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The Best Dog Motorcycle Helmet to Protect Your Pup


Do you have a pup that loves to accompany you wherever you go? Be it on walks, runs or a bike ride? If so, you need to get your fur baby some protective gear for his motorcycle rides with you. A helmet to match with your own for your doggie is a necessity to ensure the safety of your dog. Plus dog helmets also makes your pet look like a cool dog with a super cool pet dog helmet, riding in a pe carrier with sunglasses on.

Hitting the road might be easier if you could just get your pup on the seat behind and go for it. You actually have to use some safety tips for your dogs in order to make sure they are protected from any potential accidents or injuries.

the best dog motorcycle helmet 

Best Dog Motorcycle Helmet

  • Adjustable nylon strap
  • Comfort
  • Adjustable Straps
  • High-Quality Material
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Pet Helmet Motorcycle

  • Fall resistant
  • Fit to Head
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
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Lifeunion Funny Cool Pet Doggie Cap Hat
  • Inside padding
  • Lightweight
  • Safety First
  • Good Fitting
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Enjoying Pet Helmet Motorcycle Dog Helmet
  • Variety of Purposes
  • Value With Performance
  • Snuggly Fit
  • DIY Stickers
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Dog Helmet
  • Buffer Effect
  • High-quality
  • Durable design
  • Has adjustable straps
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The Best Dog Motorcycle Helmet 2021

Get your bikes ready, blow a whistle to call your pup, and don’t forget to put on the dog safety helmet because your pet’s safety comes first. It can also be beneficial when you are using the best dog runs

Here is the list of top motorcycle helmets for dogs so you can choose from the best motorcycle helmet for your cool pet dog.

1. NVTED Dog Bike Helmet

These top ranking motorcycle pet helmets are a great fit for your adventurous dog. These are made of good quality plastic and are provided with comfortable padding inside to help keep the head of your dog safe from any chafing or collision.


  • Internal padding and cushions to keep your dog comfortable
  • Adjustable nylon strap
  • High-quality ABS material construction
  • Comes in small to medium-sized dogs like designer dogs 
  • Provides protection from the sun wind and head injuries


Comfort: The reason why we consider it one of the best dog motorcycle helmets is the comfort level. It offers complete padding inside the helmet so that your dog will not feel a thing. There is also an adjustable strap to fit it around the head in the right way. It can be used when your pup is on the dog motorcycle carrier. the dog wearing this helmet is tend to stay comfortable as a dog riding motorcycle can be.

Adjustable Straps: The chinstrap is completely adjustable so we can alter it to get to the right side of her dog’s head. In case your face any minor bump your fur baby will stay protected with the Nvted’s best dog motorcycle helmet. You can fit this helmet on german shepherd as well as chihuahuas. It can be beneficial along with the best dog umbrella. 

High-Quality Material: This dog helmet is made up of hard ABS material on the outside with soft padding on the inside to make it really comfortable for the dog. The material is definitely long-lasting, durable, and lightweight.

Two Sizes Available: You get a medium and small size that will be great for medium to small dog breeds. This one will be best for teacup dogs and Chihuahuas. Just like the best dog bark collars, this one is available in different sizes. 

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2. Namsan Dog Safety Helmet

This helmet is the best dog safety helmet if you’re looking for something lighweight for your deliacte puppy, making their rides safer on the motorcycle.


  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Fall resistant 
  • Can coordinate with dog safety goggles
  • Made up of high-quality ABS material that is soft but strong
  • Comes in 3 variable sizes of small, medium, and large
  • Can be adjusted for dogs around 12 pounds.

Size: The strap of this dog medical helmet is around 11 inches with a diameter of 3.5 inches. This can be a great option for just small dog breeds but also for cats as it comes with a circumference of 12.3”. 

Fit to Head: You get adjustable straps that will allow you to fit the helmet onto the head of your dog without a problem. It can be easily buckled into the clasp and you are ready to go on a ride with your little puppy. 

Durable And Lightweight:  This cool dog motorcyle helmet is made up of high-quality ABS material that is really lightweight and strong at the same time so it offers the required protection and stays lightweight. This way there won’t be any kind of pressure on the head of your pup. 

Sunlight Protection: There is a shade on the front of this helmet to keep the sunlight away from the eyes of your cute dog. Any kind of wind will also be cleared out.

Soft Inner Sponge: There is a layering of soft sponge on the inside of this helmet to keep it really comfortable for the dog. 

Pet Helmet Motorcycle

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3. LifeUnion Pet Dog Helmet 

If you’re looking for something stylish and colourful for your dog, without a compromise on saftey, then the LIfeUnion helmet is the best pick for you.


  • Available in Stylish and cute color options 
  • ABS material that is strong and soft
  • Comfortable design with sun protection
  • Inside padding
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Protects from a minor head trauma
  • Works best for small to medium dog breeds

Safety First: The first priority of this dog medical helmet is protection and safety. You will get complete protection against any minor head trauma or injuries. It also comes with sun protection so that the harmful rays stay away from the sensitive eyes of your little puppy.

Good Fitting: It offers a great fitting with an adjustable chin strap so that you can fit it on the head of your dog. It also has internal padding so that the doggy stays comfortable.

