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Best Dog Paw Balms for Care of Your Furry Friend


The paws of your dog are the part that is most used and damaged over time. You need to make sure that the paws of your dog are always safe and try your best to keep them from any damage. For that purpose, you will be needing the best dog paw balms for care and love.

Make sure that you regularly apply the balm so that if there are any injuries, they can be soothing and soft. Dogs are outgoing, and active pets and they don’t care if they are playing on a rough surface. Even while going for a walk, we go through many pebbles and harsh places but don’t give attention to the dog’s paws whether they hurt. You can also keep them safe from any kind of dog yeast infection

Best Dog Paw Balms for Care of Your Furry Friend

Best Dog Paw Balms for Care

Musher’s Secret Dog Paw WaxMusher’s Secret Dog Paw Wax
  • 100 percent organic
  • Beeswax
  • vitamin E
  • Made in USA
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BLUECARE LABS best dog paw balm
  • Inflamed
  • Cracked paws
  • Made in USA
  • Easy to use
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Burt’s Bees best dog paw balm for care
  • Highly recommended
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
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Pet Head Oatmeal Natural Paw Butter
  • Soft
  • Moisturizer
  • Pleasent smell
  • Easy to use
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Vets Preferred Advanced Dog Paw Balm
  • Made in the USA
  • Climate-friendly
  • Humidity
  • Butter yellow
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Bodhi Dog Organic Paw Balm
  • USDA certified
  • beeswax
  • Verified formula
  • fragrances
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Choosing The Best Dog Paw Balms

For your help, we have gone through tens of thousands of reviews to find the best suitable products related to your dog’s paw care on the market. Here is our review of the different important products to help you select what’s best for your dog. If your dog wears the best dog socks, it will also keep the paws safe. 

Here we have reviews of the top high-quality and helpful products for paw health and skincare for your dogs. We recommend all dog owners must buy these products, especially in the cold season.

Best Dog Paw Balms for Care of Your Furry Friend

Musher’s Secret Dog Paw Wax

It is a product suitable for every season. It helps the paw’s health against heat, cold, dry, wet, dirt, sand, and snow Great for active dogs especially the ones on trails and walks. This balm was created when sledding dogs faced paw issues in a snowy and cold environment which are considered too hard weather conditions. 

Key Features

  • It forms a layer of wax to protect the paws with enough space for the gases and secretions to pass. 
  • It brings moisture to the paws of dogs which helps prevent dry skin.
  • Its 100 percent organic and manufactured with edible oils and waxes.
  • Its constituents are white and yellow beeswax, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, vitamin E, and vegetable oils.
  • All allergens like nuts, soy, and flax oil are kept out to avoid complications and make them safe to use.
  • It does not include any kind of GMOs and also gluten-free.

mushers balm


  • Its main purpose is on the paws but also can be used on other hairless parts like the nose and elbows.
  • It’s a top-selling and high in demand product for dog owners in winters.
  • It protects the paws of dogs from getting snow bowled, salt, ice lawn pests, and burns from hot sand and concrete.


  • As the product dries up quickly the users have mentioned that it should be wiped right after application to avoid slippage and imbalance of the dog.

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BLUECARE LABS best dog paw balm

Contains tons of ingredients to protect the paws of your dog also moisturize them as it’s really important for skincare. It contains traditional moisturizing oils and waxes, but the special thing is That Blue care has added anti-inflammatory agents to its product. 

You just have to now decide the significance of hemp oil as an anti-inflammatory agent. It also has the key ingredient of argan oil. You should also check out the benefits of argan oil for their health and skin benefits. You can keep it in your dog grooming kit

Key Features

  • It helps relieve the pain and help cure dry, inflamed, and cracked paws.
  • It contains different moisturizers like coconut oil, aloe vera, and shea butter.
  • This balm contains anti-inflammatory agents which include argan oil and hemp oil.
  • It also creates a protective layer of wax on paws to help them stay away from snow bowling and inflammation.

BLUECARE LABS Paw Soother Heals Dry, Cracked Irritated Dog Paw Pads - Organic Natural Ingredients Paw Protection Against Heat & Snow Repairs...


  • You can use them on paws as well as on the nose if required.
  • It quickly absorbs into the skin and shows instant results.
  • Many regular using customers have confirmed that it shows instant results almost after few days of usage.
  • It’s a USA-based product with certification of animal cruelty-free product and eco-friendly packing.


  • The dogs lick anything on their body which includes this wax, so the dog owners have to apply it multiple times, so it is preferred to apply at night to avoid this.

