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Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl [Feeding Is Fun]


This Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl is for the healthy foods of your dog that are 10X slower. These are the bowl that makes your pet fed in a quantity that is so digestive and absorbent and a fun pattern and mazes.

It is so fun to eat and is present in amazing colors. This outward hound fun feeder Slo bowl slow feeder dog bowl small/tiny mint is best for the good digestion of your dog and it will be fun and comes in the shape of a maze that is really amazing. Ginger chews are the best food snack for dogs which is healthy.


dog bowl

  • Slows down a dog that eats too fast,
  • Decreases likelihood of bloat, choking, and GI distress, Free of BPA and other chemicals
  • Comes in five designs and colors


  • Maybe too frustrating for some dogs

Customer’s Review from Amazon: I hate, hate, HATE this bowl !!!!!! I used to be able to wolf my dinner down in 20 seconds flat. BANG! and it was gone. So what I went to the vet once or twice for bloat – who cares! Ize likes to eat, and Ize likes to eat fast.

Now with this 60’s retro psychedelic-shaped safety orange dish, I have to work to get every piece of kibble. It takes me 10 minutes now to eat a 20-second dinner. It’s downright humiliating. The shame – oh, the shame!

Hmmm. Come to think about it, I haven’t been to the vet for a while. Phhhhhht. Just coincidence, I’m sure.

Customer’s Query from Amazon

dog bowl

I have a Boston Terrier. Does this feeder work for brachycephalic breeds (pushed in snout)?

We have an English Bulldog. I actually think this works better for the Brachycephalics because they can’t get their snouts down into the grooves. My Pit Bull just shoves her knows down into the grooves. He used to scarf his food down in less than a minute. It now takes him about 10 mins!

Good for Digestion Food

It is a desired outward hound fun feeder Slo bowl orange that only feeds your dog this much so it can easily digest and absorbed. Because extra food can make your pet vomit and experience indigestion.

The Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl is made this way that they may not eat excessive food but in an amount, they can digest the food easily with no problem if you are not around to look on. The dental hygiene chews and treats for dogs are the best for the teeth of your pet.

  • Sizes of bowl
  • This bowl comes in different sizes:
  • The small size feeds and holds up to 3/4 cups of dry dog food.
  • The medium size dog bowl holds up to two cups of dry dog kibbles.
  • A large bowl holds up to 4 cups of dry dog food.


dog bowl

  • There are many advantages you can find about having this bowl are:
  •  It is  BPA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free and is made from safe plastic that is all safe in use, to lick also. The best Purina ha dog food is very healthy and good for the digestion of your dog.
  • It is present in different sizes, various colors, and five amazing mazes that may keep them busy while eating food and having fun while eating.
  • These bowls are capable of any diet of your dogs like raw food, dry food, wet food, and a mix of both also even treats. These are mixing bowls and are good for diet preferences.
  • It makes your dog engaging in eating a portion control and spending more of the time playing with the maze.
  •  The fun feeding is proper digestion for healthy dogs and pups
  • It is amazing for mental health as it contains a maze that is in different shapes and fun while eating.
  • The outward hound fun feeder Slo-bowl is a dishwasher safe and safekeeping bowl with no wrecked plastic


  • Some colors and sizes are not available in other sizes
  • The way patterns are made does not fit some breeds.


Is it Worth it?

Yes, the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl is worth it because your dog will love eating food in the bowl as it will be fun for your dogs as it has mazes of different shapes and colors. It fed an amount to the dog so it may be not over-eaten and can face indigestion or vomit.

This is an amazing bowl when you are not around and you will feed them. They will love eating in it as having fun and time to eat, playing with the maze, and is beneficial for your dog and puppies.


Are our raised feeders bad for dogs?

The raised feeder for dogs can be blockage for gas, stress can combine and flip over the dog’s stomach and shut off both entry and exists points so it is bad.

Do tall dogs need to be raised bowls?

If you have a tall breed dog then you can say it is not fitted for them and for big pups you can see other safety bowls.

Are raised dog beds better?

The elevated bed is easy to cleans and is better than a puffy or foam-based dog bed also you can just wipe them for cleaning.

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