Perfect for Medium to Large Dogs:

This dog helmet works perfectly for medium to large dog breeds. You can also pair it with some mirror tinted goggles to protect the eyes of your dog although it is sunproof and rainproof as well.

A Budget-Friendly Option 

In case you are on a budget, you will love this Life Union helmet as it is one of the best dog motorcycle helmets. So get this and save money.

Lifeunion Funny Cool Pet Doggie Cap Hat

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4. Enjoying Dog Helmet

For those of you with a quirky hippie taste and would love customizing thir dog’s helmets, this helmet is a great choice. you can add stickers and make the protection fun looking.


  • Provides protection and safety for the dog
  • Keeps sunlight away from the eyes
  • Comes with comfortable internal lining
  • Can be customized with different stickers

For Variety of Purposes: In case you’re looking for a doc medical helmet or a dog safety helmet for a motorcycle, you are going to live this one. It can also be used as a great hat for your Halloween costume. This bike hat is an all in one option.

Value With Performance: He delivers great value to your money and performs in the best way possible. The main purpose of this helmet is to provide protection and keep the eyes safe from any dust. 

Snuggly Fit: This helmet will perfectly snuggle the head of your dog and provide the best protection. There are adjustable straps that deliver flexibility and allows it to fit perfectly. 

DIY Stickers: You can customize it with your own stickers for the Halloween party or any kind of photoshoot. This will give a cute look to the costume. 

Size: The size of the strap is from 16 to 19 inches along with a -5.4 inches circumference and 4.5” diameter. Make sure to read it and buy if it matches your dog. 

Soft Sponge Inner Lining: To make it more comfortable and easy to use there is a soft lining of sponge mat on the inside. 

High-Quality Material: This one is made up of high-quality ABS material that offers durability. 

Enjoying Pet Helmet Motorcycle Dog Helmet

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5. Dongker Dog Helmet 

This durable and sturdy helmet is also cute enough for your puppy and can be used as a costume along with its basic protective nature.


  • Stylish mini helmet for your dog
  • Can be used as a prop for photos or costume 
  • Has adjustable straps 
  • Durable design
  • High-quality polyethylene material 

Fashion Helmet: This one is more of a fashion item than an actual dog safety helmet. It can be used as a dog hat.

Buffer Effect: In case the head of your dog is hit at someplace it will buffer out the effect and keep your dog safe.

Rain and Sun Protection: It will keep your dog protected from the rain and sunshine as it has a mini cover on the front side.

Durable Design: It will last you for years as it has really high-quality material.

Dog Helmet

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Will The Best Dog Motorcycle Helmet Really Protect Your Puppy?

No matter what kind of dog you’re talking about it is primarily meant for the protection of the head. Just like any other helmet for humans or animals, this one is also created to make sure this bucket will keep the head safe. If you get your hands on some good-quality dog bike helmets, it will make sure that your little buddy is safe from any head injuries. 

Just like there is a possibility of getting injured even if you wear a regular helmet, there is a chance that your dog can get hurt too. Although, you get some kind of protection against minor bumps and road debris so that’s a plus. 

Best Dog Motorcycle Helmet

Should you also get protective eye gear or goggles too?

It is always better to know the safety tips for your dog and protective eyewear is one of them. In case your pup has goggles on, it will save him from any kind of debris or dirt in the air. Tiny rocks might peep into the eyes of your pup and also UV rays can be harmful too. Getting some high-quality safety dog goggles can be really helpful in that scenario.

the best dog motorcycle helmet

How To Select the Best Dog Safety Helmet?

Whenever you are looking for some motorcycle helmets for dogs, you need to keep a few criteria and considerations in mind in order to get one adorable helmet for your dog. Just slow down and see if the following options are there or not. 

Adjustable Fit

It really matters that the dog helmet perfectly fits the head of your dog so that it doesn’t slip or anything. Make sure that you read the size recommendations by the manufacturer and see if you can adjust the straps and buckles to fit perfectly. 

This way it will be effortless to make sure your dog is comfortable, and the helmet will stay on his head during the ride.

Design of the Helmet

Make sure to look at the product photos to know what the design of the product is. The description will also give an idea. Now you can compare this design to the head of your dog in order to know if it will fit right. 

The main purpose of doing this is to look for any type of obvious problems that might occur in the fitting of this dog helmet. In case your dog has erect ears, you have to especially consider this step. 

Going for something cute is also an option so that way you will not be just providing protection and safety for your pup but also giving him a cute ensemble. 

the best dog motorcycle helmet


Most essential of them all is the safety of your doggy. You can’t get the best dog motorcycle helmet that is not protecting the furry friend. Check the material quality because that leaves a great impact on the safety feature. 

Go for products that have high-quality hard materials that won’t break with some minor bump because we need protection. 

Price Tag

Your budget defines what dog helmet suits you the best. So make sure to check the price tag of all options and go for the one that fits your demands and is at a reasonable price point. 

You can’t just get the best option out of all if you are on a budget but there are a lot of products that offer just the same performance at a good value. You should go for those options and get a good deal that offers value for each penny you pay. 

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