Is Olive Oil Good for Dogs?


The use of olive is proven to be beneficial for your health. Many of you might be using it for many functions in your kitchen. For seasoning in your salads, a dip for your bread, and much more. Olive oil is a combo of taste and health. Many of you may use it because of its heart-friendly nature. 

But is it useful for us humans only? The answer is, Certainly No. This staple diet helps animals, pets, and humans as well but might be in a little way. 

This article will discuss its health benefits for dogs and the best way to feed olive oil to them.

Reduce Inflammation Allergies

It is no surprise that your dog might get some inflammation because they like to be outdoorsy and a life full of activity. Scientific evidence has proved that they are an excellent way to reduce inflammation in your dogs’ body. They may also help them in relieving itching due to allergic reactions.

Protection of Joints

Many of your dogs may prefer athletic activity. So, in these cases, when your dogs are getting aged or have joint pain due to athletic training, olive oil comes very handily. You can feed them orally to strengthen them from inside.

If your dog spends much time outdoors in winter, keep him warm during winter months by putting an insulated dog house set up outdoors.

Beneficial for Skin and Coat

Like humans, olive oil is a good source of moisturizing your dogs’ body and coat. Generally, applying the oil on your dog’s body is not recommended because the greasy effect may make them stained and look dirty. But oral feeding is highly recommended to provide enough moisture to the skin.

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Promotion of Canine Health

Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats, which are suitable for the heart of your dog and prevent diabetes. The olive is also believed to prevent cancer due to the presence of Oleic acid. As you might know, fifty percent of dogs die from cancer after the age of 10.

Help Remove the Unwanted Fat

Just like humans need to keep their weight in check, dogs also require that. There are always some extra pounds that need shedding, and olive oil comes handily in those situations. The fats present in the olive oil will help in the melting of stubborn fat in the body of your four-legged friend, keeping him healthy.

Improving the Life-Span of your Dog

We all know the average life of a dog is not very long, but it is unfair to them if their health is not kept a priority, and they die due to the neglect of their keeper. By feeding a dog with olive oil will prevent premature aging and greying. Olive oil is a youthful remedy for your dog.

Suitable Olive Oil for Dogs

After going through all the benefits of feeding your dog with olive oil, you might think which one of the many categories are best suited for dogs. Well, we have a solution for that too. According to experts, the most suitable olive oil for dogs is extra virgin oil. The lower content of the acid in olive oils makes it perfect for keeping your dog fresher and youthful.

Weight Loss

If your dog is overweight, administering olive oil in the right amount daily to him can help your dog shed unwanted pounds within days. The monounsaturated fats of the olive oils are greatly beneficial for dogs who weigh more than the dogs of their age. Moreover, the good fats of olive oil would make your dog feel great overall, keeping his coat and skin moisturized.  The dog can benefit from the goodness of olive oil both internally and externally.

 Although there are too many brands of olive oil for dogs, I would suggest you to go for gluten free, Non-GMO variants that are considered safe for pets. 

Pompeian Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Since you would be giving one tablespoon of olive oil per 20 pounds of body weight to your dog, you must choose the brand that’s famous for manufacturing smooth olive oil

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Pompeian smooth extra virgin oil comes in two blends one is called bold and another is smooth. You should get the smooth one as it would be great for your dog. The oil itself is delicate in flavor, containing no gluten or GMO, available in different packaging, ranging from 16 fl. oz to 68 fl. oz. For certain, this bottle is going to last some time, use the oil for making recipes or for stir-frying or sauteing. 

Burt’s Bees Lotion for Paws and Nose

All dogs have a tendency to be extremely outdoing, playful and active that may lead to cracked paws and nails. Grooming your dog should be a priority as your pet might need to be treated with some beauty care items as well. Moisturize the dog’s nails and paws using Burt’s bee lotion as it has rosemary and olive oil to keep the cracked nails in good condition.

This PH-balanced olive oil and rosemary formula will heal the wounded, dry, and cracked snout within a matter of hours. Keep petting your dog and groom him for wellness. 

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