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Burt’s Bees best dog paw balm for care 

If your main issue is dry and cracked skin and you are just looking for moisturizers then, Burt’s Bees paw and nose lotion is the best product for you. It is one of the best paw smoothers and moisturizers on the market. 

Its composition of a lot of butter moisturizers and waxes makes it a great helper in readily helping dry and cracked skin and chapped paws.

It is the best choice if you are looking for a completely natural option to keep the paws of your dog in good health. The best part is that it has rosemary and olive that have a really moisturizing effect on the paws. This way the dog will be able to move around without any worries and will be able to get rid of cracked and dry paws. 

This is not just for paws but also works great if the nose of your dog is too dry. You will be able to keep the little nose of your furry friend all moist and comfortable so the dog doesn’t build a dry ski problem. Also use the best dog nail grinder to keep them soft. 

Key Features

  • It moisturizes the dog’s paws and noes and also makes a protective layer to keep the bad out.
  • It’s a USA-based product.
  • It is a focused formula for all kinds of dogs and puppies, so the balanced pH is always kept in consideration
  • It is Infused with beeswax, honey, rosemary, olive oil, and jojoba butter.

Burt's Bees for Pets for Dogs All-Natural Paw & Nose Lotion with Rosemary & Olive Oil


  • It is a highly recommended formula by a lot of vets.
  • It contains no irritating or dangerous chemicals. 
  • This formula can be used especially on paws and the nose.
  • The users have also mentioned comparing to other products that it does not leave streaks or marks on the floor and furniture.
  • Burt’s Bees is considered to be one of the most trusted and reliable skincare product brands in both human and dog niches.
  • It is high quality with an affordable price compared to another such kinds of lotions. 


  • It’s not completely natural but a close percentage of 99.7 percent. although It is also free of fragrances, fake colors, and chemicals.
  • It is a good motorized but compared to other similar products it doesn’t form a protective layer around. 

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Pet Head Oatmeal Natural Paw Butter

The Pet Head Oatmeal Paw Butter is another relevant product with a lot of ratings by dog owners and the good thing is they love it. The most common and amazing response was about the sweet after smell like maple cookies and it was also very instantly effective and showed results after just a couple of applications. This is perfectly suitable for you if you are looking for a healing product for smooth and sweetly smelling paws and not for a heavy dusty thick wax for the paw’s protection. Make sure to use dog tick repellent as well for better grooming of the dog. 

Key Features

  • It helps the paws and moisturizes them with vitamins, Shea butter, oatmeal, coconut oil vitamins, aloe vera, olive oil, and mango.
  • It’s a USA-based trusted product.
  • It is also safe for all types of dogs with a balanced pH formula with safe ingredients so don’t worry about your dog’s digestive system if he is licking the balm.
  • It excludes all the irritants like sulfates and parabens.

Pet Head Oatmeal Natural Paw Butter 2oz


  • It’s a greatly loved moisturizer by the dog owners/users that we have reviewed today.
  • The feel of this balm on the paws is really soft. 
  • It also has a very sweet and pleasant smell that relaxes the mood.
  • It readily shows results after just a few applications on paws.


  • It is not to be fooled as a paw protector it’s just a moisturizer that heals and provides nutrition to the skin that does not protect from the harsh climate. 
  • It has a very sweet attractive smell which gains the attention of dogs and they usually lick it off so they either applies it multiple times a day or apply at night to avoid it.

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Vets Preferred Advanced Dog Paw Balm  

Is very healthy with all-natural ingredients for dogs with pad injuries. This formula is made out of only moisturizing ingredients like cocoa butter, beeswax, and coconut oil. It will keep the nose and paws of your furry friend moisturized and soft all year long. This way you will not have to worry about the texture especially in really cold and dry seasons. 

This is really important for people living in dry areas because dogs in those areas find it difficult and harsh to walk on the hard ground all year long. The best part is that this best dog paw balm comes with veterinarian-grade quality and is approved by the best doctors. 

It will keep the palms and feet of your dog dry even in extreme weather conditions so that makes it the ideal choice. 

Key Features

  • It helps create a layer that locks in the moisture and protects the skin from drying up and also protects the skin from different irritants like salt, ice, heat, and cold.
  • Along with healing paw injuries, it also cures dry, cracked, and itchy paws.

Vets Preferred Advanced Pad Protection | VETERINARIAN-GRADE Dog Paw Balm | Heals, Repairs, and Moisturizes Dry Noses and Paws | Effective | Ideal for...


  • It is made up of all-natural ingredients which include cocoa butter yellow and white beeswax and coconut oil.
  • It is purely made in the USA with lab quality assurance. 
  • The dog owners have also mentioned this important thing that it is effective when we go hiking with our dogs.
  • It’s a climate-friendly product that can be used in all ranges of temperatures, humidity, and climates, etc.


