Can We Really Use Catnip For Dogs? [Answer in 2020]


Cats seem to have all the fun! If you have petted a cat ever that might goes crazy for catnip, then you must be thinking about catnip for dogs also. The real question is, do dogs love catnip? Will it affect the same way as the cat.

We are glad to inform you that, dogs also love catnip and it is also safer for them. This catnip is non-toxic and will not harm your dog when consumed. Before you go for catnip for your dog, first you need to know about what actually the catnip is, and how it will affect your dog health.

What Is Catnip?

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If you brought some catnip of some fresh dried kind, you will notice that it is smelly and will annoy you what so ever. The catnip actually belongs to the mint family. These catnips are known to the world for long, and have been known to the people with different names like catswort, catmint, and the scientific name – nepeta cataria. But here we will be continuing the name catnip – used by most of the people.

This plant has nervous system stimulant effects for cats- also it is also known to be the very ornamental plant for gardens. It serves well in the garden in repelling the pests like aphids and others. You can check here for the ultimate guide on Catnip

Does Catnip Work on Dog Also?

Cats love catnip because of its mint character. At first, it might strange to you but dogs also love catnip and love to have some for them. If you want your dog to be happy, you should consider bringing cats’ catnip toys. Yes! These toys are small and might not fit according to the size of the dogs, but you should also know it’s the smell that is irresistible for them.

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Catnip is surely safe to use for your dogs. Things that need to know is, does this catnip will affect the dog the same way as the cats? The answer to this question is, No! To some breed, you might notice the same effects as the cats, but in most of the cases, it has different effects than the cats!

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Catnip for dogs provides mellowing effects, while cats get stimulated in responses. If you love to have an active and stimulated dog or cat in your home, you need to know whether your dog likes herbs or not! If your dog prone towards herbs then catnip will surely help you in stimulating their activities.

Benefits of Catnip for Dogs

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There are different breeds of dogs available that have different characteristics and interests. If your dog is not interested in herbs and plants, then they can still be benefitted from catnip. Here we have brought to you three top ways the catnip can benefit your dog. You may want to continue reading to know more about that:

Improved Digestion

Catnip is very effective in treating stomach gas for dogs. It can also help in digestive discomfort effectively. When you provide them with catnip, it effectively avoids gas collection and treats cramping. This will lead your dog not to fart!

If you notice any digestive issue with your dog, like diarrhea or constipation, etc. then you definitely need catnip for that. Its anti-spasmodic property can really help in soothing the intestinal wall that might resolve most of the digestive issues. It reduces pain and improves food digestion.

Urinary and Kidney Care

Urination is one of the most common issues you come across with your dog. This could be the issue with your dog kidneys and catnip can make things easier by solving urinary issues. Catnip helps in maintaining kidneys in good health and the most effective way to promote the urinary tract.

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Catnip is amongst the list of mild diuretic and will help your dog flush out toxins, debris, and bacteria that might be causing constipation, urinary tract infection, and stones in the kidneys, etc. you can even use catnip compounding with other natural products like, cranberry powder, that will provide extra benefits to your dog.

Calming Aid

The effect of catnip is different for dogs than for cats. The catnip is a kind of sedative for dogs, instead of being a stimulant. This catnip herbs can reduce stress, fearfulness in dogs, excitement, and even signs of anxiety.

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