Virbac CET Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews Reviews: Best Treats for Dogs


Many factors collectively contribute to a dog’s health. Among all of these, oral hygiene chews are also considered them. Dog chews aids in promoting better dental health and many more. However, this is not the thing you need to worry about. In the marketplace, multiple brands manufacture this product.

To find some good chews for your dogs is not an easy task. To help you out, we have found the best solution for you. In this article, we are going to do the Virbac CET Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews reviews. In the end, you will know what makes these chews more superior to the other brands. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading!

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Virbac Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Dogs


This Virbac dog treat is specially made for medium size dogs. The Virbac enzymatic is made especially for easy digestion in animals. Checking it for flavors and taste, these chews are a single layer along with the all-beef rawhide. The chews come in aesthetic and compact packaging holding thirty chews per bag. However, in packaging, chew and thickness may differ.

Dental care is crucial for dogs. Therefore, these oral hygiene chews make sure of that. An exclusive dual enzyme system and an abrasive texture working come with the chews. That primarily helps dogs to reduce plaque and tartar, keeping teeth healthy. As a result, the dog’s breath also gets fresh and smell goods. If you don’t do the dog brushing, you can feed them some treats instead of that.

You must know how many doses you feed to your dog. It’s best to consider only one chew a day that will also aid in maximizing effectiveness. The main reason why your dog loves this oral chew because it is made from select beef hide. Moreover, for your canine, a poultry flavor is used. What makes this product more special; vets highly recommend to use. Besides, these chews now come in more upgraded packaging.


  • Dual-Enzyme system
  • Abrasive texture
  • Vet recommended
  • Healthy and Fresh Breath
  • Poultry flavored


  • Rarely causes vomiting


Virbac CET HEXtra Premium Oral Hygiene Chews


Suppose your dog suffers from serious dental health issues. Then you must check out these chews. The extra premium chews are made with single-layer beef rawhide. Not only that, these chews are coated with additional chlorhexidine. Consequently, with an abrasive texture, it helps to reduce plaque and tartar in gums. Selecting the right flavor in the chews is crucial, because as we all know. Your canine is not going to eat until it’s a small dog.

The odor of these chews is potent, especially when you open the box. However, the oral hygiene chews are poultry-flavored that gives an excellent taste to your dog. Along with that, these chews are made with selected beef hide. In the pet niche, the Virbac brand has a special place in many households. In this regard, the extra chews are greatly endorsed by professional veterinarians.

Before you purchase the chews for your dogs, make sure you consider the sizes first. These chews come in four different packagings varying for dog sizes. Also, don’t try to over-dose your dog by giving multiple treats at a time. The best way is to provide a single chew treat regularly. This dosage is enough to promote hygiene and health in your dog.


  • Reduce plaque and tartar
  • Promotes freshen breaths
  • Available in four sizes
  • Chews coated with chlorhexidine


  • Strong odor


Buying Guide:

Multiple brands manufacture oral chews for dogs. However, to pick up a fine chew product, you must know some of the factors. For your ease, we have written a buying guide for you. In which we have mentioned some of the most important factors.

Ingredients: The type of ingredients varies many things; therefore, make sure what’s inside of the chews treat. To check them out, note what the first and second elements used are. Ingredients such as; beef are considered good ones. Also, make sure no type of artificial colors and flavors are used. The involvement of such ingredients can cause multiple disorders in your canine. However, the Virbac CET Enzymatic Oral hygiene chews reviews we have done use poultry flavors. Such flavors and ingredients are considered as good and are adored by everyone.

Treat Size: Oral hygiene chews come in multiple sizes according to the dog’s group. So, make sure you purchase the proper one. It’s highly noted giving the wrong treatment to your dog can cause suffocation in it. And there’s a greater risk of choking hazard. Therefore, read out the instruction and description to find out the size. Mainly there are four sizes available in the market, varying from XL to large. Also, give a quick insight into the shape of the treat. To make sure it doesn’t have sharp edges.

Company Name: There’s another way of finding the best product easily. It’s a bit risky, yet it works out some of the time. Always look for bigger brands. The reason behind that is, most of them are verified by multiple state departments. And, by the great line of reviews, you can get an idea of how the product works in real life. In the marketplace, there are multiple brands. However, companies like Virbac are considered among the top list. Yet, it doesn’t mean lower brands are not good. It’s just hard to find them out.

Allergic Reactions: Many oral hygiene chews can because mild allergic reactions in your canine. To overcome this, go for the maximum number of organic ingredients. Also, please do some research by discussing the product with your Vet as they have precise knowledge about the drug content. Furthermore, if you notice any reaction in your pet, stop the dosage ASAP. Also, train your dog by introducing him to some puppy classes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of hygiene chews treats?

Most of these treats contribute to keeping dental health in optimal condition. Just giving a treat every day will keep your dog’s teeth clean and promotes fresh breath. Moreover, these treats come in multiple flavors and are infused with delicious ingredients. So, must check them out for your dog.

How to select the right product from the market?

Just by considering few tips in mind, you can select a good product. First of all, look for ingredients. Secondly, make sure you select the right size of the treat. And in the last, look for the company name.

Final Verdict:

Maintaining the hygiene of the dog’s dental health is necessary. In this regard, you can consider giving oral hygiene chews to your dog. These treats come in multiple sizes according to dogs and flavors. However, besides selecting those factors, you must know which is the best product. Therefore, the Virbac CET Enzymatic oral hygiene chews review we have done are the top products. These chews are the choice of many pets’ caretakers. And, we will also suggest you the same.

You can also think about feeding your dog the oral chews inside of a metal dog crate.

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