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Pethonesty Allergy Relief Review


Summary: Pethonesty allergy relief is an effective supplement for dogs. It is formulated with all-natural that helps to provide relief from all kinds of allergies like food allergy, or environmental allergy. Let’s do a Pethonesty allergy relief review.

If your pooch has an allergy and you want to give him/her the best treatments, then Pethonesty allergy relief is your way to go. It is packed with all the nutritional goodness for your furry little friend to strengthen its immunity, promote gut health, and fight seasonal allergies.

About Pethonesty

Pethonesty is a USA-based pet food brand by Sean, Camille, and Ben. This trio is committed to providing the most nutritional and delicious pet food within the country. Instead of importing the ingredients and compromising on the quality, they get their resources from the USA to ensure the dogs get the premium-quality dog food or supplements with soft chews.

Pethonesty Allergy Relief Review

Pethonesty allergy relief is a special formula designed for dogs who have been suffering from itchy skin, greasy coat, hair fall, scabies, digestive problems, or allergies from chicken, grass, fleas, ticks, and other seasonal allergies which could affect their ears, skin, or other hot spots. 


It includes all non-synthetic ingredients including Turmeric, Probiotic Blend, Carrot, Salmon Oil, Colostrum, Sweet Potato, Vitamin C+, and mushrooms.

How To Know My Dog Has Pet Allergy?

It is not that simple to identify the allergy but you can notice some of the following symptoms in your dog:

  • Itchy Skin
  • Itchy Ears
  • Red skin with inflammation
  • Hives
  • Sneezing
  • Swelling on certain parts of their body including the face and ear flaps.

If your dog is frequently itching without having fleas, then there are 90% chances that they have some kind of allergy. But don’t jump to the conclusion immediately. It is strongly recommended that you visit the vet and consult the issue with him. If the vet confirms that your little fellow has some kind of allergy then you can give him Pethonesty allergy relief supplements.

Pethonesty allergy relief review


  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • No synthetic ingredients
  • Very effective against all allergies
  • USA manufacturing
  • All product details are mentioned on the bottle
  • Certified by GMP
  • Dogs like its taste
  • Does not contains allergic ingredients


  • Pricey supplements
  • Available within the country
  • The smell isn’t pleasant
  • 90 chews in a single bottle


Why Buy Pethonesty Allergy Relief?

  • The great quantity of probiotics in each chew of Pethonesty allergy relief helps to flourish the good bacteria in the digestive tract of your canine. These probiotics also strengthen the walls of their intestines. This helps the nutrients in dog food and supplements to get absorbed in a better way. 
  • The probiotics in these nutritional dog supplements also improve the immune system so, your retriever can fight back diseases.
  • The benefits of probiotics are remarkable in terms of both humans and pets. If your dog is feeling nausea or doing vomits and having diarrhea then it’s the sign of unbalanced gut probiotics. By giving a single chew of Pethonesty allergy relief, you can help your furry buddy to have better bowel functioning which will cure all these digestive problems.
  • Pethonesty allergy relief reduces the histamine response to allergy-causing agents. It also aids in addressing the main reasons for the ceratin type of allergy.
  • On consuming the chews of Pethonesty allergy relief, the dogs start getting relieved and feel better about their skin or food allergies. You can also notice them getting more active and their habit of biting or scratching their skin will be gone.
  • The fish oil provides essential fatty acids which prevent the skin from getting dry because the dry skin triggers itching. 
  • The other nutritional ingredients improve the overall health of your dog and will also make his/ her coat shiny and thicker.

If your dog is licking his paws frequently, then you would need to wash their paws with a paw cleaner. Then you can also apply any of the best paw balms. It will prevent the paws or your buddy from getting damaged.

Effectiveness Of Pethonesty Allergy Relief

As Pethonesty claims, people loved these allergy relief supplements for their dogs. Many people mentioned in their feedback that they have tried various allergy relief supplements as prescribed by their acupuncturists or vets. But none of them showed much effectiveness.

When they gave a try to Pethonesty allergy relief chews, they start observing the promising results of these amazing supplements. The perfect combo of all the beneficial ingredients helps the dogs with seasonal allergies and other skin-related allergic reactions. 

You must avoid a typical apoquel regime when giving the Pethonesty allergy relief chews for much faster and successful results. Apart from probiotics, the right quantity of colostrum works great to keep the allergies in control with other ingredients which help to heal the skin, fur, and other digestive disorders. 

 These Pethonesty allergy relief chews are not only for allergies, but they can also be used for boosting the energy level, or the immunity of your canines. 


The Pethonesty allergy relief is an amazing nutritional supplement that suits all breeds of dogs out there. If you want to do something great for your furry buddy, then get him/her these soft and delicious chews which your dog won’t only love but will also feel a significant change in its health and energy level. 

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