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10 Solid Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Dog is better than dog

There has been an unending battle between dog lovers and cat lovers and both can’t get enough of the pet they love. Both pets have their own pros and cons just like every other thing in the world so you can choose whichever seems better to you. Although, here we will be discussing some of the reasons why dogs are better than cats.

Cats are great too as they look cute and keep their bodies clean all the time but right now, we will be focussing on how dogs can be better companions. If you are a dog lover, here we have some great and interesting facts that you might want to include in your cats vs dog debate with your friends next time. You will also find the 10 reasons why dogs are man’s best friend interesting. 


Here are 10 interesting reasons why you should choose dogs over cats.

It’s Easier To Train Dogs

Dogs are more prone to listening to what you say and that is the reason why training them is really easy as compared to training a cat. You can teach them different kinds of tricks and commands that they will fulfill whenever you tell them to. Learning different behaviors and manners is a good ability the dogs tend to have. This way it allows you to have plenty of options to use your dog in favorable ways. They are great to protect you and will stay obedient and all you need to do is pat them and they will be happy. 


Dogs are innocent creatures but the loyalty and love for their owner can’t be ignored. All of the dogs love to be trained as it allows them to spend more time with you and it’s a really fun activity for them. Cats can be trained as well but as soon as they are bored from the activity, there is no way you are keeping them for the treatment because they will take it and run. You can use interactive puzzles to play with your dog. 

Dog Training Puzzles

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Prevents Asthma and Allergies

Dog owners are exposed to dust all the time and that way they develop resistance against estimates and different dust allergies. The dog dust has microbes that produce immunity against a different home from viruses for humans so a person who lives with a dog will have immunity and vaccination against asthma.

Your kids will also be safe from the potential threat of developing asthma if you keep a dog and there is no such thing for cats so you can tell which pet is better. This is one of the main reasons why dogs are better than cats. 

urinary-tract-infaction in dog

Dogs Smell Cancer

The most important factor that makes dogs the best pet out there is that they have a sense of smelling ovarian cancer and other types as well. Their senses are so strong that they get an idea if there is something strange going on inside the body of a human. They can sense if there are some extra growing cells that will be harmful to the body because they are blessed with the best smelling abilities.

There are around 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose that allows them to deeply take the message and process it in their brains. The chemicals that are released when ovarian cancer is developed have a smell and dogs can detect that easily if they are trained to do so. Even if they are not properly trained, they will still sense the smell and try to inform the human about it, you just have to understand what the dog’s bark is telling you


You Get Different Sized Dogs

From the small designer dogs to really large dog breeds, you get different sized dogs of all ages and that way it allows you to choose one depending on your preferences and the space you have for a dog. People with smaller apartments tend to love dogs that are smaller and will easily accommodate them. For this purpose, there are some great breeds like Golden Doodles. Although, some have big mansions and want big dogs like the Great Pyrenees who can run around and be as free. This is a really great opportunity for people to get something that falls into their needs. 


No Litter Boxes Required 

It is not required for dogs to have a litter box because they can be trained to go outside. Litter boxes are really hard to manage because the smell somehow reaches every part of your home and it creates a really bad environment. If you housetrained your dog they will try to be regular and maintain their schedule and even if you are walking around they will wait to do it on the actual sport.

Get owners on the other hand have to deal with the urine in litter boxes and it’s not good to have it in your home especially if you have a small apartment. Cat poop is not hard to manage because it doesn’t have much smell and even if it does, you can just throw it out, but the urine is really bad. Dogs will go out to do their business so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

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Dogs Protect You

Any strangers trespassing on your property or a burglar if he tries to harm you in any way, dogs will be there to save you. They can smell danger and try to protect their owner at every cost. Whenever a stranger comes into your house, they will run after him and it can scare off any person with wrong intentions. Even if you have a tiny teacup dog breed, still they will try to protect you with their small and cute barks. 

In case you are sleeping and a fire starts in the house, the dogs will try their best to wake you up and save you from potential danger. We don’t expect cats to do so because that’s not in their nature. Any burglar that tries to get into your house will be barked at if you have a dog but the cat won’t even bother.

Dogs Protect you

Dogs Make You Laugh

It might seek to look like cats are really cute, and the playful acts of a kitten might cheer you up, but research shows that cat owners don’t laugh as much as a person with no pet does. That might show a downside of cats and how they will even take your laughter away.

Dog owners on the other hand laugh the most and that can be due to how dogs act and how you can even laugh with them. These statistics show that owning a dog will leave a great impact on your health and happiness as well because now you can laugh and smile with your little pup and that is why dogs are better than cats.

Dogs Are Heroes

We can’t emphasize enough how dogs can save your life in so many ways but there is more to them. They are blessed with a great sense of smell and their little discerning nose helps them smell anything. They can bring you some great clues if you work in a crime-fighting department and that way the case will be easier to solve. Dogs have a tendency to sell something strange and inform you immediately so you know.


And in return, all they expect and want is a pat and that will give them all the joy. This can be helpful if you want them to sniff out any bombs planted in the area or you have to find a missing person. You just have to make them smell anything belonging to that person and make them familiar with it, later when they smell it, they will inform you immediately. 

Dogs Are Loyal

Nobody can ignore how loyal dogs and horses are to their owners. They will do everything for them and they never forget when someone loves them or keeps them. It’s in their blood and they try to pay off at every step. You can’t find a better companion than a loyal one and dogs are the most loyal creatures out there. Cats are only loyal to the food and shelter you provide them and besides that, they will prefer a nap.

Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Although, if they are in a mood to play, they can be adorable and will give you a good time, it all depends on their mood actually. Dogs on the other hand will treat you like you are everything to them. Whenever you pet them, they will get excited and it will be a happy time for them. When dogs will feel like you’re sad, they will try their best to make you feel better and prove to be your best friends. If you compare a dog owner to a normal person, the one who owns a dog will have lower blood pressure and an overall relaxed body. 

Fitness Partner

A dog can be your exercise partner as they love to have walked, runs, and hikes so if you accompany them, they are going to motivate you and run with you to get a fit body and enjoy a time with your loyal pet, they love to go on a walk and that way you will have to visit the park daily and maybe go to the mountains for a hike once a week or a month. This will prove to be low-impact cardio and it will be really great for your health as it will not just improve the strength of your legs and lower back but also give you a healthy heart.

13 Solid Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

This is especially great for seniors because it makes them walk around a mile every day and thus improve the quality of life and increase the time. Dogs will be a great chance to move around while cats are not much fond of walking or even going out for exercise. This tells you why dogs are better than cats. 

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