XL Dog Crate: A Sanctuary Place For Your Dog – 2020 Review


The basic purpose of the dog crates is to dog crate training. It can be a sanctuary space for your pet and safe car transportation for your dog. By doing a little research, you will find different sized dog crates for different dogs. Here we have brought you an XL dog crate for bog sized dog, that will not only provide best comfortable place for your pet but also good dog transportation equipment.

Always measure your dog size before shopping XL dog crate.  It should not be large enough to be handled. It should not also compact enough to hinder dog standing position and wide enough so your dog can turn around with ease. The different manufacturer has their own XL dog crate dimension, so you need to double-check that before buying one.

Midwest Life Metal Dog Crate

MidWest Homes XL dog crate


Midwest Life Metal Dog Crate comes up with different sizes. For small dogs: 36 inches – For medium-sized dog: 42 inches – For large-sized dogs: 48 inches. It can easily handle heavyweight dogs up to 110 pounds. Its material of construction is steel wires and you can fold it to flat for comfortable transportation. You can have one or two doors for this XL dog crate and removable plastic bottom. This plastic floor helps you cleaning dog hairs and other debris from the dog crate.


  • Comes up with double metallic doors and have dimensions of 48 cm x 30 cm x 33 cm
  • Its two sided-bolt helps you lock the crate effectively unlike most of the crates that get opened when shaking
  • For easy handling, you can make it fold flat for storage and transportation.
  • The strong and sturdy steel structure makes it a safer place for your dog while you are not around.
  • You can fold it easily for convenient storage and travel
  • Comes up with a plastic bottom that makes cleaning really easy
  • its a wire crate and breathable for your pet

  • your dog can escape from it easily and its durability get compromised with time

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New Age ecoFLEX Pet Crate

New Age Pet ecoFLEX XL dog crate

Most of the dog crate is wood made. New Age ecoFLEX dog crate is made with high-quality durable plastic that is more reliable than a wood crate. This dog product comes up with different sizes from small to XL dog crate. Also, the company put forward this dog crate is different colors that might suit your home color theme.

Manufacturer guidelines help us understand many aspects. They told the customers it is the best-suited dog crate for those who are already crate trained dogs. As it comes in many sizes, so it can deal with 80 pounds of a dog easily.


  • You can choose dimensions of 5 in x 27.6 in x 30.9 in. for XL dog crate. You can easily assemble this crate using no tool at all.
  • This wood manufactured dog crate also has some plastic components that allow up to 100 pounds of the dog.
  • For the XL dog crate, you will have a double-sided lock bolt. It has spindles made from stainless steel tubing and stainless steel latch.
  • Made up of a recyclable composite of polymer plastic and wood that is also highly non-toxic. It is made of ecoFLEX.
  • its lightweight and can be carried anywhere easily
  • it is easy to assemble requiring no extra tool to make it happen
  • comes in different colors that might suit your home color theme

  • the color scheme is not as they advertised
  • your dog can chew its bar easily

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 Ruff Maxx Single Door Dog Crate

Ruff Maxx XL dog crate

When we look for something like dog crate famous for its widely available, you will find Ruff Maxx Single Door XL Dog Crate at the top of the list. You can easily use it in homes and can carry your pet along with it in your car. It can easily deal with 50 to 70 pounds of dog. Talking about its construction material, it consists of sturdy plastic and known for its easy assembly and installation.


  • Its the perfect dog crate for 36 inches of dog. To give it durability and long-lasting life, it is made with heavy-duty plastic. Its best for traveling in your car and even on an airplane.
  • This dog kennel has nuts and bolts for ease in setting up. Its carrying handle and easy to open front lock and ventilation window adds convenience for traveling
  • It is made to fit for 36 inches sized dogs and can easily deal with 50 pounds to 70 pounds. Your pet will love to have this XL dog crate for them.
  • Its heavy-duty plastic provides durability, strength, and security
  • Excellent ventilation for your pet
  • Easy to assemble with its nuts and bolts
  • Fulfill most of the airline cargo conditions

  • Your pet dog might chew its ventilation bars and destroy it

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