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Having a pet dog at home is a different kind of experience that lowers down the anxiety and deals with depression. Similarly, being a pup or fully grown dog’s parent you must take care of their physique and mental health as they could also get depressed with a boring and inactive life routine. 

Generally, dogs love outdoor games and get excited about playtime. Therefore, you must buy some exciting outdoor dog toys for your furry friend. But be careful about the quality and the durability of the toy as you would never want your money to get wasted in just a few days. 

Don’t worry! We have got your back and picked up the best outdoor dog toys from an extensive collection on the market. The toys are selected based on product quality & durability, customer reviews, and price. 

Features of Good Outdoor Toys for Dogs

You will find a diverse range of toys in terms of shape, size, and play nature but the best dog toy is the one that lasts long to keep your pet well entertained and physically active. 

To get the perfect toy for your pup, you need to consider several factors before purchasing:

Chew resistant: All dogs like to chew whatever comes in front of them whether it’s their bedding or just a toy. So, it is very important that a dog toy must be tough enough to stand against hard bites. 

Weather Resistant: It is obvious that outdoor toys will be played outside the house where it has to withstand different weather conditions. Therefore, get a dog toy that is all-weather resistant. The outdoor toys made of rubber or plastic are the best to have for your canine. 

Interactive Play: The best way to make your pups more active is to engage them in an outdoor play and choose a toy that offers interactive play between both the parent and the dogs. 

Durability: Durability is something that’s a must-to-check factor by holding the toy or by twisting or turning it to see if it can serve a longer play or not. There is no reason for getting a fancy or an expansive toy that will break in the first few plays. 

All these above-mentioned features make a dog toy perfect for your little furry buddies. To save you from the hassle of searching and testing these features, we have cut down the list to some amazing outdoor dog toys that your dogs won’t get enough of.

10 Best Outdoor Dog Toys

Chuckit! Launchers

If your dog likes the fetching game, the Pro Launcher by Chuckit revamps the traditional game of fetch by improving the throw speed and distance with over 2 feet long plastic launcher. It is a great way to challenge the speed of your dog to catch and bring back the tennis ball, enhancing their muscle strength. 

The length of the toy prevents frequent bending and keeps your hands clean by launching the muddy ball furthest in the air. The lightweight toy is portable enough to be carried anywhere you want to play with your rover either on grassy terrain or sandy beaches. 

It is designed to provide pet parents with many conveniences in fun on-the-go, the rubber grip keeps the handle from slipping and plastic arm length comforts with directing the ball for interactive play. 

This fetch toy is best for all dogs with its 4 size options (18 M, 25 M, 26 L, & 26 XL) that allows the owners to choose what suits their pet’s requirements. 

Why to buy it

  • Offers a good exercise for your dog in course of time 
  • Keeps you clean and from bending to pick up the messy ball 
  • A great way to have an interactive play
  • The plastic body is all-weather resistant and anti-chew.

best outdoor dog toys

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Chuckit Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy

Another amazing toy, the Chuckit! Paraflight Flyer is ideal for fetch play either on the ground or in the water. The Parafligh Flyer is a frisbee that features soft edges made of good quality rubber to remain gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums. Also, the durable interior is made of multilayer nylon that offers playtime for years.   

The vibrant colors prevent the Paraflight Flyer from getting lost in dense bushes or messy grounds. Your dog can easily chase the bright flyer up in the air, which could fly long distances with its aerodynamic shape. 

Why to buy it

  • Small and Large size option makes it fit for all dogs
  • Rubber edges remain soft on your puppy’s mouth
  • The aerodynamic design gets more air to fly furthest
  • Highly Durable frisbee 
  • Super easy to have interactive play

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NHILES Portable Pet Dog Pool

If your dog likes swimming or plays in the water, get him/her Portable Pet Dog Pool by NHILES. It offers great water play to keep your furry friend cool on hot summer days. This dog pool eliminates the trouble of inflating with thick PVC layers. 

Setting this pet pool is so much easier and the size is perfectly fit for small and medium-sized dogs. Once set-up and filled with water, the pool is ready for your dog to jump in and enjoy playing or splash water to have a fun time. 

This cool swimming pool comes in a compactable design, meaning that you can easily construct it in no time and take it down after playing. It offers great portability, just fold up and pack it in a carrying case to take it along with you anywhere. The only downside of this pool is that it can get teared up with sharp-pointed things. 

Why to buy it

  • Keep the dog cool in hot weather
  • This pool server dual function; swimming and bathing
  • No inflation required, very simple to set-up 

best outdoor dog toys

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Chuckit! Large Kick Fetch Ball

Many dogs love to play and bite with big rubber balls and if you are looking for a perfect ball to play throw and catch, then must check out Chuckit! Kick Fetch. This unique ball toy features a grooved design and blue deep ridges, making it easier for you to throw and for dogs to grab it.

