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This dog’s Best Merrick fresh kisses products reviews teeth brush is made from botanicals and extract oils naturally so they may have oral clean organically made products. Dogs love this brad for their teeth brushing.

It comes in flavor so dogs may enjoy using it. You can build them a habit of being brushed every day. This is very affordable and available on amazon. The outward hound fun feeder slow bowl is best for feeding your dog according to their need.

Merrick Fresh Kisses Botanicals small Brush


This brush is very sweet made for soft and gentle use for dogs. This is made for a sweet touch and is made for natural dental cleaning. This is also recommended by the dental for effective cleaning from plaque and tarter.

This also cleans the breath of your pet. This brush is also made for chewing also and is very durable and made with natural ingredients for healthy dental care of dogs. The best Racheal ray dog food ideas are the best and healthy food you can choose for your pet.


  • This dog brush is made from natural ingredients like coconut and botanical oil to clean teeth and sufficient for chew times.
  • This is soft enough and maintains contact for effective teeth cleaning
  • This includes all-natural grain-free and potato-free ingredients healthy for your dog.
  • This includes coconut oil and lemongrass oil with botanical oils and has peppermint oil.
  • Naturally Freshens Breath & Cleans Teeth

  • Unique Double Brush Design

  • Grain-Free & cooked in the USA

  • Most dogs don’t feel comfortable with this

Customer’s Review from Amazon: Our dogs love these. We have a nighttime routine where they have to “brush their teeth” before bed. They know when that time rolls around and hate it when we stay up later, bugging us nonstop after normal bedtime. It leaves a pleasant smell on their breath. It doesn’t last into the next day but I think it is keeping them from getting a worse breath. Our 14-yr old had grave-worthy breath and over the course of three months of having this every night, it has gradually improved. I loved when one month I found the large 78 ct bag of these on sale at Petsmart for $17.99. The price of most on Amazon is expensive and hard to afford each month given the cost of food and other treats. However, I just found an option on Amazon using Subscribe and save for a 78-ct of the small at $19 and just set that up for every two months! Perfect.

Customer’s Query from Amazon

Is the item durable?

Yes, this very durable and smooth gentle on your dog’s teeth.

Merrick Fresh Kisses Oral Care Treats Medium Dogs


This dental care Best Merrick fresh kisses products is amazing and loved by the dogs. It clear the breathe and best to remove plague and efficient cleaning. This also encourages chewing and boosts cleaning abilities. This is best made for the oral care of your pet.

It offers all the natural ingredients like botanical oils natural oxidants and coconut, peppermint, and other oils that is very healthy for your dog to chew and to clean your teeth. The petrodex advanced dental care enzymatic dog toothpaste review is made for your dogs to clean their teeth.


This Merrick French kiss is made with botanicals oils with dental dog treats infused with coconut oil

This dental teeth brush is made for clean breathing and also fresh odor from the mouth.

It includes grain-free, coconut, peppermint, other organic oils to remove plaque and keep your pet’s mouth fresh.

This is gluten-free and has no potatoes added to it. But made from botanicals ingredients that are very healthy for your dog.

  • Durable

  • Good taste and flavor

  • Efficient for chewing

  • Best for medium breed

Customer’s Review from Amazon: As a pet nutritionist, I can’t rave enough about these treats. Not only are they healthy and natural, but my Doberman puppy loves these! They are much easier to digest than Greenies, and work a lot better too! If you put one of these treats in a glass of water, it will dissolve in a matter of hours. This one is recommending going a size larger than your dog’s mouth, however, to prevent any accidental swallowing. Other than that, happy gnawing!

Customer’s Query from Amazon

Why did these go up to $4.50 in a month? That’s a big increase!

I noticed that too!! I have no idea why!! My dog loves them & it’s the same price as Petco at this high price.

Buying Guide

This Best Merrick fresh kisses on amazon are the best teeth brush for dogs to clean teeth and remove plaque and bad odor from the dog’s mouth.  This Best Merrick fresh kisses products review comes with natural ingredients and botanical oils. You can afford it easily and makes your dog chew. This is a very good brand and your dog will love to have it.


Is fresh kisses a good brand?

Yes, it is an excellent brand with a 5-star rating for the dental care of dogs. It is also easy to digest with a small and large breed with a sensitive stomach.

Can my dog eat fresh kisses?

It works to remove plaque and freshen breathe at the same time so it is chewable.

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