  • Just like the other most products dogs like to lick it off, so you know the drill.

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Bodhi Dog Organic Paw Balm 

If you are more into organic products and want a 100 percent organic paw palm then you must take a look over Bodhi Dog Paw Balm. This product includes ingredients that are verified by USDA for being organic and fall under human consumption standards. They include hemp oil argan oil and bees’ waxes with other ingredients.

The dog’s paw is naturally made as they are going to carry their body everywhere all through their life, so we need them to keep their paws healthy and undamaged throughout their lives. One of the easiest and best ways to help them is by applying the paw palm to the lower side of their paws to keep them healthy and pain-free and give them easy and comfortable walking while playing and walking it also helps to heal any injuries to recover early. 

Key Features

  • This product helps soften up the paws and also clear up the dryness and cracks caused by it. 
  • It is only made with USDA certified organic ingredients which include shea butter, calendula extract, hemp oil, beeswax, and jojoba oil.
  • It is a clinically verified formula with no allergens and toxins.
  • All the irritants like parabens, chemicals, artificial, colors, and fragrances are kept away.

USDA Certified Organic Paw Balm for Dogs & Cats | 2/4/8oz | All Natural Soothing & Healing for Dry Cracking Rough Pet Skin | Protect & Restore...


  • It’s a great option with a 100 percent natural product for your dog’s paw care.
  • The balm is a made-in USA product with all the quality assurance required for safe use.
  • Its customer support is just amazing with a full money refund with no questions asked if someone doesn’t like the product.
  • It doesn’t have a strong smell which can attract the attention of dogs to lick it off.


  • It is a bit thicker in nature compared to a similar product so it can require a little more effort for its application. 

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Determine If Your Pet Needs the Best Dog Paw Balm

If you are a pet owner and have been for some time, then you must have heard two different products called paw balm and paw wax. You must be thinking, are these the items you should focus on for your dog’s care and health? It can be a simple judgement that by just imagining that you can walk all day long without anything on your feet? You must be saying the dogs get used to it. Yes, they do but certain factors cause discomfort and even pain.

Dog Paw Balm vs. Dog Paw Wax

You have decided to buy these paw products but still, confused about which one to buy?

Is it paw wax or paw balm? No matter which one you choose your dog’s paws will be protected and moisturized.


Both dog paw waxes and dog paw balms are made out with similar items and a combination of different oils and waxes like coconut oil, shea butter oil, vitamin E, soy wax, beeswax, and olive oil which all help to keep your dog’s feet smoothen, moisturize, pain-free and healthy.

The paw wax of dogs is specifically designed keeping in mind for the protection of paws. 

Best Dog Paw Balms for Care of Your Furry Friend


Its also made up of waxy items to protect the paws from harsh environments and ground. The paw balm mainly protects the paws from the harsh ground but also coats the paws and moisturizes them and keeps them healthy.

Allergy Free

If you are looking for paw protection, then no matter what you choose you go right. The one thing that remains is if your dog is allergic to any kind of oil or wax or any other ingredient present in a specific product so that you can avoid that product.

The Importance of Dog Foot Balm

Dogs usually get excited and remain active even if they are injured it can’t stop them from dancing around. Often your dog’s paws get dried up and result in cracked and blistered due to playing on hard surfaces like concrete and floors. Even if the dog doesn’t show any apparent symptoms you should regularly check that the dog is okay or not to make sure the dog can enjoy quality time and avoid injuries and pain.

Harsh Grounds

Unlike humans’ dogs cannot avoid using their feet or start using footwear and you also cannot get your dog to slow down from getting more energetic this will make both of you exhausted and frustrated.


With the right precautions and protection, you can put a full stop to the unnecessary injuries and pain to your dog and reduce their sufferings so they can enjoy their time energetically without any hindrance. 

Avoid Injuries 

The regular use of Best Dog Paw Balms and paw waxes will result in a protective layer on the paws and the paws will get less affected by external elements and injuries can be avoided. If the paws get any injury or sore feet and dry and cracked skin, then also these products can help you cure them fast.

Best Dog Paw Balms for Care of Your Furry Friend

What Causes Dry & Cracked Paw Pads?

If you are now beginning to notice that there is something wrong with the paws of your dog, then don’t imagine two things about yourself that you are alone and you are late. A lot of dog owners face this issue and it is very common. If you want to help out your dog then add the best dog paw balms to your routine and it will help the dog get better paws and it could enjoy life again with more energy and less pain.

