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Whippet Dog Breed: A Best Companion and Love Seeking Friend


If you love hunting, then you must have heard of the whippet dog breed. You can hunt for rabbits and play speedy games with this breed. It’s a love therapy breed that is competing in agility, lure coursing, rally, and obedience. They can be even excellent and useful apartment pets. They need plenty of active time to burn their energy. They are not amongst the watchdog as they are not barking dogs. But still, you will get a great family addition by having a whippet dog.

Feeding Your Whippet Dog

Experts suggest 1 to 2 cups of high-quality dry food a day. Divide this amount into 2 feedings. The feeding amount also depends on the dog’s age, size, build, and metabolism rate. Dogs, like humans, need healthy food but the amount may vary. The quality of food will also make a difference for your dog breed, make sure you buy one. Better the dog food, the better will be its nourishment.

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What is Their Size?

Every expert in this area has his own measuring standards.  Here we are giving the method that is followed the most. A male whippet dog is 19 to 22 inches in height at the shoulder point. And the female is 18 to 21 inches on average. They may weigh from 10 pounds to 48 pounds with the exception of females being smaller. The male average size is 34 pounds and the female 29 pounds.

Whippet Dog Health

In general, the whippet dog is a healthier breed. You just need to make sure you get it from a reputable seller. As they will vaccinate your whippet dog for worm and other infections. Health clearance is not issued to dogs under 2 years of age. Because many health issues don’t appear until the dog gets fully mature. That’s why most of the expert suggest not to breed the dog until they are fully matured.

Anesthesia in Whippet Dog

These whippet breeds are very susceptible to anesthesia and some other drugs. If your dog needs some medical attention, choose a veterinarian who is well aware of this issue. If you don’t find one, then warn the physician about its sensitivity. By doing this you can save your whippet dog from many health problems.

Deafness in Whippet Breed

This medical issue is not so common in the whippet breeds. But it might occur occasionally. Those whippets who are deaf, need some special attention and training for communication purposes. You can find many aiding devices such as Vibrating collars.

Eye Disease in Whippet

Some whippets might be vulnerable to some kind of eye defect. Make sure you buy your whippet dog from the certified person who has run all the tests and has all the information about its parents and diseases. This will help you in buying healthy breeds that don’t have any diseases like eye defects.

Caring Whippet

These breed loves to cuddle his masters. They feel cared for and loved by doing this. Make sure you give it access to your soft bed, cushion, and sofas, as they love to spend time there. In cold weather, wear them a sweater before going out for a walk. They are very susceptible to cold and can’t tolerate that weather condition.


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Go out with your whippet dog for 20 to 30 min of walk on a daily basis. They will love to run off the leash in a fenced yard. Don’t get surprised if this burst of power and energy lasts for short while.

To avoid strain on their joints, don’t force them to exercise heavily. A month whippet puppy should have an exercise for 5 minutes and 5 months old 25 minutes per day.

They can be effectively and easily house trained, for that crate usage will help. A crate is your whippet sanctuary he will not soil it.  You can put them in when you are unable to focus on them to make sure they don’t run into an accident. They also feel safe and secure in a crate.

Train your whippet dog with patience. They definitely need appreciation when they follow your instruction. Always adopt positive reinforcement while training them. They are intelligent and willing to do exciting activities. Gift them some food or appreciate them when they do what you like. Avoid harsh behavior with them. They are very sensitive and will not respond to your call if you yell at them.

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