy double coat.
  • You can find black, chocolate, orange, and many more colors. 

Poodle Dog Breed

Poodles are popular because of their intelligent and smart brains along with athletic bodies. They are very sociable dogs so they can become amazing companions for your family. Teacup dog breed poodles weigh around 4 pounds that is very small. In comparison, a standard poodle has 45 to 70 pounds of weight. If you are allergic to dog hair or you don’t like the mess on the carpet and furniture, you will be glad to know that poodles are low-shedders.

They have curly and dense coats that don’t shed much hair. This way they become great options for people with allergies. You will also be saved from vacuuming the house again and again to remove the dog hair. People usually expect poodles to shed a lot of hair because of their dense coat but surprisingly that is not the case. 


Breed Information 

  • The height of the teacup poodle is under 10 inches.
  • Teacup poodles have under 6 pounds weight.
  • They have a curly and dense coat.
  • You can find black, white, apricot, and other colors. 

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Videos are one of the most popular dog breeds That are available in standard small size and even teacup size. This is the tiniest dog to find and their total weight is only two to three pounds. Their small size in cute appearance makes them the favorite of all.

What we really love about this breed is that just like other terrier dogs like American Hairless Terrier and Rat terrier, they also have personalities like a big dog. This dog breed is very confident and protective of the owner. They have a very vocal personality. We found Yorkshire terrier dogs a loyal and loving family dog. 


Breed Information 

  • The dog breed is under 7 inches high.
  • Yorkshire Terrier dog is under 7 pounds.
  • They have a compact body
  • This teacup dog breed has a silky coat.
  • You can find this dog in black and tan along with blue and tan color. 
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