Here we are discussing some of the reasons why your dog’s paws are starting to get drier than before.

Hot pavement

Yes, the sidewalks are usually at normal temperatures but in the warmer season the scorching sun makes them very hot and they could damage your dog’s paws. Also, the sidewalks concrete pavements and metallic paths get hot and are too dangerous. You can also avoid such paths when taking your dog for a walk during the warmer season and try to use grass and paths in shades. 

If you want to check whether the temperature of the ground is bearable by the dog or not, then simply use this simple trick. Place the back of your hand on the path for 7 seconds and if it is bearable by your hand then it’s also bearable by your dog and vice versa.

Best Dog Paw Pads

Cold weather

Opposite to the heat in the summer now is the time for chills in winters. The cold can also Damage the paws of your dogs. You need to be careful also in cold seasons. It depends upon the place where you live but there are chances that you might have to deal with the winter effects on dog paws like drying up in the cold temperatures. Also, the dogs are very exploring so they can also infect their paws with the chemicals found on the ground usually in snowing season, and also the snow itself can damage the paws.

Sensitive skin

If you are noticing any kind of irritation in the paws of your dog or any kind of damage to them there are chances that your dog has sensitive paws. Some dogs naturally have sensitive paws which means that your dog necessarily needs paw care products to live normally and avoid any further serious damage to your dog’s paws.


Same as humans can get allergic to different eating things and other daily use items dogs can also get allergic to food items, floor cleaners, grass, and different other chemicals. If your dog has any of these allergies and your dog manages to get its feet to those items, then they will have a strong allergic reaction at their feet and will result in seriously dry and cracked skin. These areas can get itchy and will tempt your dog to lick or do anything relaxing to them and result in further irritating the areas. 

Best Dog Paw Balms for Care of Your Furry Friend

Zinc deficiency

Zinc deficiency also results in issues like the patches of crusty skin, digestive problems, Fur dried up and cracked paws. These deficiencies are very common in dogs mostly in the breeds like Huskies, German Shepherds, Poodles, Great Danes, and Beagles. If you might think that your dog could have zinc deficiency, then don’t take time and immediately contact your Ventry doctor and consult him about the current ongoing situation. If you need some information about it read This article it will help you out. 

How to find out if your dog is In Pain?

Dog’s paws are not made to wear shoes. Neither they can. Their foot pads have a composition in such a way to carry them all their life but that doesn’t mean they can’t get hurt in their paws or damage them or feel anything there. 

Yes, they are designed very durable to withstand everything in their way, but they can get hurt and we can do the least to take care of their paws. 

  • If you want to find out if your dog is suffering from pain and difficulty look for these symptoms.
  • Not putting weight on any single paw, limping, or avoiding walking.
  • Licking and chewing their feet consistently.
  • Cracks and blisters on the paw pads and apparent redness.
  • Darker footpad than usual clear difference to be noticed.

How to Apply Paw Balm to Your Dog’s Paws?

While examining your dog’s paw if you find a blister or crack and dryness you should treat it with dogs paw balm and bring the moisture but if you don’t treat or start getting worse then immediately consult a veterinarian doctor so he/she would do it for you and guide you so you can also do it better.

You can follow the following steps to apply Best Dog Paw Balms to your dog’s paws:

Cleaning the Paws

First things first, examine the paws of your dog thoroughly and then use a wet piece of cloth to clean it up. After cleaning wait until it dries up. You can use the best dog paw washer for this purpose as well. 

Applying the Balm

Now you have to apply the balm to your dog’s paws. You can do it in two possible ways. 1st is you can take a little bit of balm on your finger and rub it gently upon the bad of the paws so everywhere gets its share. 

2nd way is to take the canister of the balm and gently rub it around your dog’s paws in such a way that you can say every corner has met its requirements. 

Covering the Paws with Balm

This is the last bonus step you can do it if you want otherwise it is okay as it is. If your dog is really curious and all the time tries to lick the balm off, or the smell of the balm gains its attention and tries to lick it. Then here’s the solution: cover your dog’s paws with something (a piece of cloth) so you can lock the moisture inside and prevent the dog from making the condition worse.

Best Dog Paw Balms for Care of Your Furry Friend

When to Use Dog Paw Balm?

Dog paw balms are a very common product and are helpful upon the footpads to prevent the paws from outdoors unnecessary elements and also to reduce the irritation in case of any cuts or dryness cracks. 

You are more likely to require dog paw balm all around the year if you take your dog along you on long walks and your dog likes to play on rough surfaces made out of concrete. It is the preferred way, but you must use the dog paw balm at least in the hottest and coldest months of the year.

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