Despite fetching, you can play kicking the ball with your pet for hours that ultimately boosts the bonding with your dog. The soft rubber structure with durable canvas has made it a favorite among both dogs and their parents! This soft yet double material stays strong against the toughest chewers.  

The bright orange and blue color make it prominent anywhere you throw it to play, preventing it from getting out of sight and easy to find in wide-open places. 

Why to buy it

  • Offers dual play; fetching, and kick-the-ball game
  • Tough rubber material 
  • Grooved design for easy holding and throwing 

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Tug Double Training Rings

Tug Double Training Rings are more than just a toy for dogs, they are a proper fitness tool that keeps your pet healthy and fit. This unique dog toy offers an interactive play that builds a healthy relationship between pets’ parents and dogs.

This toy provides excellent coaching with a soft yet durable material that can’t be brown down even with the toughest bites. It remains soft and easy on your dog’s mouth. The design is versatile enough to let your medium or bigger breed dogs burn unnecessary calories.  

The Training rings are safe for your dog’s health as they do not contain any toxic chemical like Phthalate or BPA which can increase the risk of many fatal health conditions. 

It allows the dogs to play and exercise in all seasons with weather resistance material, allowing the dogs to take the toy in pools without the fear of the toy being sunk. 

Why to buy it

  • Excellent Fitness tool for dogs; 20 mins of play is equivalent to 5 miles of running
  • Improves the overall health of dogs 
  • Helps to reduce the weight of heavy dogs
  • Enhance the bonding between your pet and you

best outdoor dog toys

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CHUCKIT! Rugged Bumper Dog Toy

Excite your fetch-fanatic friend with a glimpse of Chuckit! Rugged Bumper. Its vibrant colors could excite any dog to get ready for amusing play. This bumper will definitely take your interaction with your pet to the next level.

It is specifically designed for rough and tough play, where razor-sharp teeth can’t break it down. The rigid core is made of polypropylene that ensures the strength and durability of the toy, while the deep ridges enable the pup to firmly grab the toy while playing. As the toy shakes, the string nylon strands on either side of the toy flap rapidly, giving an impression like a real hunt which dogs enjoy a lot!

The lightweight and waterproof rubber body let the dogs take the Rugged Bumper in water with them and stay floating if it accidentally gets dropped by your doggy. It is not only suitable for solo play but also offers an adventurous fetch play with the parents. 

Why buy it

  • Offers both solo and interactive play
  • Excites the dogs with its design and vibrant color scheme
  • Lightweight, durable and all-weather resistant toy

best outdoor dog toys

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Nerf Dog Ridged Squeaker Football

Looking for an outdoor toy for a ball loving dog? Then how about Nerf Ridged Squeaker Football for your enthusiastic dog. It is a great way to keep your energetic pup entertained with textured football.

The solid rubber body withstands all kinds of chews and makes a squeaking sound that dogs love to make by biting it. The grooved design on the ridged football makes it very comfortable to carry in the mouth without hurting the soft gums and teeth. 

Dogs can have solo play sessions with Nerf football. Plus, can also involve their parents to play with them either hitting the ball or toss and fetch. 

Why to buy it

  • Quality dog football by Nerf Brand
  • Durable rubber ball withstands tough chews
  • Offers both kind of play; solo & interactive
  • Bright color makes it easy to be spotted from a distance

best outdoor dog toys

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KONG Wet Wubba Dog Toy

The KONG’s Wet Wubba is a dog’s tug toy. The KONG is a well-known brand popular to give solutions for dogs’ problems like weight management, digging & barking, separation anxiety, crate training, chewing, teething, and boredom. 

The Wubba Dog Toy allows the dogs to have fun playing even in the snow with it’s quick to dry body and all-weather resistance. The ball on top, let your friend have unlimited playtime while the stripes on the bottom can be used to throw the toy further to be retrieved by your furry friend. 

This unique designed KONG’s toy has endless play possibilities. You can also play a tug of war with your dog and build a strong bond with him. 

Why to buy it

  • Can play multiple games with it
  • Enhance the relation with pets
  • Waterproof material

best outdoor dog toys

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Chuckit! Amphibious Bumper Dog Toy

Chuckit! Amphibious Bumper Toy is designed to be used on both land and water play. This unsinkable dog toy is made of durable rubber that keeps it floating on water for little pups to play and provides great interaction between the parents and their dogs. 

This Bumper Toy comes in three exciting colors; Orange, Green, and Blue. Bright orange and blue are the most selling colors as they are easy to spot in tall grass and bushes. 

The Amphibious Bumper is the most buoyant water toy that you could find on the market. The rope on one end of the bumper makes it easy to hold while swimming and also can be used to toss in the air so your puppy can retrieve it. Keep in mind that is only for light chewers. 

Why to buy it

  • Helps to build a bond with your pet
  • Most buoyant toy on the market
  • Lightweight & durable

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